Duties of the Parking Commission

The Parking Commission of the Borough of Hatboro oversees the orderly development and maintenance of adequate public parking facilities, both on public streets and off-street, within the Borough limits of the Borough of Hatboro, and advises Borough Council on matters concerning the operations and maintenance of parking facilities owned or leased by the Borough of Hatboro.

The Parking Commission also has the following duties assigned per Borough Ordinance:

  • Make reports to Borough Council on the status of Borough owned or leased parking facilities and all on-street parking within Hatboro
  • Supervise the operation and maintenance of all Borough owned or leased parking facilities
  • Recommend to Council the setting of hours of operation, setting of fees for usage and methods of collection of fees for all Borough owned or leased parking facilities.
  • Review all proposals for changes of on-street parking regulations and make recommendations to Borough Council prior to any action of Council
  • Review proposals for construction of all Borough owned or leased off-street parking facilities and shall make recommendations to Council.
  • Review any proposed private parking development submitted to it by the developer and may make recommendations or offer suggestions that may result in the enhancement of off-street parking in the Borough
  • Prepare an annual budget to be presented to Council for consideration by Borough Council for inclusion in the Borough budget for the operation, maintenance and proposed capital improvements of all parking facilities owned or leased by Hatboro
  • Any other duties or responsibilities given by Borough Council

Members of the Parking Commission

Robert Hegele