January 13, 2022 Environmental Advisory Council Meeting Minutes

All votes will take place at the February 7, 2022 meeting.

Present-Council members-Alex Myers, Nicole Reichner, Mayor Tim Schultz, EAC members-Elle Anzinger chairperson, Katrina Nuss vice chair, Judith Swanson, Jim Maccaroni, Carol Brunner

Absent- Borough Manager Diane Hegele, EAC member-Tom Bilotta

Elle Anzinger called the January 13th EAC meeting to order at 6:06 PM.

Public Comment-No comment

There was a brief discussion of the vice chair and secretary positions that was tabled until the February 7 EAC meeting.

The minutes from the November 1, 2021 EAC meeting will be voted on at the February EAC meeting.

Elle presented a brief introduction to Hatboro’s Energy Transition Plan. It was submitted to the Montgomery County Planner, John Lesher, and to the Borough Council. There may be some modifications before final approval.  A copy will be sent to EAC members.

The Borough will send a list of 2022 EAC meeting dates to all EAC members.


The EAC’s annual report was received by the Borough Council.

Gold Star Garden recommendation will be sent to Jim, so he has an opportunity for input before January 30th.  A plan from the GSG committee will be presented to council in February.

Miller Meadow’s phase 2 updates will be coming in the spring. The Borough Engineer is managing the project along with Alex and Nicole’s oversight.  A permeable parking area is part of phase 2. Alex Myers will ask Diane Hegele about the type of surface. Kate mentioned about preserving Miller Meadow as a dark space and that was tabled for the February meeting.

A Shade Tree Ordinance review will be moved to old business for the February meeting. The document will be shared with new EAC members. Kate requested a copy of the Shade Tree Commission’s October report.


Elle stated that programming for 2022 will be on the agenda for the February meeting.  Some items will be the NWF Certification program, Earth Day, Events for outreach, Pollinator Protection Plan, rain garden, as well as green roofing and zero waste initiatives.

Tim commended Elle for the work on the ETP, and then stated he has goals as part of the NWF Mayor’s for Monarchs program.  He shared some of his information from the RF100 Sierra Club of SE PA group and recommended EAC members join the meetings.

Judith stated the importance of our EAC website as an important tool for community education and outreach.  She feels it needs to be updated more often with current articles and information.  Also, the EAC needs to have articles included in the Borough e-newsletter each month, if possible.

 Alex stated that a community TV channel would soon be live and could include EAC/NWF information for the public.  He will bring the Earth Day and other community event dates for the February 7th meeting to help with planning.


ADJOURNMENT-Judi made a motion to adjourn the EAC meeting on January 13, 2022, at 7:15. Carol seconded.  All ayes.

Respectfully submitted,

Carol R Brunner, EAC Secretary