Hazardous Waste Reminder

The Borough of Hatboro Public Works Department aims to provide the residents of Hatboro with the highest quality trash and recycling collection services. Over the past few weeks, the Public Works Department has noticed an increase in hazardous waste materials and non-permitted items placed curbside for collection. The Borough of Hatboro Public Works Department would like to remind residents that the following items are considered Hazardous Waste and are not permitted to be placed out for collection by the Public Works Department:
• Live coals
• Asbestos
• Flammables
• Paint Thinners or Oil Based Paint
• Pesticides/Herbicides
• Antifreeze
• Mercury
• Kerosene
• Fire Extinguishers
• Fluorescent Tube Lightbulbs
• Pressurized Cylinders
• Propane Tanks or Canisters
• Medical Waste of Any Kind
• Oil
• Gasoline
All of the above materials should be disposed of through a hazardous waste collection event or via the proper disposal method (i.e. biowaste procedures, propane tank drop-offs, etc.).
Disposing of hazardous materials in the proper manner not only helps keep Public Works employees safe, but ensures the disposal of trash/recycling materials without contaminants that may cause harm. If any of these materials are found out for collection, the hazardous substances will be rejected by the Public Works Department.
Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact Borough Hall at 215-443-9100. We thank you for your cooperation.