COVID-19 Halloween Information

With Halloween quickly approaching, the Borough of Hatboro is advising residents to adhere to CDC guidelines when planning for traditional Halloween activities to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

The CDC has created a list of low, moderate, and high risk activities during the Halloween season based on each activity’s risk of spreading/contracting COVID-19.

To read about the CDC’s risk assessment for Halloween Activities, please click here.

Since the Borough does not regulate Halloween or trick or treating, residents of the Borough of Hatboro should use these CDC guidelines to plan their Halloween festivities and should plan to wear masks and social distance no matter the activity chosen. 

Anyone choosing to participate in traditional trick or treating should be respectful to those not participating in Halloween festivities this year. If a house does not have lights on or does not appear to be open for handing out candy, please move on to another home.

On behalf of the entire Borough of Hatboro, have a safe and happy Halloween.