Statement From Hatboro Borough Council Regarding County Commissioner Gale’s Racist Press Release

By: Hatboro Borough Council
Date: June 5, 2020

We, the undersigned, are proud to serve Hatboro Borough, and we issue this Statement on behalf of Hatboro Council, as well as our residents.

We are deeply saddened, offended, and outraged at the contentious and divisive rhetoric in the statement issued earlier this week by Montgomery County Commissioner Gale regarding the recent protests in Philadelphia.

In recent days, there were millions of peaceful protests across the nation, including many in our communities here in Montgomery County, while only a small percentage of people, with no apparent connection to the peaceful protests, engaged in violence. Images of those destroying property and looting show absolutely no connection with the Black Lives Matter movement, whose mission is to peacefully eradicate white supremacy and racism. Commissioner Gale appears to not share these admirable goals.

Our community is fortunate to have a police department with committed leaders who object to the murder of George Floyd. We support our police department knowing that they are dedicated to serving the needs of all members of our community. They are not “afraid to do their job” as Commissioner Gale alleges; rather they perform their duties every day with empathy, compassion, and a strong moral compass.

We must acknowledge the decades of racial injustice that plagues the criminal justice system and is the result of systemic discrimination and racism. For Commissioner Gale to claim that Black Lives Matter is using protests against racism as cover for committing crimes is disgusting and offensive. Commissioner Gale’s statement trivializes the peaceful efforts to bring about societal change and address the racial and social inequality that have for too long existed throughout our nation.

Hate has no place in our community. Hate has no place in the hearts of those elected and entrusted to represent the people and act for the greater good. On behalf of Hatboro Council, and the residents of Hatboro we serve, we ask that Commissioner Gale apologize for his offensive, divisive and ignorant remarks, and resign immediately.