December 20, 2022 Hatboro Police Press Release


Hatboro Police Department Press Release
December 20, 2022

Theft: Catalytic converters were reported stolen from a Ford pickup truck and a
Ford Expedition while parked in the 200 block of E. County Line Road. The theft
was reported to police on December 19, 2022, but may have occurred on or around
December 8, 2022, when another catalytic converter was stolen. These thefts have
been occurring regionally and anyone with information on these matters may
contact the Hatboro Police at 215-675-2832.

Criminal Mischief to Vehicle: Sometime on Sunday, December 18, 2022, a 2010
Hyundai was vandalized with scratches and damage to the windshield while parked
in the first block of Loller Road.

Fraud: On December 15, 2022 a business in the 200 block of N. York Road, was
the victim of an attempted fraud when a person purporting to be from PECO
instructed the victim to pay an allegedly outstanding bill with cryptocurrency. The
victim was instructed to go to a kiosk located with a Warminster business, deposit
cash into the kiosk to convert to a cryptocurrency, and they pay the “bill” with the
cryptocurrency. The victim caught on to the scam and did not lose any funds, but
all too often people follow through with these and similar demands. Be alert for
this activity and avoid being victimized. If you feel suspicious about such activity,
trust your instincts, and report the matters to law enforcement

Disturbance: On December 13, 2022, a 12-year-old Hatboro boy was cited for
Criminal Mischief after being involved in a disturbance at a business in the 100
block of N. York Road. In addition to the disturbance, it is alleged that the boy wrote
a racial slur on a table within the business.