Hatboro’s New Recycling Program

In October of 2018, the Borough of Hatboro was awarded a 902 Municipal Recycling Program Grant from the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection in the amount of $236,123.00.

This 902 Recycling Grant allowed the Borough of Hatboro to purchase a new recycling truck and new recycling bins for residents.

As a part of this exciting grant, the Borough is beginning a new recycling program to help educate our residents on the importance and benefits of recycling. As a part of this education program, informational materials and guides have been created to encourage an increase in recycling throughout the community. 

Councilwoman Benjamin, Borough Staff, and the Borough’s Recycling Mascot, Bindy, teamed up to create an informational video on the benefits of recycling and how it will help us create a better Hatboro.

Recycling Video is courtesy of Councilwoman Benjamin, Public Works Superintendent Sine, Borough Manager Hegele, and Assistant Secretary DeRenzis

As of November 5, 2019, the new recycling bins have arrived to Hatboro and staff is currently making preparations for the delivery of the bins to residents. All residents and businesses who receive refuse collection services from the Borough of Hatboro will receive a new recycling bin as a part of the 902 Recycling Grant. 

Please stay tuned for information on when the recycling bins will be delivered to your neighborhood by the Public Works Department. Dates will be posted to the Borough’s website and Facebook page as soon as they are available.

The Borough would like to thank the Department of Environmental Protection for awarding the Borough of Hatboro this 902 Recycling Grant and allowing us to further share the benefits of recycling with the community.