James GardnerCoordinator
Cameron GooldDeputy
Diane HegeleAssistant

Special Needs Registry

The Borough of Hatboro Office of Emergency Management is asking all residents in Hatboro, who are in need of assistance or have special needs in the event of an emergency to complete this form and return it to Borough Hall, 414 South York Road, Hatboro, PA 19040. If you would like to return the form IN-PERSON, please visit 130 Spring Avenue, Hatboro, PA 19040 (temporary Borough Hall headquarters)

The Emergency Management personnel of the Borough of Hatboro, including Police, Fire, Ambulance, and the Emergency Management Personnel, maintain a listing of residents with Special Needs to use in the event of an emergency in the Borough. Some examples of special needs would include, but are not limited to, residents on oxygen, dialysis, have a vision or are hearing impaired, handicapped or have difficulty walking and need assistance in getting around in the event of an emergency, disaster, or extended loss of power. If you are not sure you meet the requirements, please call Borough Hall and someone will assist you. Please note that all information provided to our Emergency Responders is strictly confidential and will only be used should an emergency occur.

A copy of the Special Needs form can be found below.

Learn to Prepare/Be Prepared

The Office of Emergency Management is reminding all residents to be prepared and get educated on what to do if a disaster threatens.  Residents should be prepared at all times as disasters can strike without warning, forcing you to go for days without basic necessities or to evacuate your home.

Knowing the steps to take during a disaster – whether flooding, tornadoes, earthquakes or other crisis – can greatly reduce the danger and distress your family may face in an emergency.  For more information on how to prepare for an emergency visit www.fema.gov or the American Red Cross at www.redross.org.

Ready Montco

ReadyMontco (formerly known as ReadyNotify) is Montgomery County’s new mass notification system that allows Hatboro residents to register to receive emergency notifications regarding potential hazards in the Borough and the surrounding area. Residents may register to receive alerts via phone, text, email, etc. for whatever areas they desire in order to remain as informed as possible. This free service not only allows Montgomery County Emergency Management Personnel to send you notifications, but can also be used by Hatboro Emergency Management Personnel in order to keep residents up to date during an Emergency situation within the Borough. Residents can register to receive alerts at www.readymontco.org.

PennDOT – YellowDOT Program

This is a new PennDOT program that alerts first responders with medical conditions and emergency contact information for those involved in traffic accidents that may be injured and unable to communicate.  To register for this program, visit www.yellowdot.pa.gov.

Emergency Management Volunteers

The Borough is always seeking volunteers for our community’s Emergency Management Team.  We are also in need of donated items including blankets, towels, pillows, sleeping bags and cots, life preservers, and lanterns.  Please contact Borough Hall at (215) 443-9100 if you would like to volunteer or make a donation.