Building Permits are required for the following work in the Borough of Hatboro (for both residential and non-residential properties): New Construction, Additions/Alterations, Roofing/Siding, Demolitions, Above-ground/In-ground Pools, Electrical Work, Sewer Hook-ups, Installations of Heaters, Wood Stoves & Fireplaces, Underground Tank Removal, Mechanical, and Plumbing work.

The Borough of Hatboro’s building permit application should be used to apply for all of the above work. Completed permit applications should be submitted to Borough Hall for review by our 3rd Party Building Code Official, Barry Isett & Associates. Your permit will be assigned a specific inspector that will review and issue the permit as well as perform the necessary inspections associated with the job.

Once the permit is processed by Barry Isett & Associates, Borough Hall staff will call the permit applicant to inform them that the permit is ready and relay the final permit fee. All permit fees are to be paid at Borough Hall. Upon payment of the permit fee, you will receive a packet containing the official permit approval and a list of any required inspections.

Please note: If you are performing any type of work to a Commercial Property within the Borough of Hatboro, you must also complete the Contractor License Registration Form below.

Not sure you need a permit? Call Borough Hall at 215-443-9100.

Certain contractors doing work in the Borough are required to Hatboro Contractor License. All contractors performing Commercial Work are required to have a Hatboro Contractor License. All Contractors performing work to residential properties may also obtain a Hatboro Contractor License; however, they are only required to have a license under the Pennsylvania Office of the Attorney General.

Zoning Permits are required for the following work: Installation or Replacement of Signs, Installation or Replacement of Fences, Installation or Replacement of Sheds, Installation or Repaving of Driveways, and Dumpsters.

Completed Zoning Permit applications should be submitted to Borough Hall for review.

Any replacement or construction of public sidewalk and curbing in the Borough of Hatboro requires a sidewalk & curb permit. Please note, if you are replacing any curbing, you must also complete a Street Opening Permit. All sidewalk and curb work must adhere to the specifications detailed on the bottom of the sidewalk permit and requires an inspection by Public Works prior to the pouring of concrete. All inspections require 24 hours notice and can be scheduled through Borough Hall at 215-443-9100.

Street Opening Permits are required for any and all openings of the street, including openings for underground utility work and curb construction/replacements.

Use and Occupancy Permits are required for every sale or transfer of property in the Borough of Hatboro. All Use and Occupancy Permits require an inspection by the Fire Marshal which can be scheduled through Borough Hall at 215-443-9100.

All rental units in the Borough of Hatboro including apartments and single family homes require a Rental License. Rental Licenses are valid for 3 years and require an inspection by the Fire Marshal. Inspections can be scheduled through Borough Hall at 215-443-9100.

Shade Tree Permits are required for the removal, replacement, or pruning of all Shade Trees in the Borough. Once submitted, Shade Tree Permits are reviewed and issued by the Shade Tree Commission according to the desired work.

Monthly Parking Permits are available for all of the Borough’s Municipal Lots. Permits for reserved spots are available on a first come first served basis and available for the following parking lots:

  • Moreland & Orchard Lot (Aka Shopper’s Lot. Located at the corner of W. Moreland Avenue & York Rd. with entrances off of W. Moreland and Orchard Ave.)
  • Commuter Lot (Located on E. Moreland Ave. by the railroad tracks)
  • Bank Street Lot (located on Bank St. off of W. Lehman Ave.)