December 5, 2022 Committee Meeting Minutes

PRESENT – President Bollendorf, Vice President Stockton, Councilwoman Reichner, Councilwoman McMenamin, Councilman Myers, Councilwoman Jacobus, Mayor Schultz, Manager Hegele, Assistant Secretary DeRenzis, Chief Gardner, Solicitor Geiser, Engineer Goff, and Treasurer Smith were present.

ABSENT – Councilwoman Ostrander and Councilwoman Reichner were excused.

CALL TO ORDER – President Bollendorf called the December 5, 2022, Committee Meeting to order at 7:00 P.M.

PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE – Chief Gardner led the Pledge of Allegiance.

MEETING NOTES – President Bollendorf reviewed the Public Comment Policy on the back of the agenda with regards to addressing Council and time allotment.

PUBLIC COMMENT – There was no public comment.


Public Safety Committee
– Councilman Myers stated this is to approve the Enterprise Fire Company Expenditure List for the month of November 2022 ion the amount of $ 9,013.58. This item was moved to the December 19, 2022, Council Meeting Agenda for approval.

Finance/Grants Committee
– Vice President Stockton stated the Union Library has not completed their expenditure list for the month of December yet and they will be submitting a copy prior to the Council Meeting for Council’s review. He also stated this item is left on the agenda as a placeholder so Council can approve the payment request at the December 19th meeting. This item was moved to the December 19, 2022, Council Meeting Agenda for approval.

BOROUGH HALL ELECTRICAL PAYMENT #8 – Vice President Stockton stated RVE is recommending electrical payment #8 for the Borough Hall project to MJF Electrical in the amount of $12,298.74. This item was moved to the December 19, 2022, Council Meeting Agenda for approval.

BOROUGH HALL MECHANICAL PAYMENT #13 – Vice President Stockton stated RVE is recommending mechanical payment 13 for the Borough Hall project to Guy M. Cooper in the amount of $41,658.39. This item was moved to the December 19, 2022, Council Meeting agenda for approval.

BOROUGH HALL FIRE SUPPRESSION PAYMENT # 10 – Vice President Stockton stated RVE is recommending fire suppression payment #10 for the borough Hall project in the amount of $ 5,049.60. This item was moved to the December 19, 2022, Council Meeting Agenda for approval.

HATBORO STATION TRAIL PROJECT PAYMENT #1 – Vice President Stockton stated Engineer Goff requested that we list this payment request on the agenda as a placeholder and that she is currently waiting for a copy of the payment request from the contractor, and we will forward it out to Council once it is received and reviewed by RVE.

QUARTERLY CLAIM UPDATE – Vice President Stockton gave a quarterly claim update.

2023 BUDGET PRESENTATION – Vice president Stockton stated that Manager Hegele will be giving a presentation on the 2023 Operating Budget and this presentation includes the goals for the 2023 budget, contains information on refuse costs and why an increase in refuse fees is being made, details set expenditures, and compares the millage between 2022 and 2023. Manager Hegele gave a presentation on the 2023 Operating Budget for the Borough of Hatboro. Kelly A’Harrah, 145 W. Lehman Avenue, stated she had no idea trash was so expensive and wondered if other residents were aware of that. President Bollendorf stated that Council tries to get everyone to participate in the Budget Workshop. Councilwoman McMenamin stated a few years ago we went to once-a-week trash due to covid and entertained keeping it once a week but the survey that was conducted resulted in residents wanting twice a week trash pickup. Manager Hegele stated the former Superintendent did a presentation on cost of trash a few years ago. Councilwoman McMenamin asked if we could share the link to that presentation as she thought it was very helpful in demonstrating the costs of trash removal. Maryann Reamer, 120 Summit Avenue, asked if there was any reimbursement for recycling. Manager Hegele stated that it varies but it doesn’t cover everything as this year we may receive only $22,000.00. Mrs. Reamer asked if there was currently a Superintendent at Public Works and manager Hegele stated she is filling in the role until staff finds the right candidate for the position. Gary Hentschel, 138 Spring Avenue, asked who was managing communication between Council and the residents and feels something should be sent with the tax bill to let everyone know about the budget meeting and tax raise. Vice President Stockton stated Council’s hands are tied regarding what things can be discussed due to Sunshine Law as they are bound by that and have to be careful. He also stated that he thinks a large percentage of residents do not actually care about what is going on or they are too busy to attend these meetings. He stated that the information is out there, and Council cannot force residents to participate, and that the information is out there especially our website which is very informative. Mr. Hentschel stated he receives the newsletter with all of the Borough information and thinks that it is junk. Manager Hegele stated that while he may not like that method of communication, there are a lot of people who do like the Newsletter the Borough sends out. Joe Reymer, 120 Summit Avenue, asked of the Borough uses EZ Pass. Manager Hegele stated yes, the Borough has EZ Pass in the municipal vehicles.

2023 FEE SCHEDULE – Vice President Stockton stated changes to the fee schedule have been made in accordance with recommendations from Council and the Finance Committee. A summary of changes are as follows:

Building Permits: Proposed increase in fees to cover increased cost of BCO service

Refuse Fees: Increase to help cover increase in cost for labor, hauling, landfill, etc.

Zoning Hearing Board & SALDO Fees: These fees have not been updated in a long time. The proposed increase is reflective of what the cost of processing an application (including staff time, mailing of notices, legal, etc.) actually costs.

Commercial Parking Lot: New fee for 2023 as the Borough previously only had a fee for Commercial Driveway

Special Event Fees: Slight increase due to overtime costs increasing for staf

Pennypack: Fees are included for the rental of Pennypack

Pool Fees: Increases for non-residents (except non-resident seniors)

This item has been moved to the December 19, 2022, Council Meeting Agenda for approval.

TAX RATE ORDINANCE – Vice President Stockton stated in accordance with the 2023 operating budget, Council will need to adopt a new Tax Rate Ordinance which will establish the millage for General, Fire, Sinking, and Library. This item was moved to the December 19, 2022, Council Meeting Agenda for approval.

FINAL ADOPTION 2023 BUDGET – Vice President Stockton stated the 2023 budget is currently in the public inspection period and the public inspection period has been properly advertised per the Borough Code and final adoption is slated for December 19, 2022. This item was moved to the December 19, 2022, Council Meeting Agenda for approval.

Community Outreach & Events Committee

BUSINESS SPOTLIGHT: SIP N SHOP – Councilman Myers announced the Business Spotlight.

NEW BUSINESS – There were no new businesses this month.

UPCOMING EVENTS – Councilman Myers announced the upcoming events.

FRIENDS OF CRESSBROOK UPDATE – Councilman Myers stated the FOC met on November 10 and will be selling Loller Academy ornaments at the Sip N Shop on December 10, 2022, to raise funds for the restoration of Cressbrook.

Public Works Committee – There was no update.

Facilities Update – There was no update.

Environmental Affairs & Parks Committee

PENNYPACK STEERING COMMITTEE UPDATE – Councilman Myers stated the Pennypack Steering Committee continues to meet and currently is working on a survey to gather public opinion for the future of Pennypack.

DCNR DISCUSSION – Councilman Myers stated on November 22nd he met with Alyssa Schwarz from DCNR and they visited several properties throughout the Borough that are in need of riparian buffer repair and also looked at the lots at Pennypack. He also stated current lawn to meadow initiative running through DCNR would provide 100% of the funding to address each of these concerns and a municipal component would be available to us, and a residential component could be available to those residents of Horsham Road. He stated she also understands that one of the goals of looking at the seven lots specifically is to install a resource that would protect them from future development, and DCNR would be
able to draft a landowner agreement for that portion that would include the necessary language for that type of protection. He stated the possible projects that were looked at: improve riparian buffer at Eaton Park, improve riparian buffer at Little League Field, improve riparian buffer at Pennypack and install a meadow within the seven lots. Council will need to authorize himself and staff to work with DCNR. Council agreed they would like to protect the seven lots as best they can and would like to use this project. This item was moved to the December 19, 2022, Council Meeting Agenda for approval.

Administration Committee

MEETING ANNOUNCEMENTS – Councilwoman McMenamin announced the meetings for the next month.

BOARDS AND COMMISSIONS – Councilwoman McMenamin stated that staff contacted volunteers whose terms are expiring 12/31/2022 to see who was interested in renewing their term and the following volunteers are interested in returning: Muriel O’Neill – Library Board, Marty Palmer – ZHB, Tom Smith – Historical Commission, Christopher Neapolitan – Historical Commission, Suella Guthrie – Human Relations, Katrina Nuss – EAC, Judi Swanson – EAC, and Alex Kalnajs – UMHJSA .She also stated that as of right now, we have not heard back from the following persons regarding their term renewals: Robert Hegele – Planning Commission and Parking Commission – 4 Open Spots. She also stated that Council will be making all appointments to Boards and Commissions in January, and we are asking Council to announce volunteer positions in the meantime to see if anyone is interested in volunteering. She stated all volunteers should submit a letter of interest to Borough Hall including their name, address, and Board or Commission of Interest.

PERSONNEL MANUAL UPDATE – Councilwoman McMenamin stated Included in your packet is a copy of the updated Personnel Manual for the Borough of Hatboro as the current employee manual has not been updated since 1993 and lacked many policies, procedures, etc. She stated the new manual has been reviewed by herself and the Borough’s Labor Attorney for compliance and incorporates feedback/guidance received by both. She also stated Council is asked to review the updated manual, and if no major changes are requested, consider the adoption of the manual at the December 19, 2022, Council meeting. Should you have any questions or concerns regarding policies or other content in the manual, please contact Manager Hegele. This item was moved to the December 19, 2022, Council Meeting Agenda for approval.

OLD BUSINESS AND UPDATES – There was no old business or updates.

PUBLIC COMMENT – There was no public comment.

ADJOURNMENT – President Bollendorf adjourned the December 5, 2022, Committee Meeting at 8:24 P.M.

Respectfully Submitted by:

Diane C. Hegele, Borough Manager/Zoning Officer
Transcribed by Cindy Bollendorf