April 8, 2019 Committee Meeting Minutes

President Bollendorf, Vice President Stockton, Councilman Hegele, Councilwoman Benjamin, Councilwoman Anzinger, Councilman Forgeng, Councilman Rich, Mayor Guenst, Manager Hegele, Assistant Borough Secretary DeRenzis, Superintendent Sine, Chief Gardner, Fire Marshal Myers, Fire Company President Mount, Treasurer Zollers, Engineer Goff, and Solicitor Geiser were present.

ABSENT – None.

CALL TO ORDER – President Bollendorf called the April 8, 2019 Committee Meeting to order at 7:00 PM.

MEETING NOTES PUBLIC COMMENT – President Bollendorf reviewed the Public Comment Policy on the back of the agendas with regard to addressing Council and Time Allotment.


MAYOR’S REPORT – Mayor Guenst stated on Saturday, April 6, 2019 she attended Tom Murt’s opioid awareness event. She stated it was a great turnout and very educational. Mayor Guenst stated this Friday is the opening of the Hatboro Little League season followed by the Hatboro Horsham Education Foundation Casino Night. Mayor Guenst stated she received information from an organization called Feast in Warrington who is providing free home cooked meals for Easter. Mayor Guesnt also announced that Upper Moreland High School will be providing free Summer Meals to all school students up to the age of 18, and stated students should arrive at Upper Moreland High School every weekday in order to receive their meal.

PRESIDENT’S REPORT – President Bollendorf stated that he and Mayor Guenst met new K-9 officer Louie at the police station in the previous week. President Bollendorf thanked Superintendent Sine and the Public Works Department for their hard work in preparing the Memorial Pool as well as performing the improvements to the Eaton Park Parking Lot.

MANAGER’S REPORT – Manager Hegele stated she previously reported not knowing the exact start date for the York Road Paving Project; however, Borough Hall received a call the next day stating that PennDOT was coming to Hatboro Sunday, April 7th. She stated staff was very proactive and notified residents and business owners immediately upon hearing the start date. She noted the contractor plans to be in Hatboro for two weeks: one week for milling and one week for paving/painting.

Manager Hegele stated that the mulch pile has been moved to Memorial Park to free up parking spots in Eaton Park. She stated the mulch pile now resides behind the backstop in Memorial Park.

Manager Hegele stated she is currently working with Montgomery County on transportation related grant opportunities, specifically a Congestion Mitigation Air Quality grant through DVRPC. She stated she will sit down with county transportation planners to discuss possible projects and report back to Council.

Manager Hegele stated she is regularly reaching out to the YMCA for dates for their swim meets. She noted they still do not have the dates available and will inform her as soon as their swim league releases them.

Manager Hegele stated the Spring egg hunt will be taking place on Saturday, April 12th from 11 AM to 3 PM. She stated Council, the Recycling Mascot, and Happy the Hatter will have a table and encouraged people to stop by. She also stated the “Name the Recycling Mascot” contest will kick off at Pennypack School’s Earth Day in Friday, April 11th. She noted students will be able to interact with the mascot and see a recycling truck during the event.

Manager Hegele thanked all of the Hatboro businesses that donated door prizes and silent auction prizes for the Hatboro Horsham Education Foundation Casino Night.

PUBLIC WORKS REPORT – Superintendent Sine stated Public Works crews have been extremely busy now that spring has arrived. He stated these projects include road patching, storm drain repair, preparing parks, improving the Eaton Park parking lot, and preparing the Memorial Pool.

Superintendent Sine stated Public Works has allocated 10 man hours per week to clean up sidewalks along York Road. He stated this cleanup work begun in the previous week and he has received positive feedback from the work thus far.

Superintendent Sine stated Public Works has begun maintenance work on the Bank Street Storm Drain Culvert which runs from the rear of the Red Barn Mall to W. Lehman Avenue. He noted there is evidence of illegal dumping in the area and reminded residents not to dispose of any refuse or waste into the culvert. He stated a letter will be sent to all homeowners on Williams Lane and W. Lehman Avenue regarding the cleanup work and the illegal dumping.

Superintendent Sine stated Public Works is now accepting applications for Seasonal Laborers and noted it is a god job for college students.

Councilwoman Anzinger asked if there was an opening date for the pool. Superintendent Sine stated the pool always opens the Saturday before Memorial Day. Manager Hegele stated Community Day at the pool will be taking place May 18th.

CHIEF OF POLICE REPORT – Chief Gardner stated officer Ryan Allen and K-9 Louie are progressing well in their training and that Louie was released to Officer Allen on Friday and will now live at home with the officer while they complete training. Chief Gardner stated that officer Allen is scheduled to graduate in Mid-May and the K-9 car should arrive around the same time. He noted that Louie will be available in a limited capacity over the summer, will attend patrol training in the fall and will be fully deployed late 2019 or early 2020.

Chief Gardner stated that the Emergency Management tabletop drill through PEMA was a success. He stated all of the Borough’s disciplines were represented and the drill was very educational. Chief Gardner stated there were many takeaways from the drill including the relocation of the radio system for the Borough’s local radios. Chief Gardner stated he met with a radio company who informed that it is better to leave the current system on top of Garner House due to the high elevation of the building. Chief Gardner stated Emergency Management also discussed the future of the tornado sirens. Chief Gardner stated Emergency Management also met with Victorian Village who graciously offered the use of their community room as a warming center in emergency situations. He noted this location is great because it is south of the emergency shelters and will be useful in times of extreme flooding. Chief Gardner stated the Emergency Management team had a large role in the exercise and determined it would be useful to have real-time Hatboro Weather information and as a result installed a weather station on the top of the police station. Chief Gardner noted that training is always a good thing and recommended that staff continue with training going forward. He added that most of the training is available online and is free. Chief Gardner stated that he has also been working on small damage assessment kits for squad cars.

Chief Gardner stated that the accredidation process is going very well. He noted they are almost through all of their chapter 1 policies and are about 25% finished with their policy phase.

President Bollendorf commended Chief Gardner and Mayor Guenst as getting a K-9 program up and running in a short period is impressive. Chief Gardner stated it would not have been possible without Officer Allen and the support of the community.

FIRE MARSHAL REPORT – Fire Marshal Myers stated he attended a Montgomery County Zoning Officers Meeting where they discussed AirBnb rentals and how they relate to rental ordinances. Fire Marshal Myers stated they also discussed properties with hoarding conditions and how to deal with those issues when they arise.

Fire Marshal Myers stated he is meeting with Lewis Environmental and Moyer Service Group whose services are valuable in emergency situations, specifically hazardous spills.

FIRE COMPANY PRESIDENT REPORT – President Mount had nothing to report.

ENGINEER’S REPORT – Engineer Goff stated she is working on the permitting application with DEP for Eaton Park and noted RVE’s landscape architect will be out to the park soon to identify trees that can be removed and locations in which new trees can be planted. She stated RVE is working on preliminary design plans, right of way studies, and safety studies for the Corinthian Trail Project as well as submitting the Borough’s MS4 map to the DEP. Councilwoman Anzinger asked when RVE will hear back from DEP. Engineer Goff stated that the DEP is extremely backlogged and that they have not even heard back for the first round from some of the other municipalities.

SOLICITOR’S REPORT – Solicitor Geiser stated the RAV Collision Zoning Hearing Board Appeal is moving forward. Solicitor Geiser stated on April 26, 2019, her offices will be representing the Borough in oral arguments for the Wawa appeal in front of Judge Eisenberg.

She stated the Borough will argue, the Zoning Hearing Board solicitor will argue, and the Wawa attorneys will argue. She stated that the judge will hopefully then render a decision in a few weeks. Mayor Guenst asked what happens if the judge rules in favor of Wawa. Solicitor Geiser stated Council can authorize her offices to appeal the judge’s decision to Commonwealth Court and the process will continue. Mayor Guenst stated the floodplain is an issue for the site and it is very important that the issue is addressed. Councilwoman Benjamin asked what happens if the judge rules in favor of the Borough. Solicitor Geiser stated that Wawa would have the option to appeal as well and the case would move up to the Commonwealth Court. She noted that it is a very lengthy process.

ENTERPRISE FIRE COMPANY EXPENDITURE LIST – Councilman Forgeng stated that Council is in receipt of the Enterprise Fire Company Expenditure List for March 2019 in the amount of $7,403.91. This item was moved to the April 22, 2019 Council Meeting Agenda for consideration.

ENTERPRISE FIRE COMPANY CAPITAL EXPENDITURE LIST – Councilman Forgeng stated that Council is in receipt of the Enterprise Fire Company Capital Expenditure List for March 2019 in the amount of $149,657.76. He noted this amount is high due to the necessary purchase of radios. This item was moved to the April 22, 2019 Council Meeting Agenda for consideration.

TORNADO SIREN PROGRAM – Chief Gardner stated back in 2006 Council and Emergency Management established a policy to use the Fire Company siren in Civil Defense mode for tornado warnings. He stated the siren was traditionally tested the first Saturday of the month and the siren system is no longer working correctly. He noted that the siren needs a new circuit board and new radio equipment at the police station for the siren which totals around $10,000 worth of work to get the system running again. He noted that Montgomery County has emergency alert systems called ReadyMontco, and cell phones receive emergency alerts, which reduce the need to use the siren going forward. He also noted that the police station does not receive any special alerts in weather emergencies, so there is a possibility that they could miss an alert and not set the siren off. He stated that the siren can’t be heard in certain areas in the Borough and the Borough is one of the only places in the county that has a tornado siren. Chief Gardner noted that these sirens are typically used out west and there is a town in South Carolina where tornados were more common than even discontinued the use of their siren in favor of an alert system like ReadyMontco.

Councilwoman Anzinger asked if the insurance will have any problems with discontinuing the use of the siren. Chief Gardner stated that the insurance company was consulted when the policy was enacted due to liability concerns with accepting the responsibility of the siren, but they represent municipalities that do not have sirens, so he does not believe they will have a problem with the Borough’s discontinuation of the siren. Chief Gardner stated that $10,000 is a lot of money to fix the system and with today’s technology, he does not see the need to continue the siren’s use.

Councilwoman Benjamin asked what residents would do if they do not have a cell phone. Chief Gardner stated it would be the same as it has been: Television weather alerts, NOAH weather radios, and regular radio stations. Chief Gardner stated that the siren was never designed to replace these other notification avenues and that they have always encouraged other ways to get notifications.

Councilman Hegele stated they activated the siren during the emergency management drill and they could barely hear the siren in the driveway of the station.

Manager Hegele stated she will blast information about ReadyMontco and radio information should Council choose to discontinue the use of the siren.

This item was moved to the April 22, 2019 Council Meeting Agenda for consideration.

FINANCE/GRANT COMMITTEE – Vice President Stockton stated he and Councilman Rich would like to meet with Staff to have an informal check-in with the 2019 budget to make sure they are adhering to the budget and to see if there are areas that need to be adjusted in preparation of the 2020 budget. Vice President Stockton stated he and Councilman Rich would then like to give a presentation of the findings at the June Council Meeting.

DIGITAL OUTREACH COMMITTEE – Vice President Stockton stated there was nothing on the agenda for this evening

PUBLIC WORKS COMMITTEE – Councilman Hegele stated there was nothing on his agenda for this evening.

EXERCISE EQUIPMENT FOR EATON PARK – Councilwoman Anzinger stated she has been talking to manufacturers for exercise equipment for the path in Eaton Park. She stated she is looking at sizing options before any pricing is performed. She stated she will have more information by the end of May or at the June meeting.

UPPER MORELAND HATBORO MASTER TRAIL PLAN STEERING COMMITTEE – Councilwoman Anzinger stated she attended the Upper Moreland/Hatboro Master Trail Plan Steering Committee Meeting with Manager Hegele. She stated the meeting went well and there is a survey on the Borough’s website, Facebook, and in the back of the Council room. Manager Hegele stated people can complete the surveys and return them to Councilwoman Anzinger or herself.

DOWNTOWN DEVELOPMENT COMMITTEE Vice President Stockton stated Quig’s Pizza is the business spotlight for April. He noted it is always nice to see the community feedback on the spotlights.

2019 PSAB CONFERENCE VOTING DELEGATE SELECTION – Councilman Rich stated the Borough must select a primary and secondary voting delegate for the 2019 PSAB Conference. He stated he nominates President Bollendorf as the primary delegate and Vice President Stockton as the alternate. This item was moved to the April 22, 2019 Council Meeting Agenda for consideration.

RAV COLLISION ZONING HEARING BOARD APPEAL – Councilman Rich stated the solicitor will be representing the Borough in the Zoning Hearing Board Appeal for RAV Collision.

COMMUTER PARKING ORDINANCE UPDATE – Councilman Rich stated that the Parking Commission and the Police have observed an increase in commuters parking on E. Moreland Avenue due to the Commuter Parking Ordinance enacted last year. Chief Gardner stated that the extension of the boundaries of the Ordinance was discussed in November and Moreland Ave. East of New St., specifically the 200 block of E. Moreland has seen an increase in commuters. Chief Gardner stated he checked the status of the street and the Station Park SEPTA lot earlier in the day and the lot was empty. Chief Gardner stated that he will find his recommendation from November and give it to Council. Solicitor Geiser stated Council will have to amend the ordinance to include the new addresses. This item was moved to the April 22, 2019 Council Meeting Agenda for consideration.

ORDINANCE ALLOWING AIRBNB RENTALS IN HATBORO – Councilman Rich stated AirBnb rentals have been a topic of discussion throughout the state. Solicitor Geiser stated her firm has worked with this issue in Whitemarsh Township and has reviewed a similar ordinance from the Pocono Mountains. She stated her firm will look into the issue with Council’s authorization and develop an ordinance with the help of staff to regulate these short term and long term rentals. Councilman Forgeng stated he has stayed in an AirBnb in Spain and it is fantastic. Mayor Guenst stated she has also stayed in one and it is a wonderful idea because it will help people make money and bring people into town. President Bollendorf stated the fee schedule will have to be addressed for these inspections as well. Councilwoman Benjamin asked if the Borough can look at these rentals as a possible revenue source. Solicitor Geiser stated the inspection fees will cover the cost of the inspection, but they cannot be a profit source for the Borough. Solicitor Geiser stated they would probably be covered in Business Privilege Taxes. Fire Marshal Myers stated he will reach out to his counterparts in other municipalities to see how they are handling the issue. This item was moved to the April 22, 2019 Council Meeting Agenda for consideration.

ZONING HEARING BOARD APPLICATION: 333 N. YORK ROAD – CROSSROADS OF PENNSYLVANIA MANAGEMENT LLC REQUESTING A SPECIAL EXCEPTION FOR A USE REGULATION TO ALLOW AN OPIOID TREATMENT CENTER IN AN R-4 RESIDENTIAL DISTRICT – Vice President Stockton stated the Borough is in receipt of a Zoning Hearing Board Application for the property located at 333 N. York Road by Crossroads of Pennsylvania Management LLC requesting a special exception for a use regulation to allow an opioid treatment center in an R-4 Residential District. Vice President Stockton stated he has some safety concerns because it is a residential area and does not think this is a good fit for Hatboro. Vice President Stockton recommends sending the solicitor to oppose this application. This item was moved to the April 8, 2019 Voting Meeting Agenda for consideration.

MEMORIAL POOL SNACK STAND RFP – Vice President Stockton stated the Borough is accepting proposals for the snack stand for the 2019 season. He stated that proposals must be submitted by 11 AM on Friday, April 19th.

SPECIAL EVENT REQUEST: HATBORO YMCA SUPERHERO DAY – Vice President Stockton stated that Council is in receipt of a special event request from the Hatboro YMCA for a superhero day that would require emergency services and first responders be present. Vice President Stockton stated he is not opposing the application, but is wondering what services they would require from the Borough. Manager Hegele stated this event is being set up with the help of Fire Marshal Myers. Fire Marshal Myers contacted various first responders in order to arrange the event. Fire Marshal Myers stated the YMCA has a superhero theme and would like to focus on real life superheroes in the form of police, fire, and ems. He stated he would like to utilize Miller Meadow to land a medical helicopter. Councilman Hegele stated it wouldn’t be a bad idea because it could be a helicopter trial for emergency services. President Bollendorf asked for staff to check with the Borough’s insurance company first. This item was moved to the April 22, 2019 Council Meeting Agenda for consideration.

Councilman Hegele asked if there are pre-planned areas to land helicopters in the Borough. Deputy Chief Anders stated there are multiple areas in the Borough in which are designated landing spots, including Miller Meadow.

DOWNTOWN DEVELOPMENT DIRECTOR POSITION – Vice President Stockton stated he would like to move the separation of the Downtown Development Director to the voting meeting at the end of the agenda. This item was moved to the April 8, 2019 Voting Meeting Agenda for consideration.


PUBLIC COMMENT – Ron Battis, W. Moreland Avenue asked what happened to the Downtown Development Director. President Bollendorf stated it will be discussed at the voting meeting.

ADJOURNMENT – President Bollendorf adjourned the April 8, 2019 Committee Meeting at 7:51 PM.


CALL TO ORDER – President Bollendorf called the April 8, 2019 Voting Meeting to order at 7:51 PM.

PUBLIC COMMENT (VOTING ITEMS ONLY) – Ron Battis asked if administration looked into why the Downtown Development Director left the Borough. President Bollendorf stated yes.

Ron Battis asked how the job will be advertised again and if the search will be more open than before. Mayor Guenst stated the search was extremely broad and the Borough received a lot of resumes for the position. Mr. Battis stated the ad was not on the Borough website. Mayor Guenst stated it was and she will show him after the meeting. Mr. Battis asked what happened to Mr. Barth. President Bollendorf stated he was under contract and the Borough wanted to make the position a full time job.

333 N. YORK ROAD ZONING HEARING BOARD APPLICATION – Vice President Stockton motioned to send the solicitor in opposition of the Zoning Hearing Board Application submitted by 333 N. York Road requesting to open an opioid treatment center. Motion was seconded by Councilman Hegele. A vote was cast with Councilwoman Benjamin in opposition. Motion carried 6-1.

DISMISSAL OF THE DOWNTOWN DEVELOPMENT DIRECTOR – Councilwoman Benjamin motioned to dismiss the Downtown Development Director with cause. Motion was seconded by Councilman Rich. President Bollendorf noted this dismissal is due to violations of the personnel manual and he noted that all employees are held to high standards. Councilwoman Anzinger and Mayor Guenst noted they were very disappointed. A vote was cast, all ayes. Motion carried 7-0.


ADJOURNMENT – President Bollendorf adjourned the April 8, 2019 voting meeting at 7:55 PM.

Respectfully submitted,
Deena DeRenzis
Assistant Borough Secretary

Transcribed by Deena DeRenzis