Duties of the Historical Commission

The Historical Commission of the Borough of Hatboro is tasked with a number of duties as directed by Borough Council. These tasks include the following:

  • Prepare a preservation program, subject to the approval of Borough Council including, but not restricted to, collecting, preserving, and making available materials relating to the history of the Borough of Hatboro, and shall be responsible for the preservation and storage of artifacts and documents of historical significance, which have been acquired by the Borough.
  • The commission shall maintain and keep on file records of all actions pertaining to Borough business. All records and files of such actions shall be in the possession of the Borough Manager.
  • The commission shall give counsel to the Borough Council regarding matters of historical¬†importance to the Borough.
  • The commission shall give counsel to the Borough Planning Commission on matters of historical importance pertaining to matters before the Planning Commission.
  • The commission shall give assistance to the Borough Historian when requested by the historian in pursuance of his/her duties as the Borough Historian.
  • The commission shall assist Borough Council to raise funds for historical preservation projects and for the management of those projects when appropriate and when directed by Borough Council.
  • The commission shall actively participate in the overall management of historical preservation projects when directed by Borough Council.


Bill Tompkins
Suella Guthrie
Cole Woodson
Christopher Neapolitan

When does the Historical Commission Meet?

The Historical Commission meets on the first Tuesday of every month. Historical Commission Meetings are posted to the calendar page.