June 4, 2018 Committee Meeting Minutes

President Bollendorf, Vice President Stockton, Councilwoman Anzinger, Councilwoman Benjamin, Councilman Hegele, Councilman Forgeng, Councilman Rich, Mayor Guenst, Manager Hegele, Assistant Borough Secretary DeRenzis, Superintendent Sine, Chief Gardner, Solicitor Geiser, Engineer Hyne, Engineer Goff, and Engineer Walsh were present

ABSENTFire Marshal Myers was absent.

President Bollendorf called the June 4, 2018 Committee Meeting to order at 7:00 PM.


PRESIDENT’S REPORT – President Bollendorf stated the Enterprise Fire Company Carnival was a great success. He also announced that the June Business Spotlight features Village Players and their latest play.

BOROUGH MANAGER’S REPORT – Manager Hegele stated that the Zoning Hearing Board met on Thursday, May 30th. The board listened to public comment and closed the record. The court reporter was given until June 14th to complete the latest transcript. Both parties have 30 days from that point to submit findings of face to the ZHB. The ZHB then has 45 days to render its decision. They have sent a date of August 29th to render their decision.

Manager Hegele stated she attended the Crooked Billet Resident meeting. She stated truck traffic in neighborhoods, dust/debirs, and the noise ordinance were discussed. She added that some residents have expressed worries about voting as Crooked Billet is a polling location. Manager Hegele also noted that some residents suggested Council changes the one-way streets in the area during construction. Chief Gardner stated the one-way restrictions are in place because of the school and does not see why they cannot be changed.

Manager Hegele stated PennDOT would like to start paving York Road in July. She is working with PennDOT with regard to the car show taking place during that time.

Manager Hegele stated crosswalk improvements will be performed at York Road and Moreland Avenue to make the intersection more pedestrian friendly.

Manager Hegele announced that the Planning Commission will be meeting on June 5 at 7PM in Borough Hall to continue its review of the Parking Overlay Ordinance.

Manager Hegele stated that herself and Mayor Guenst were interviewed by PBS about the recent racist flyers found in driveways and the new Human Relations Ordinance.

Manager Hegele read a list of new businesses opening in the Borough including Creative Inkling, a new clothing store, Painted Dreams, Whiskey Fox, Caliber Collision, a massage parlor, and various expansions of existing businesses. She noted that she has been told about progress with the CVS property as well.

PUBLIC WORKS REPORT – Superintendent Sine stated Public Works will be replacing the storm drain pipe on York Road beginning the week of June 11th. He noted that there will be temporary restrictions while work is taking place. He asked that motorists in the area be cautious as crews are working.

Superintendent Sine stated he met with the contractor who will be performing the micro resurfacing. He will have a cost per street analysis for Council once determined by the contractor. Superintendent Sine also noted that the Borough piggybacks off of Whitpain Township’s contract for this work and this item will be on the agenda for consideration

Superintendent Sine thanked Councilman Forgeng for the donation of oak trees. Superintendent Sine stated these trees will be planted in parks throughout the Borough.

POLICE DEPARTMENT REPORT – Chief Gardner stated the department completed their May and June 2018 Buckle-Up PA program for seatbelt and traffic enforcement. They completed 28 hours of enforcement for a total of $1,782 and 46 citations issued.

Chief Gardner thanked Enterprise and the Fire Police for their assistance during the carnival.

ENGINEER’S REPORT – Engineer Hyne stated the 2017 CDBG Curb Ramp Project is out to bid and that bids will be opened on June 20th. Engineer Hyne stated Remington & Vernick is working on the design for the Jacksonville and Montgomery Ave. railroad crossing. He also stated that they are finalizing the bid package for the 2018 Road Paving Program which is expected to be out to bid in the coming weeks.

SOLICITOR’S REPORT – Solicitor Geiser stated the Commuter Parking Ordinance has been advertised and will be ready for a vote at the next meeting. She stated the resolution for the Crooked Billet School project is completed and will be up for consideration later in the meeting. She also stated that there is a section of Pennsylvania Avenue that will have to be vacated since it is a paper street related to the project, and she is working actively to get it cleared up.

Lynne Everhart and John Hibbert of DEDC gave a presentation on the necessary improvements to the Loller Building. During this presentation they reviewed options for Fire Protection systems, Mechanical systems, electrical upgrades, architectural improvements, and HVAC systems. Mr. Hibbert reviewed architectural improvements that will correlate with historical guidelines and noted that because of the building’s historic nature, only certain materials can be used for the improvements. He noted that the windows are very expensive based on the materials required by law.

Lynne stated that Council has received a booklet containing all of the options discussed and that they can pick which options they desire for the project.

President Bollendorf stated that according to this information, the cheapest route would still cost almost two million dollars. He stated that he asked the DEDC to present this information so that residents can see the condition of Borough Hall and the improvements that need to be made as a part of this costly project.

Mayor Guenst asked when the report provided to Council was created. Lynne stated it was created a year and a half ago. Mayor Guenst asked if she had presented this information to previous Council. Lynne stated that they did not present to previous Council and that Manager Hegele contacted them to have them present to current Council since it was not previously done. Mayor Guenst asked if the previous Council President saw this report. Lynne stated that they only met with previous Manager Zollers and not Council.

Mayor Guenst asked how much the Borough paid for this report to be created. Lynn stated the Borough paid about $1,500 for the Fire Protection plan, $10,000 for the mechanical, electrical, plumbing plan, and $10,000 for the architectural plan.

President Bollendorf stated that the HVAC system in the building is hanging by a thread. Lynne stated that there are a lot of deficiencies in the current system which would be remedied during the project.

Mayor Guenst asked addressed the Loller bell experts in attendance. Lyn Magaha stated that the bell can move with a rope and have a hammer on the outside; however, the hammer must be raised. He stated that they are using $10,000 in grant funding to install speakers to chime in conjunction with the clock and that the bell itself will only be used during special occasions.

Mayor Guenst stated that the current windows are not the original and asked why they still need approval from the Historic Commission to deviate from the requirements. Mr. Hibbert stated that the building is on the national historic register, so they still have to ask. Mayor Guenst stated that the $400,000 quote for the replacement windows is extremely high. Lynne stated that these numbers are always conservative on the high side and that once the Historical Commission makes their decision, they can look at different manufacturers to bid windows. Mayor Guenst stated that Council did not know that there was a two million dollar expense just to get a functional HVAC system and was frustrated that this information was not presented to Council before.

Vice President Stockton asked if DEDC has any recommendations for the HVAC system based on their work with similar buildings. Lynne stated that she would recommend a VAV or fan units so there is a better control on the zoning of the system.

Councilwoman Benjamin asked if the report includes the yearly operating costs. Vice President Stockton replied, yes and they appear to range from $3,400 to $3,600. Councilwoman Benjamin asked if there was a prospective lifespan for the system. Lynne stated that the lifespan will be 15 to 22 years depending on the maintenance. Councilwoman Benjamin asked if DEDC has an estimated cost of maintenance. Lynne stated that the systems could be monitored and maintained by whomever the Borough contracts to perform the work and the cost will vary based on the company chosen.

Vice President Stockton asked whether or not Council should look into the sprinkler system option. Manager Hegele stated that she recommends they do because of safety of employees, the building itself, and the records inside of it. She also noted that this should be done for insurance purposes as well. Vice President Stockton asked if DVIT offered incentives to help pay for the system. Manager Hegele stated that simply having a fire suppression system will lower the Borough’s insurance costs in the long run. She noted that there is a lot of history in the building with regard to the architecture and the records.

Dave Shannon asked if the DEDC took into account the preservation and protection of the clock and the bell during the improvements to the building. Mr. Hibbert stated that yes, they have researched the previous structural work done on the building. He noted that they did not research the details as to what measures will be taken to preserve the clock during the improvements since they would be a part of the next phase; however, they did account for these measures in the budgetary section of the proposal. Mr. Hibbert stated they would like to sit down with everyone involved in the building to go over what should be performed.

Chief Gardner recommended simpler HVAC systems as opposed to more complicated controls. Lynne stated the proposed system will be a hybrid between commercial and residential and would function with zones.

President Bollendorf asked if there are any grants that the Borough could apply for to help offset the costs of the improvements. Manager Hegele stated that there are grants available; however, these grants have strict, tough requirements and are expensive. She and the engineer will research the grants and report back to Council.

Superintendent Sine stated that PECO offers incentives for efficient HVAC systems and asked whether DEDC would take these into account. Lynne stated they will look at the Borough’s PECO bills and determine what can be done.

Vice President Stockton stated that Council must make these improvements. Councilman Hegele agreed. President Bollendorf stated that the Audio/Visual improvements that were listed on this proposal will be performed in-house by Vice President Stockton.

– Councilman Forgeng stated Council was in receipt of the Enterprise Fire Company Expenditure list for the month of May in the amount of $7,902.59. This item was moved to the June 25, 2018 Council Meeting agenda for approval.

PURCHASE OF CRIME SCENE CAMERA KIT – Councilman Forgeng stated that Council is in receipt of an estimate for a Crime Scene Camera Kit in the amount of $3,699.87. Chief Gardner stated this kit was discussed during the capital budget meeting. He noted that officers currently use small digital cameras and that this camera kit will greatly aid the department.

Vice President Stockton asked if this was placed out to bid. Chief Gardner stated that the expense is below the bid threshold, so he did not bid it out.

This item was moved to the June 25, 2018 Council Meeting agenda for approval.

HRA PET CHIP SCANNER PRESENTATION – The Hatboro Residents Association presented Chief Gardner with a pet chip scanner that they purchased for the department. Chief Gardner, Mayor Guenst, and Council thanked the HRA for their kind donation.

– Vice President Stockton stated that Council held a Capital Budget Workshop on May 24th. He noted that the workshop went well and thanked Borough Staff for the hard work they put into gathering the information.

DIGITAL OUTREACH – Councilwoman Benjamin stated she had nothing on her agenda for the month of June.

– Manager Hegele stated that she and Superintendent Sine will be meeting with Mr. Tom Comitta on June 19th to review planning and design for the bathroom updates. She stated if anyone would like to attend, they are free to join.

2018 ROAD SEALING PROJECT – Manager Hegele stated that the Borough piggybacks off of Whitpain Township’s contract for the sealing. She stated that Council will need to vote to approve the work to be performed at a price that is not to exceed the consortium’s bid price. She added that she is working with Superintendent Sine and the engineers to determine a list of streets and noted that a figure of around $50,000 for 2018 road sealing was previously discussed. She stated that this work is typically performed over the summer in May, June, and July. Superintendent Sine noted that this year’s work is delayed due to a reworking of the contract.

This item was moved to the June 25, 2018 Council Meeting agenda for approval.

ENVIRONMENTAL AFFAIRS – Councilwoman Anzinger thanked Councilman Forgeng for his donation of oak trees for the Borough parks.

PARKING OVERLAY ORDINANCE UPDATE – Councilwoman Anzinger stated the Planning Commission and Montgomery County planners will be further discussing the Overlay Ordinance at their June 5th meeting.

PERMIT PARKING ORDINANCE UPDATE – Manager Hegele stated that the ordinance has been advertised, and staff is working on ordering permits, designing signage, and placing flyers on cars to notify people. Councilwoman Anzinger asked if Council can vote to approve the ordinance in June or if they should wait. Solicitor Geiser recommended Council votes in July to provide more notification time.

Charlie Hess, N. Penn St., asked if the proposed ordinance was on the Borough website. Solicitor Geiser stated yes, it is on the website, at the law library, in the paper, and is available for review at Borough Hall.

Councilwoman Anzinger stated that she will be looking into a sign and aesthetics ordinance in the coming months as well.

UPCOMING COMMUNITY EVENTS – Manager Hegele announced various community events in June including Hatboro Summer Nights, Pool Membership Days, and a County Hazardous Waste Event.

Main Street Manager gave a presentation to Council. This presentation included the reveal of a new Main Street Logo and new beautification measures he has been working on in the Borough.

Mr. Barth noted that he and realtor Glen Pew are actively working to show and sell the CVS property at 24 S. York. He noted they have met with numerous developers during this process. Glen Pew stated that a lot of developers look for incentives when coming to an area. Mayor Guenst stated that none of this information regarding incentives was presented to Council. She added that Council is very friendly and they can and should be approached if a developer is requiring incentives to purchase the property. Mr. Pew stated that a lot of developers want a conditional agreement where they can back out if they change their mind after a few years. President Bolledorf stated that the CVS property is a priority and asked Mr. Pew why he is saying there is an interested party yet will still be years before someone moves into the property. Mr. Pew noted that discussing terms takes a while. Mr. Barth stated that incentives should be issued with a strict timeline to ensure there is no delay in development. Mr. Barth added that there were no previous offers that they could bring to Council for the CVS property. President Bollendorf stated that Council is very open to incentives to encourage development and the revitalization of Main Street. Mr. Pew noted that the developer wants at least 24 months to decide whether they want to purchase the property, but haven’t made an offer. Councilman Forgeng asked if the Berlins would retain ownership of the property. Mr. Pew stated it is a possibility as he is encouraging them to play a role in the development. Mayor Guenst stated that developers interested must remember that there is a land development and governmental process that has to take place which can be very lengthy. Councilman Forgeng stated he would like to see something functional like housing or a mixed use development. Mayor Guenst agreed. President Bollendorf stated that Council is open to discussing incentives and working with developers when the time arises.

Mr. Barth also discussed provisions needed to permit outside dining throughout York Road, more unique signage, and various zoning changes for the commercial districts of the Borough.

President Bollendorf stated that Councilwoman Anzinger is researching an aesthetics ordinance that will include the required maintenance of facades and the properties.

Councilman Hegele asked site specific zoning was the same as spot-zoning. Mr. Barth stated these would be overlays that revert back once a tenant changes.

HATBORO HORSHMAM SCHOOL DISTRICT CROOKED BILLET SCHOOL PRELIMINARY/FINAL LAND DEVELOPMENT APPROVAL, RESOLUTION 18-13 – Solicitor Geiser stated she and Steve Walsh of Gilmore and Associates narrowed the list of waiver to 11 items. She noted there might be some changes down the road and that this resolution accounts for that possibility. This item was moved to the June 25, 2018 Council Meeting agenda for approval.

HUMAN RELATIONS COMMISSION MEMBERS – Councilman Rich stated that residents, property owners, and business owners who are interested in serving on the Human Relations Commission should submit a letter of interest to Manager Hegele before June 24th. He noted this is advertised on the Borough website.

COMCAST FRANCHISE RENEWAL AGREEMENT – Councilman Rich stated that this new agreement will be at the same rate as the previous agreement. Manager Hegele stated that Council is also in receipt of a proposal for a free residential service that could be used for the Library or another organization. Mayor Guenst stated that Village Players is also an option. This item was moved to the June 25, 2018 Council Meeting agenda for approval.

MASSAGE PARLOR MEMORANDUM – Solicitor Geiser researched areas in which the Borough can regulate Massage Parlors including hours of operation, licensing, window requirements, door locks, etc. She stated Council is in receipt of an example of Upper Southampton’s ordinance for reference. President Bollendorf stated he would like to see Council move swiftly.

Mayor Guenst asked if Council would look into placing security cameras throughout the town. President Bollendorf stated that yes, this can be done and that other municipalities do this already.

Councilwoman Anzinger asked if these provisions are meant to deter human trafficking. Mayor Guest stated yes.


The June 4, 2018 Committee Meeting of Borough Council was adjourned at 8:55 PM.


President Bollendorf called the June 4, 2018 Voting Meeting to order at 8:55 PM.

PUBLIC COMMENT – VOTING ITEMS ONLYManager Hegele thanked the Hatboro Horsham School District team for their hard work and assistance throughout the entire process.


RESOLUTION 18-13: HATBORO HORSHAM SCHOOL DISTRICT CROOKED BILLET SCHOOL PRELIMINARY/FINAL LAND DEVELOPMENT APPROVAL – Vice President Stockton motioned to approve Resolution 18-13 for the Hatboro Horsham School District Crooked Billet School Preliminary/Final Land Development. Motion was seconded by Councilman Hegele, all ayes. Motion carried 7-0.

Solicitor Geiser noted that she is working on the street vacation and should have it ready for Council’s consideration soon.


The June 4, 2018 Voting Meeting of Borough Council was adjourned at 8:58 PM.

Respectfully submitted,
Deena DeRenzis
Assistant Borough Secretary

Transcribed by Assistant Borough Secretary DeRenzis