Hatboro Horsham Educational Foundation Membership Program

The Hatboro Horsham Educational Foundation has initiated a new membership program offering Hatboro Horsham families, alumni, teachers, and community members the chance to demonstrate how much they value innovation in our schools and extraordinary learning experiences for Hatboro Horsham Students. All proceeds from memberships to the HHEF will help advance the curriculum of students, drive innovation in classrooms, and provide extraordinary learning experiences for students in all Hatboro Horsham schools and grade levels.

UntitledMemberships begin with donations of $10 or more and will give members the chance to receive HHEF swag, an invitation to join an HHEF Guest Presenter Series and the Prize Patrol, Discounts to HHEF events and more!

To learn more about the Hatboro Horsham Educational Foundation membership program or to become a member, please visit: https://www.hhef.org/individual-giving