Duties of the Shade Tree Commission

A Shade Tree is any tree, shrub, or other woody plant that is planted in the right-of-way or has at least one-half trunk, branches, or roots extending into the right-of-way. The maintenance, care, or removal of these shade trees is the responsibility of the property owner.

The Shade Tree Commission of the Borough of Hatboro issues Shade Tree permits for the pruning, maintenance, removal, or replacement of all shade trees within the Borough of Hatboro.

No person within the Borough of Hatboro may cut, prune, break, remove, or cause any harm to a Shade Tree within a public right-of-way or a Borough Park without first obtaining a permit from the Shade Tree Commission.

Members of the Shade Tree Commission

Jennifer Hartigan
Alec Shaffer
Marianne Shaeffer

Make an Application to the Shade Tree Commission

To download a copy of the Shade Tree Application, please click here.

Shade Tree FAQ

How do I obtain a Shade Tree Permit?

Applications for Shade Tree Permits can be downloaded above or picked up from Borough Hall. Completed permit applications can be dropped off at Borough Hall for review by the Shade Tree Commission. Upon performing a site visit, the Shade Tree Commission will either approve or deny the permit application based on their findings.

Is there a fee for a Shade Tree Permit?

There is no fee for a Shade Tree Permit.

How long does it take for a Shade Tree Permit to be issued?

The Shade Tree Commission is comprised of volunteers. As a result, we ask Applicants give the Commission 2 weeks’ time to issue the permit. Depending on availability of the Commission, permits can be returned quicker.

I own a business on York Road and want to replace my shade tree. What kind of tree can I plant?

Only the following types of trees may be planted within the Retail-Commercial District: Hybrid Red Maples, Lindens, Thornless Honey, Locusts, Pears, and Elms. Planting of any other type of tree will require special permission from the Commission.

I own a business on York Road. Can I remove my Shade Tree completely?

Whenever a Shade Tree is removed in a retail-commercial district, the shade tree must be replaced by obtaining the proper Shade Tree Permit.