July 9, 2018 Committee Meeting Minutes

President Bollendorf, Vice President Stockton, Councilwoman Anzinger, Councilwoman Benjamin, Councilman Hegele, Councilman Forgeng, Councilman Rich, Mayor Guenst, Manager Hegele, Assistant Borough Secretary DeRenzis, Superintendent Sine, Detective Gould, Solicitor Geiser, Engineer Goff, and Engineer Walsh were present

ABSENTFire Marshal Myers was absent.

President Bollendorf called the July, 2018 PennDOT Noise Ordinance Waiver Hearing to order at 7:00 PM.

Robert Reynolds from Highway Materials, the contractor for PennDOT, was present for the hearing. Mr. Reynolds stated that PennDOT will be milling and paving York Road from the Willows in Willow Grove to County Line in Hatboro. He stated that they are in the area performing pipe work already and expect to perform the milling and paving work by the second to last week of August. Mr. Reynolds stated that working from 7 PM to 5 AM overnight allows the work to be performed quicker and more efficiently. President Bollendorf asked how long the work would take if it were performed during the day. Mr. Reynolds stated that the project would take at least twice as long if it were to be completed during the day and that working overnight will allow them to complete the work in about two nights.

Manager Hegele asked if the work will begin in the North or South end of town. Mr. Reynolds stated they are expected to begin working in the South end of town and work North toward County Line.

President Bollendorf asked if any trucks will be parked in residential neighborhoods. Mr. Reynolds stated that the trucks will not be parked in neighborhoods. President Bollendorf requested a 24 hour contact for the project. Mr. Reynolds stated he will be said contact.

Councilwoman Benjamin asked what level of noise would be expected during the overnight hours. Mr. Reynolds stated there will be no jackhammering performed overnight and if it is needed, it will be performed during the day. Mr. Reynolds stated that the only work to be completed overnight is the actual milling and paving work. He stated that the rollers of the machines vibrate; however, this noise will only last about an hour overnight.

Mike, 400 N. York asked if the project will take the same amount of time to complete when York Road widens to four lanes. Mr. Reynolds stated that it depends on the width and that they may be able to pave two lanes with one sweep if there is no shoulder.

Jason Reading, 100 W. Monument asked if PennDOT has considered working on weekends. Mr. Reynolds stated their schedule is Sunday night to Thursday night and that they will work Friday night if there are any rain delays. Mr. Reading stated that he was asking because they would be working on school nights and he has children who will be attending school at that time.


President Bollendorf called the July 9, 2018 Voting Meeting to order at 7:09 PM.


PENNDOT REQUEST FOR NOISE ORDINANCE WAIVER – Councilman Stockton motioned to approve the noise ordinance waiver request submitted by PennDOT for the York Road Milling and Overlay project. Motion was seconded by Councilman Hegele, all ayes. Motion carried 7-0.


The July 9, 2018 Voting Meeting of Borough Council was adjourned at 7:09 PM.


President Bollendorf called the July, 2018 PennDOT Noise Ordinance Waiver Hearing to order at 7:10 PM.


PRESIDENT’S REPORT – President Bollendorf stated Council had an executive session before the Committee Meeting at 6:15 PM to discuss a personnel matter and a legal matter. President Bollendorf welcomed Councilwoman Benjamin back after the birth of her child. President Bollendorf stated the Borough will be implementing WiFi at the Hatboro Pool. Manager Hegele stated the WiFi is expected to be setup soon.

President Bollendorf stated that the Borough will be installing special parking signs at Borough Hall and the Hatboro Pool. Borough Hall will have one spot reserved for veterans and the Pool will have one spot reserved for veterans and two spots reserved for mothers with small children. Councilman Forgeng asked if this spot would be for disabled veterans. President Bollendorf stated the spot will be for veterans in general.

President Bollendorf stated the Commuter Parking Ordinance is set to go into effect on August 1st and encouraged residents to begin contacting Borough Hall to obtain permits. Manager Hegele stated that staff is working on a letter to distribute to commuters, residents, and SEPTA.

BOROUGH MANAGER’S REPORT – Manager Hegele stated she, Engineer Goff, and Superintendent Sine met with Traffic Planning & Associates to assess the upcoming W. Moreland Avenue bridge replacement. She stated this is a County owned bridge and a County project. She added that this project could begin in 2019 and could last for up to a year; however, they are not sure on the exact dates and project length. She will keep Council updated on the project as more information becomes available.

Manager Hegele stated that the Corinthian Trail kickoff meeting will be taking place later in the month to discuss the PennDOT process for the project and the steps that will be involved in preparing the project for construction.

Manager Hegele stated that the Steering Committee did not meet in the month of June and will be meeting on July 10th.

Manager Hegele stated she will be meeting with Representative Murt, his staff, and SEPTA representatives to discuss improvements to the train station, increases in ridership, and other SEPTA initiatives.

Manager Hegele stated staff is currently working with property and business owners on a beautification initiative. She stated staff continues to pass out brochures, visit businesses, and note property maintenance issues in an effort to keep York Road looking nice.

Manager Hegele stated that some pool patrons noted they were not receiving text message alerts from the Hatboro Pool. She noted the code used for previous years no longer works due to a change in management and noted that the new information is posted on the Borough website and Facebook.

PUBLIC WORKS REPORT – Superintendent Sine stated Public Works installed the new Celano Park sign on the Windsor Avenue side of the park. He stated they have received great feedback from residents.

Superintendent Sine stated Public Works has been performing road base repairs to roads that will be micro resurfaced as well as storm drain repairs and making pavement marking throughout the summer. Superintendent Sine stated that Public Works has notified all residents of the upcoming micro resurfacing work that will be performed in the next few days.

POLICE DEPARTMENT REPORT – Detective Gould stated that the Department held a Car Show meeting to discuss logistics for the upcoming event. Councilwoman Benjamin asked if the Police Bike Patrol will be out for the event. Detective Gould stated yes. President Bollendorf asked if Second Alarmers will have a bike medic as well. Manager Hegele stated they are working on getting a medic for the event and that Second Alarmers will be working out of the Fire House on the day of the event.

ENGINEER’S REPORT – Engineer Goff stated Remington & Vernick continues their work on the submission of the response fort the Borough’s MS4 deficiency application.

Engineer Goff stated the 2017 CDBG project is out for rebid again and the bid opening will be on July 19th.

Engineer Goff stated she is currently working on a presentation for the July 23rd Council meeting to overview the Borough’s MS4 program

Engineer Goff stated Remington & Vernick is working on the application for the Growing Greener Grant for a project in Memorial Park and will be submitting the application this week.

Engineer Goff stated that the application deadline for the Montgomery County Grant for the Jacksonville and Montgomery Avenue Traffic Signal has been extended to August. She noted there is a resolution on the agenda for Council’s discussion later in the meeting.

Engineer Goff stated the 2018 Road program will also be going out to bid later in July.

Councilwoman Anzinger asked where Remington & Vernick was in processing the MS4 notice of deficiency. Engineer Goff stated the parsing of the maps are currently being revised and once they are complete, she can submit everything in the next few weeks.

SOLICITOR’S REPORT – Solicitor Geiser stated her office continues to work with Borough staff on daily issues and has drafted several ordinances for Council’s consideration. These ordinances include the Massage Parlor Ordinance, the street vacation ordinance for the Crooked Billet School Project, and the ordinance to abolish the Fire Advisory Board.

Solicitor Geiser stated she has researched the Hatboro Little League Field as requested by Council and discovered that Horsham’s Ordinances will apply for this property as it is located in their Township. She reached out to Horsham and stated that Horsham is not inclined to permit open containers of alcohol in their park as requested by the Kat Hall Wiffleball event; however, she suggested that Manager Hegele reach out to the Manager of Horsham Township to discuss further.

Councilman Forgeng stated that he has never been in a park where alcohol was allowed and that people often act obnoxiously while under the influence of alcohol. Councilman Forgeng added that he is against the idea of alcohol in the Borough’s parks. Mayor Guenst stated that Council is not discussing alcohol in all of Hatboro’s parks, but is considering allowing Crooked Eye Brewery to sponsor the Kat Hall Wiffleball Classic that supports a great cause.

President Bollendorf stated that Manager Hegele will reach out to the Manager of Horsham Township to discuss the matter. If Horsham says no, then it is a moot point.

Councilman Forgeng stated that Council is responsible for knowing where the Borough’s money is going. Councilman Hegele stated that the Borough has had questions for years about the jurisdiction of the ballfield and what the Borough can or can’t do there and is glad that solicitor Geiser obtained an answer.

– Councilman Forgeng stated Council was in receipt of the Enterprise Fire Company Expenditure list for the month of June in the amount of $10,100.64. This item was moved to the July 23, 2018 Council Meeting agenda for approval.

FIRE COMPANY CAPITAL EXPENDITURE LIST – Councilman Forgeng stated Council was in receipt of the Enterprise Fire Company Capital Expenditure list for the month of June in the amount of $57,167.97 for the purchase of a new vehicle. This item was moved to the July 23, 2018 Council Meeting agenda for approval.

FIRE LANE ORDINANCE – Manager Hegele stated that Fire Marshal Myers has noted that the Borough’s Fire Lane Ordinance is outdated. He created a draft ordinance that indicates the changes of business, the addition to new fire lanes, and the removal of a few fire lanes that are no longer needed.

Councilman Stockton asked if the business owners would be notified so they are informed and can weigh-in on the fire lane changes. Manager Hegele stated that all business owners will be notified and that a lot of them have expressed the desire to make the proposed changes. She stated she will ask Fire Marshal Myers how he plans to notify business owners and will report back to Council. This item was moved to the July 23, 2018 Council Meeting agenda for approval.

ABOLISHMENT OF THE FIRE ADVISORY BOARD – Councilman Forgeng stated that Public Safety discussed this matter with Chief Anders of the Fire Company and all were in agreement to abolish the Fire Advisory Board.

Mayor Guenst stated that dissolving the Fire Advisory Board is a great idea as the Board was created when there was not a good relationship between Borough Council and the Fire Company. President Bollendorf stated the President of the Fire Company will get a seat at the table for Ms. April Mount who is the current President. Mayor Guenst asked if she was the first woman Fire Company President. Manager Hegele stated yes. This item was moved to the July 23, 2018 Council Meeting agenda for approval.

Councilman Forgeng stated that he received a letter from concerned resident, Mr. Giuliana regarding the Hate Has No Home signs being sold by the Borough. Councilman Forgeng stated that he is also concerned and does not believe the Borough should be selling signs connected to political parties. Vice President Stockton asked which political party the signs are affiliated to. Councilman Forgeng stated state he believes the signs are connected to the Democratic Party. Mayor Guenst stated they are not connected to the Democratic Party, nor are they political at all. Councilwoman Anzinger stated there is no party affiliation for the signs and the signs are simply stating that there is no room for hate in our town. Councilman Forgeng stated he believes there are some things we should hate.

President Bollendorf stated that he authorized the purchase of $100.00 worth of signs in response to the KKK fliers that were recently distributed in town. President Bollendorf stated the website clearly states there is no political affiliation with he signs and that he reached out to the community representative for the program who confirmed they are not political. President Bollendorf stated that Mr. Giuliana submitted a sign he would like sold instead; however, those signs were religious in nature and could not be sold.

Councilman Forgeng stated that he does not like the signs and that it is not the Borough’s job to get involved and that it is not the role of government. Mayor Guenst stated that she believes that it is the role of the Borough to ensure its residents that their town is welcoming and accepting of everyone and that they will not tolerate hate and discrimination. Councilman Forgeng stated he is not for that; however, he believes there is a political connection. Vice President Stockton stated he might feel that way due to the blue color of the signs; however, the Borough could have purchased red signs and many residents do have red signs. Councilman Hegele stated the Borough is no longer selling the signs.

Councilwoman Benjamin asked what the Borough’s Firework ordinance was as they were very problematic during the 4th of July holiday. She noted that there are very few locations in the Borough that allow residents to legally set off fireworks. Detective Gould agreed that fireworks may only be discharged 150 feet from a structure and that there might not be any properties in the Borough that allow this. Mayor Guenst stated that she loves Independence Day; however, fireworks were being fired multiple nights in a row. Detective Gould stated that fireworks are very hard to enforce because of their rapid nature and that they are very dangerous regardless of their legality. Mayor Guenst asked Manager Hegele to include information in the upcoming newsletter to remind residents of the laws regarding fireworks. Councilwoman Benjamin asked whether the Police Department would consider extra patrols during holidays. Councilman Hegele stated that there is nothing in the Crimes Code regarding fireworks and that police must cite for noise violations or a violation of Borough Ordinance rather than the fireworks themselves.

FINANCE AND GRANTS – Vice President Stockton stated that he is working with a service called Municipay that will allow the Borough to collect digital and credit card payments.

– Vice President Stockton stated that the new Borough website will have a Community Calendar that will include events from not only the Borough, but all community organizations. Vice President Stockton asked that members from community organizations should send him information for their events so he can add them to the calendar before the Borough’s new website is live.

– Superintendent Sine stated he has obtained updated quotes for all of the Public Works capital purchases that were discussed during the Capital Budget Workshop in May. Councilman Hegele asked what the $1000.00 destination charge listed on the vehicle quote was for. Superintendent Sine stated that the destination charge is the fee that Ford charges to ship the vehicle from the manufacturer to the West Chested dealership. Superintendent Sine stated he will ask if there are any delivery fees regarding the vehicle and will report back to Council. This item was moved to the July 23, 2018 Council Meeting agenda for approval.

LED STREET LIGHTS – Councilman Hegele stated that Public Works has been installing and maintaining the Borough’s streetlights in-house for years and that the Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission has come up with a program that could save money.

Manager Hegele stated that this program is new for the Borough, but not DVRPC. She stated that Council received handouts in their packets regarding the details of the program. She stated that if Council would like to pursue the program, she can move forward.

Councilman Hegele asked what the timeframe would be with Public Works completing the work versus DVRPC. Superintendent Sine stated that DVRPC handles every aspect of the LED streetlight installation and charges $5,000 for these services in addition to a $200 per light charge. Superintendent Sine stated that Public Works saves money in the planning and researching phase of the project and thus is able to allocate the $5,000 that the Borough would have to pay DVRPC to purchasing streetlights. Superintendent Sine stated Public Works is also equipped to install the lights themselves and that the dollar goes further if the work is performed in-house. Councilman Hegele asked how long it takes to replace lights. Superintendent Sine stated that is takes 20-30 minutes per light. President Bollendorf asked how many lights would be replaced this time. Superintendent Sine stated there would be about 160 new LED lights installed. President Bollendorf asked for an estimate for Public Works to replace the lights in-house. Superintendent Sine stated he will prepare one.

Superintendent Sine noted that PECO also offer more rebates for increased LED lights. Councilman Forgeng asked how much the Borough’s recent credit was from PECO. President Bollendorf stated it was about $41,000 in previously owed streetlight rebates.

– Councilwoman Anzinger stated the new Veterans and Family parking signs will be installed soon, as noted by President Bollendorf.

Councilwoman Anzinger stated TreeVitalize grant application will be submitted later in the week. Councilman Forgeng asked how many trees the Borough will get from the grant. Councilwoman Anzinger stated that since the grant is for a riparian buffer, the Borough will likely receive more shrubbery than trees. Councilman Forgeng asked what the match requirement is. Councilwoman Anzinger stated the match is $1,500 and that it has the capability of helping the Borough’s MS4 submission in the future.

Councilman Forgeng asked why Public Works recently performed work at Lehman Methodist Church. Superintendent Sine stated the Borough was informed that the street light at the corner of Lehman and York was not functioning, so Public Works replaced the light with an LED fixture. Superintendent Sine stated that there is also a stormwater pipe in the rear of the Lehman Church that was not discharging properly. He stated that Public Works cut the pipe back and reinforced it Superintendent Sine noted that he would like the Engineer to come to the site to inspect it. Councilman Forgeng asked if the pipe is Borough Property. Superintendent Sine stated yes, he was one of the men who installed the pipe twenty years previous and that the church paved their lot overtop of it. Councilman Forgeng asked if Public Works will have enough stone leftover for the Memorial. Superintendent Sine stated yes.

Mayor Guenst asked if the UMHJSA could place their camera in the pipe. Superintendent Sine stated he will contact them to discuss getting the pipe scoped with their camera. Councilman Hegele asked if the pipe was too big for the Borough’s camera. Superintendent Sine stated yes it was.

Councilwoman Anzinger stated that signs similar to the Celano Park sign should be installed in all Borough parks. Superintendent Sine stated he will price and design the signs and report to Council.

– Councilwoman Anzinger directed staff to begin distributing notices to cars parked in areas affected by the Commuter Parking Ordinance beginning Tuesday, July 10th.

Councilwoman Anzinger stated that she has been working on the aesthetics ordinance and should have it ready in the coming months.

PARKING COMMISION DISCUSSION – President Bollendorf stated there was previously a Parking Commission in the Borough that oversaw the Borough’s parking lot. He noted that Council would like to bring back this commission to improve the Borough lots and parking in general. Manager Hegele stated she will research the old Parking Commission Ordinance and discuss with Solicitor Geiser. This item was tabled until further information is obtained.

GREEN LIGHT GO BYBERRY RD. & WARMINSTER RD. TRAFFIC SIGNAL APPROVAL APPLICATION (RESOLUTION 18-15) – Councilman Rich stated Council is in receipt of a resolution for the traffic signal approval at Byberry Road and Warminster Road. Vice President Stockton stated that the changes to the intersection are necessary and the grant is worth pursuing. Councilman Hegele noted PennDOT will need to change the Borough Manager’s name listed on the grant application. This item was moved to the July 23, 2018 Council Meeting agenda for approval.

JACKSONVILLE RD. & MONTGOMERYAVENUE RESOLUTION TO AUTHORIZE MONTGOMERY COUNTY TRANSPORTATION PROGRAM GRANT SUBMISSION (RESOLUTION 18-16) – Councilman Rich stated Council is in receipt of a resolution authorizing the application for the Montgomery County Transportation Program Grant for the intersection of Jacksonville Road and Montgomery Avenue. Councilwoman Anzinger stated this traffic signal improvement is much needed. This item was moved to the July 23, 2018 Council Meeting agenda for approval.

MONTGOMERY COUNTY 2017 HAZARD MITIGATION PLAN (RESOLUTION 18-17) – Councilman Rich read the resolution for the Montgomery County 2017 Hazard Mitigation Plan resolution. This item was moved to the July 23, 2018 Council Meeting agenda for approval.

RECORDS MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE PURCHASE – Assistant Secretary DeRenzis stated that she and Finance Manager Wells have been researching records management software and have already met with two vendors. She added they will be meeting with a third company in the following week. President Bollendorf asked if the Borough would still be handling the scanning of documents in-house. Assistant Secretary DeRenzis stated yes.

HUMAN RELATIONS COMMISSION APPOINTMENTS – President Bollendorf stated that he, the administration committee, Mayor Guenst, and Manager Hegele will be interviewing everyone who submitted a letter of interest for the Human Relations Commission. President Bollendorf stated that the appointments will be made during the July 23, 2018 Council Meeting. This item was moved to the July 23, 2018 Council Meeting agenda for approval.

CROOKED BILLET STREET VACATION ORDINANCE – Solicitor Geiser stated she has drafted the Crooked Billet Street Vacation Ordinance for a portion of Pennsylvania Avenue. This item was moved to the July 23, 2018 Council Meeting agenda for approval.

MASSAGE PARLOR ORDINANCE – Solicitor Geiser stated that she has prepared the Massage Parlor Ordinance and it will be ready to advertise at the July 23rd Council Meeting. This item was moved to the July 23, 2018 Council Meeting agenda for approval.

SNACK STAND UPDATE – Vice President Stockton stated the Borough had to terminate the previous snack stand vendor and already has a new vendor in place. He stated the new vendor should be able open within the next week.

President Bollendorf stated that Council will also like to hold a member appreciation day at the pool in August. This item was moved to the July 23, 2018 Council Meeting agenda for approval.

2017 CDBG REBID UPDATE – Vice President Stockton stated the 2017 CDBG Project is out for rebid. Manager Hegele stated that if all bidders have the required documentation, Council can vote on July 23rd. This item was moved to the July 23, 2018 Council Meeting agenda for approval.

Councilman Forgeng stated he had a few questions about Second Alarmers and their presentation from the June 25th Council Meeting. He asked if the losses they discussed were actually valid. President Bollendorf stated Councilman Forgeng and the Public Safety Committee should reach out to Second Alarmers to schedule a meeting. President Bollendorf stated that if the Borough funds Second Alarmers, the Borough will have access to see what the funding is being used for. Mayor Guenst stated that Second Alarmers releases a yearly financial Audit. Manager Hegele stated she will locate a copy and send it to Council.

Mayor Guenst noted that the Borough Authority Minutes state the Authority will submit a formal letter of denial to Council for the denial of funding. Manager Hegele stated the Borough has still not received this letter. Mayor Guenst asked Manager Hegele to reach out to the Authority and obtain this letter.

Mike Delduke, 400 N. York, stated he takes the SEPTA train every day and asked if the Commuter Parking Ordinance will issue permits to all residents of strictly those on affected streets. President Bollendorf stated permits will only be issued to affected streets. Mr. Delduke asked where the fees from the Borough parking lot go. Mayor Guenst stated the money collected from the Borough parking kiosks go into the General Fund which helps operate and maintain the Borough on a daily basis. Councilwoman Anzinger stated that the Commuter Parking Ordinance is being passed as a result of commuters outside of the Borough blocking driveways on the affected streets and causing residents to park upwards of three blocks from their own homes. Mr. Delduke asked if Council would consider giving permits to all residents. Vice President Stockton stated he does not believe so as the purpose of this ordinance is to protect the affected residents and allow them to park near their homes without a problem.

Mr. Delduke thanked Council for the information. Councilwoman Anzinger reminded everyone that weekends and holidays are excluded from this ordinance. Mr. Delduke asked if the Borough could add another parking kiosk in their lots. Mayor Guenst stated Council has discussed moving the kiosk in the old CVS lot over to the Commuter Lot. Mr. Delduke asked if he could get a parking permit for the Borough lot. Manager Hegele stated yes he can purchase one for $30.00 a month and the application is on the Borough website.

The July 9, 2018 Committee Meeting of Borough Council was adjourned at 8:22 PM

Respectfully submitted,
Deena DeRenzis
Assistant Borough Secretary

Transcribed by Assistant Borough Secretary DeRenzis