Hatboro Receives Montco 2040 Implementation Grant from Montgomery County

The Borough of Hatboro is proud to announce that we received a 2020 Montco 2040 Implementation Grant for a pedestrian/streetscape improvement project at the intersection of Bonair Ave., N. Penn St. and E. Monument Ave. The Borough of Hatboro was awarded $200,000 for the project and is one of the only municipalities in southeastern Montgomery County who was awarded the grant.

The Montco 2040 Grant, aimed at implementing the county comprehensive plan, Montco 2040: A Shared Vision, is one of fifteen recently awarded by the Montgomery County Commissioners. These 2020 grant awards account for $2,250,000. Since the program’s inception in 2016, over $7.5 million has been awarded to projects.

The Bonair Ave., North Penn St., and East Monument Ave. intersection improvement project will transform the existing vast intersection into a safe, attractive area that will benefit motorists, pedestrians, and the community alike. The project will include the demolition of the existing street, reduction of asphalt in the intersection, the installation of sidewalks, crosswalks, green stormwater infrastructure, community gathering space and street trees.

The Montco 2040 Implementation Grant Program is intended to assist municipalities in making targeted physical improvements that achieve real progress toward the goals of Montco 2040 and its themes of Connected Communities, Sustainable Places, and Vibrant Economy.

Projects were evaluated in terms of impact, county and local planning consistency, project readiness, and funding attributes by a committee made up of planning commission board members and interdepartmental county staff. Projects were also given heightened consideration when addressing one of three focus categories for 2020: Walk/Bike Montco – Trails, Paths, Sidewalk Connections and Bike Facilities; Downtown and Community Destination Support; or Adaptation and Resiliency.

Visit www.montcopa.org/Montco2040GrantProgram for more on the grant program and to see all of the grant recipients.

Project Summaries:

Bridgeport – Memorial Park Sidewalk Extension and Walking Trail Project

Bridgeport Borough will construct a new sidewalk along Grove Street from Union Avenue to 9th Street, providing better access to the Memorial Park parking lot and Bridgeport Elementary School. A walking trail connecting the new sidewalk to the existing track atop Memorial Park will also be constructed, offering residents a relaxing amenity to complement the active recreation within the borough’s largest park.

Montco 2040 Grant Award: $192,800

Collegeville – Collegeville Boat Ramp Park Project

Collegeville Borough will create a park, consisting of a boat ramp, boat storage, parking area, picnic tables, and landscaping, adjacent to the Perkiomen Creek, which will provide access to the creek for canoeing, kayaking, paddleboarding, and fishing. The boat ramp is a newly discovered existing feature that will be restored by members of the Perkiomen Watershed Conservancy. The boat ramp will also form a midpoint along the newly funded Perkiomen Creek Water Trail. 

Montco 2040 Grant Award: $106,876

Hatboro – Bonair Avenue/North Penn Street/East Monument Avenue Intersection Project

Hatboro Borough will transform the Bonair Avenue, North Penn Street, and East Monument Avenue intersection into a safe, attractive area that will benefit motorists and the community alike. The improvements include narrowing existing roadway and reducing asphalt in the intersection, along with the installing sidewalks, crosswalks, green stormwater infrastructure, community gathering space, and street trees.

Montco 2040 Grant Award: $200,000

Lower Gwynedd – Bethlehem Pike Pedestrian Improvements Project

Lower Gwynedd Township will construct a critical pedestrian connection to remedy a sidewalk gap along Bethlehem Pike south of the Spring House Village area. The project will extend sidewalk along the east and west side of Bethlehem Pike near Locust Lane and will also include two pedestrian bridges spanning the culvert over the Pennlyn Creek. The connection will augment the previous walkability upgrades that have been added to the township’s downtown village center through zoning changes and redevelopment over the last ten years.

Montco 2040 Grant Award: $200,000

North Wales – Center Street Pedestrian Connection and Gateway Project

North Wales Borough will install new sidewalks, crosswalks, and ADA ramps on Center Street between Walnut Street and the trail connection to Parkside Place Park to improve pedestrian connectivity, safety, and visibility. A new gateway entrance, with lighting and signage at the trailhead, will be installed to formalize the trail entryway and provide direction to recreational amenities, including the regional Green Ribbon Trail.

Montco 2040 Grant Award: $154,725

Perkiomen Region Multi-Municipal – Perkiomen Creek Water Trail Signage and Wayfinding Project

Seven municipalities of the Perkiomen Valley Region will design and install a wayfinding signage program to support the newly designated Perkiomen Creek Water Trail, a PA State Water Trail. Approximately 130 signs at 40 different locations will be installed to enable Water Trail users to navigate to public access areas along an 18-mile stretch of the Perkiomen Creek, navigate the Water Trail itself, and access amenities adjacent to the creek. Municipalities are partnering with the Perkiomen Watershed Conservancy in the project.

Montco 2040 Grant Award: $50,000

Pottstown – Memorial Park/TREC District Accessibility Improvements Project

Pottstown Borough will enhance its Tourism and Recreation District by constructing ADA-accessible connections, brick paver-based plazas with antique lighting, and public restrooms.  The improvements are centered around the new Steel River Station, which links the district to the Pottstown Area Rapid Transit (PART) and the Colebrookdale Railroad. The project will also improve accessibility to Memorial Park grounds and nearby amenities including the county’s Pottsgrove Manor historic site. The Colebrookdale Railroad Preservation Trust is providing a significant local match and donating historic brick pavers to the project. 

Montco 2040 Grant Award: $200,000

Royersford – Royersford Trestle Bridge Project

Royersford Borough will rehabilitate the existing steel girder bridge that spans the Schuylkill River and connects Royersford to the Schuylkill River Trail in Spring City. The Trestle Bridge will encourage pedestrian and bicycle travel within the region and bring Schuylkill River Trail users into the borough’s central business district. The bridge will also connect into the borough’s waterfront trail, which is completed east of Main and under final design, to the west where it will meet with the bridge. The borough also received a $1 million Multimodal grant from PA’s DCED.

Montco 2040 Grant Award: $115,000

Schwenksville – Public Pavilion Project

Schwenksville Borough will purchase and install a public pavilion for the final phase of its Main Street Plaza project. This grant will help to fulfill a funding gap and complete the public gathering space and adjacent park and trail amenities at the future home of the new borough hall. 

Montco 2040 Grant Award: $12,000

Souderton – Chestnut Green Parking Lot Project

Souderton Borough will retrofit the West Chestnut Street municipal parking lot to implement green initiatives, stormwater BMPs, streetscaping improvements, and improved pedestrian connections to the Main Street business district. Stormwater runoff will be reduced and managed through a new system of inlets, landscaped buffers, planting islands with rain gardens, and retaining walls. New pavement, pavement markings, lighting and wayfinding signage will also enhance the existing lot.

Montco 2040 Grant Award: $140,000

Springfield – Mermaid Park Stream and Habitat Restoration Project

Springfield Township will restore the natural habitat and improve the water quality of the aquatic ecosystem at Mermaid Park while adding new park amenities. The project will shade and stabilize a streambank by regrading and planting native shade trees, constructing a pre-filtration forebay to help capture sediment and filter water, and dredging Mermaid Pond to increase its depth and inhibit aquatic plant growth. A passive walking trail around the park perimeter will also be constructed, which will be easily connected to a future segment of the regional Cresheim Trail, which will run by the park.

Montco 2040 Grant Award: $197,600

Towamencin –  Kriebel Road Fischer Park Trail Project

Towamencin Township will construct a multiuse trail along Kriebel Road, for a length of approximately 4,000 linear feet, to connect an existing trail segment with the farm buildings within Fischer Park. The trail will bring a recreational opportunity to nearby residents and connections to the many amenities at Fischer Park, which has an internal network of recreational trails. The township’s long-term goal is to connect the trails with proposed segments of the regional Evansburg and Power Line Trails.

Montco 2040 Grant Award: $190,000

Upper Merion – First Avenue Linear Park Phase 2 Project

Upper Merion Township, in partnership with the King of Prussia District (KOP-BID), will install a complete streets initiative along First Avenue, the primary entrance into Moore Park, a major employment center and mixed-use district for the county. Improvements include a road diet, multimodal trail, accessible bus stops and shelters, solar-powered pedestrian lighting, seating areas, stormwater management features, rain gardens, and landscaping across six parcels. The project’s overall budget is $2.6 million and includes private contributions from property owners and the KOP-BID, a grant from DCED, and a RACP award from the state.

Montco 2040 Grant Award: $190,000

Upper Providence – Municipal Complex River Connector Trail Project

Upper Providence Township is constructing a paved trail, approximately 3,800 linear feet, connecting Upper Providence Township parks and recreation facilities at its municipal complex with the county parks and trails network along the Schuylkill River. Work includes widening and resurfacing an existing paved trail and installing an 8-foot-wide asphalt trail in the location of an existing dirt/gravel path. The connector trail will give greater non-vehicular access to the Schuylkill River East Trail and two county parks—the Upper Schuylkill Valley Park and Lock 60 at the Schuylkill Canal Park. A new crossing, with flashing beacons, over Black Rock Road is also included.

Montco 2040 Grant Award: $100,000

Upper Salford – Rogers-Hiester Ganter Extension Land Acquisition Project

Upper Salford Township will acquire a parcel of land, approximately 25 acres in size, to be permanently preserved in a natural state. The parcel is adjacent to the 75-acre Rogers-Hiester Conservation Preserve, which has a conservation easement held by Natural Lands. The land offers a valuable opportunity to preserve interior woodland in the Ridge Valley Creek Conservation landscape. A stewardship plan for the Rogers-Hiester preserve will be expanded to include the acquisition and promote a passive trail system to provide public access on the properties.

Montco 2040 Grant Award: $200,000