Business Spotlight: Wolfy’s Furniture & Stuff / Jacksonville Road Antique Extravaganza

This month’s Business Spotlight features one owner with two Hatboro locations – and both are filled with treasures from the past.

Judy Dautcher is the proud owner of Wolfy’s Furniture & Stuff (located at 210 N York Road) and Jacksonville Road Antique Extravaganza (located at 420 Jacksonville Road) and she works tirelessly to keep them brimming with unique, whimsical, and often times beautiful antique and vintage items. As Judy likes to say, “customers will find everything from apple peelers to xylophones and everything in between in our stores.”

Judy’s love of antiques started a young age. “As a child my mother took me antique shopping. By the time I was six years old I had saved up enough money to buy a child’s ironstone tea set! And that experience set everything in motion for me,” says Judy. “For me this is an exciting business. I think of it kind of like I’m in an Indiana Jones movie – as a dealer you are are always on a quest for the next “Holy Grail” – also known as ‘being on the hunt for what your customers want to buy.’”

According to Judy that search can lead down some funny, or sometimes scary, trails. Like the time recently when her team purchased some wonderful pieces from a colonial farmhouse and just as they were finishing loading up the truck a roof or floor joist snapped and the house shook violently (cue the Indiana Jones music).

Judy’s original store was located in Lambertville, NJ and from there she moved to Willow Grove. She found her next location in Hatboro where she was excited to purchase the property that became the current Wolfy’s store.  Here you will find antique and used furniture, oil paintings, glassware, vintage tools and jewelry, and recently they also started purchasing gold and silver coins.

In the summer of 2019 it became evident that they had out grown their 210 N York Rd. store and needed more space for their treasures. “Fortunately a great spot became available at 420 Jacksonville Road and we were able to expand,” says Judy.  “And we have expanded with enthusiasm! Both stores are usually packed with great things we have discovered.  We have mostly been selling a lot of antique and vintage furniture out of the Jacksonville Road location. I love to see what our customers do with their purchases! Some collect and decorate, and others are doing amazing projects like using pieces as bases for bathroom and powder room sinks, creating benches and doing all sorts of painted projects with the furniture”!

And, Judy notes, that given the current economic times it is especially nice to be able to find quality made pieces of furniture and not have to spend a lot of money to get them. Her business motto is “Buy it. Love it. Pass it on for Earth’s Sake.” She helps to put that motto into practice by being available for estate clean outs and trash removal for clients.

Store hours are 10:00am – 3:00pm. Customers can call or text this number for more information 267-454-5588 and are encouraged to follow Wolfy’s Furniture & Stuff and Jacksonville Rd Antique Extravaganza on Facebook and Instagram for daily posts about what is new in the stores – and changes to extended hours in the Fall.

Note from Judy: For our customer’s and staff’s well-being we disinfect both stores routinely during the day, and use a UV light at night. Masks are required to enter both locations and we can provide one if you forget. Use of the hand sanitizers located at the store entrances is encouraged.