There have been some changes to voting locations for 2023. South 1 (S1) and South 2 (S2) Districts will be voting at the Pennypack Facility, 130 Spring Avenue, Hatboro, PA 19040. If you vote in North 1 or North 2, there are no changes to your voting location.

Don’t Know Your Voting Location?

The Borough is split into 4 quadrants with the dividing lines being Moreland Avenue and York Road. The quadrants are as follows:

  • Northwest Quadrant = North 1 (St. John’s Lutheran Church, 505 N. York Road, Hatboro)
  • Northeast Quadrant = North 2 (Crooked Billet Elementary School, 101 Meadowbrook Avenue, Hatboro)
  • Southwest Quadrant = S1 (Pennypack Facility, 130 Spring Avenue, Hatboro)
  • Southeast Quadrant = S2 (Pennypack Facility, 130 Spring Avenue, Hatboro)
For questions about voting or polling places, please contact Montgomery County Voter Services at 610-278-3280.

North 1

St. John Lutheran Church | 505 N. York Road

North 2

Crooked Billet Elementary School | 101 Meadowbrook Avenue

South 1

Pennypack Facility | 130 Spring Avenue

South 2

Pennypack Facility| 130 Spring Avenue

For additional information about voting, including registration, please visit