How Can You Help With Stormwater?

  • Report any erosion and sediment or storm water runoff issues, water from construction sites, businesses, or other locations throughout the Borough.
  • Organize a neighborhood pollution watch.
  • Stencil storm drains with warnings about dumping.
  • Participate in a stream or creek cleanup with in the Borough.
  • Plant trees along a stream or creek
  • Practice these healthy household habits:
  • Use fertilizers sparingly
  • Use pesticides only when necessary
  • Do not blow grass clippings or leaves into the street or inlets
  • Sweep up yard debris rather than hosing down paved areas
  • Compost or recycle yard waste
  • Pick up pet waste and dispose of properly
  • Use a commercial car wash or wash your car on an unpaved area
  • Service your car regularly to prevent leaks onto paved areas
  • Dispose of household hazardous waste at designated collection locations

Municipal Storm Sewer Permits

The Borough of Hatboro has a Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) permit with the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP). This permit regulates the Borough’s storm sewer system and requires Hatboro to implement a storm water management program. This includes six program elements called “Minimum Control Measures” which, when implemented together, are designed to result in significant reductions of pollutants discharged from its storm sewer system and into receiving water bodies.

The Minimum Control Measures are listed below. A copy of the EPA’s
fact sheets, which outline the requirements can be found here.
• Minimum Control Measure 1 – Public education and outreach
• Minimum Control Measure 2 – Public participation and involvement
• Minimum Control Measure 3 – Illicit discharge detection and elimination
• Minimum Control Measure 4 – Construction Site storm water runoff
• Minimum Control Measure 5 – Post-construction storm water management in new development and redevelopment
• Minimum Control Measure 6 – Pollution Prevention and good housekeeping for municipal operations and maintenance

Borough of Hatboro FEMA Floodplain Maps

In March of 2016, FEMA released new Floodplain Maps for the Borough of Hatboro. These Maps can be viewed by clicking on the links below.

General FEMA Map Information

For more information regarding FEMA maps, flood insurance, and mapping. Please reference the links below for information regarding Floodplains.
National Flood Insurance Program FAQs
“Grandfathering” Insurance Coverage Information
Flood Insurance Information
Flood Mapping Project Fact Sheets

Important EPA Links

EPA Water Homepage
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EPA Stormwater Homepage
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