The Borough of Hatboro Public Works Department is dedicated to providing the best services to the Borough of Hatboro including refuse collection, park maintenance, facilities maintenance, snow plowing and ice removal, road maintenance, and more

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I dispose of yard waste?

Yard waste can be placed out for collection on either of your regularly scheduled trash collection days. Yard waste should be placed in biodegradable bags and should be separate from trash/recycling materials. Any sticks or branches placed out for collection should be tied in bundles before put out for collection.

Biodegradable bags for yard waste collection can be purchased at Borough Hall. 

Where can I obtain free mulch from Public Works?

Have you ever wondered what happens to the leaf bags and sticks you place curbside for collection? After our Public Works employees collect yard waste, the bags are transported to Upper Moreland Township’s composting site where they are processed into mulch without added chemicals.

In an attempt to bring your recycling efforts full circle, the Borough is making this mulch available to Hatboro Residents free of charge. To make this mulch easily accessible to residents, the Public Works Department has constructed a bin at Memorial Park (closest to the bridge on W. Monument Avenue).

Residents are welcome to stop by the bin at any time to take as much mulch as they need. The Public Works Department will make every effort to keep an adequate supply on hand at all times. Unfortunately, we are not able to load trucks with mulch at this time. Please note that mulch is available on a first come, first serve basis. Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact Borough Hall.

What do I do if I find a Spotted Lanternfly?

Montgomery County, Pennsylvania is currently under quarantine for the Spotted Lanternfly, an invasive species threatening multiple counties throughout the state. Spotted Lanternflies are planthoppers that attack host plants/trees, posing a threat to local vegetation and Pennsylvania’s grape, fruit tree, and forest products industries. As a ressult, the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture is asking residents in Pennsylvania to aid in the identification, collection, and removal of the invasive pest.

Once attacked by the spotted lanternfly, trees will develop wounds that weep and attract other insects. These wounds eventually leave a grayish or black trail along the trunk of the tree. Around the months of September and October, the spotted lanternfly lays egg masses on trees and smooth surfaces (such as stone, outdoor furniture, vehicles, etc.). These egg masses will have a gray mud-like appearance when newly laid. Over time, older egg masses will have a seed-like appearance and appear in rows of 30-50, measuring about an inch long.

If you come in contact with egg masses, immediately scrape them off, double bag the masses and dispose of them in the trash. Egg masses can also be placed in alcohol or hand sanitizer to kill them before they hatch.

If you see any egg masses or come in contact with any adult spotted lanternflies, please report them to the PA Department of Agriculture via email at or by calling their Invasive Species Report Line at 1-866-253-7189.