The collection of normal household hazardous waste is provided by the Hatboro Borough Public Works Department per the trash collection schedule.

A copy of the Borough’s Trash/Recycling Collection Schedule is available here.

Trash containers must be placed at the curb for collection between 7:00 PM on the night before your collection day and 6:30 AM on your collection day.

The following items are not collected during regular trash collection:
Live coals, Building Materials left by contractors or home improvement work, Broken Concrete, Large Stones, Bricks, Tree Stumps, Roofing/Shingles, Asbestos, Contaminated Soils or Substances, Hazardous Wastes, Kerosene, Paint Thinners, Gasoline, Cans Used For Gasoline Storage, Propane Tanks, Insecticides, Weed Killers, Motor Oils, Medical Wastes, Large Furniture, Electronics, Household Appliances, and Pressurized Cylinders

Please note that the Public Works Department will not collect any pressurized cylinders (barbecue, small propane, O2 tanks, helium cylinders, Freon, etc.) during regular trash collection, recycling collection or  bulk trash collection. These items are considered hazardous and are prohibited from collection by Borough Ordinance. If placed out for collection, these items will be removed from the trash collection stream and labeled with an orange “REJECTED” sticker. Residents who wish to dispose of these types of cylinders can drop them off for no cost at any of the businesses listed at or at a Hazardous Waste Collection Event. A complete schedule of these events can be found below.


Please do not place trash containers at the curb for collection on holidays. When a holiday occurs on a scheduled collection day, collection will take place on your next regularly scheduled collection day.

Trash and Recycling collection do not take place on the following holidays: New Years Day, Good Friday, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Veteran’s Day, Thanksgiving Day, the day after Thanksgiving day, and Christmas Day.

If one of the above holidays falls on a Saturday, Borough Hall and Public Works will be closed on the Friday before. If the holiday falls on a Sunday, Borough Hall and Public Works will be closed on the following Monday.


The disposal of large items such as box springs, mattresses and other household furniture and appliances, requires a special bulk permit that can be purchased at Borough Hall. These items cannot be included with regular trash. These items are collected on the first and third Wednesdays of each month.


How large can my trash can be?
The maximum size for trash/recycling receptacles in the Borough of Hatboro is 50 gallons. Any receptacles larger than this size may not be used.

How heavy can my trash can be?
No trash can, trash bag, or item placed out for collection may weigh more than 60 pounds.

When should I put my trash out for collection?
The Public Works Department begins refuse collection beginning at 6:30 AM on the day of collection. Refuse containers should be placed on the curb for collection no earlier than 6:00 PM on the night prior to collection.

I received an orange “Rejection” sticker on my container or item out that was out for collection? What does this mean?
Public Works will place orange rejection stickers on trash cans that are larger than 50 gallons, items or cans that weigh more than 60 pounds, hazardous waste, items requiring a special Bulk Pickup, or construction waste. 

My trash was not picked up. What should I do?
If you suspect your trash was missed accidentally, call Borough Hall at 215-443-9100. Please note, the depending on the volume of trash out for collection, Public Works may be collecting trash into the afternoon hours.