March 11, 2019 Committee Meeting Minutes

President Bollendorf, Vice President Stockton, Councilwoman Benjamin, Councilman Forgeng, Councilman Rich, Councilwoman Anzinger, Mayor Guenst, Manager Hegele, Assistant Borough Secretary DeRenzis, Superintendent Sine, Chief Gardner, Fire Marshal Myers, Treasurer Zollers, Engineer Goff, and Solicitor Geiser were present.

ABSENT – Councilman Hegele and Fire Company President Mount were absent.



PUBLIC HEARING FOR PROPOSED TRANSFER OF RESTAURANT LIQUOR LICENSE NO. CC-408 TO 18-20 EAST MORELAND AVENUE – A public hearing was held for the proposed transfer of Restaurant Liquor License No. CC-408 to 18-20 E. Moreland Avenue for the Moose Lodge at 7:00 PM. Property owner Robert Wipplinger and Bill Dougherty from the Moose Lodge were present and a court reporter was present to document the proceedings.

RESOLUTION 19-08: TRANSFER OF RESTAURANT LIQUOR LICENSE NO. CC-408 TO 18-20 EAST MORELAND AVENUE – Vice President Stockton motioned to approve Resolution 19-08 to transfer restaurant liquor license no. CC-408 to East Moreland Avenue. Motion was seconded by Councilwoman Anzinger, all ayes. Motion carried 6-0.

ADJOURNMENT – President Bollendorf adjourned the public hearing for the transfer of liquor license at 7:07 PM.

CALL TO ORDER – President Bollendorf called the March 11, 2019 Committee Meeting to order at 7:07 PM.

PUBLIC COMMENT – President Bollendorf reviewed the Public Comment Policy on the back of the agendas with regard to addressing Council and Time Allotment.


MAYOR’S REPORT – Mayor Guenst did not have a report for this evening.

PRESIDENT’S REPORT – President Bollendorf stated that the Parking Commission met on March 6, 2019 and had Superintendent Sine give a guest presentation. He stated that the commission went over details about parking and that the commission will be coming to council with recommendations for signage, paving, and lighting improvements. President Bollendorf also stated that the Commission is also looking at extending the boundaries for the Commuter Parking Ordinance and addressing the parking needs for the Memorial Pool in Memorial Park.

MANAGER’S REPORT – Manager Hegele stated that Council held an executive session prior to the meeting to discuss a personnel issue. Manager Hegele stated that she received the event request forms from Crooked Billet School and Pennypack Elementary School for their annual Pool Days. She stated that Crooked Billet is tentatively set for June 13, 2019 and Pennypack is tentatively set for June 11, 2019. She stated she is working with the pool manager on scheduling and determining rain dates for the events. Manager Hegele stated that she has still not received event requests for the YMCA despite their desire to use to pool during the 2019 season.

Manager Hegele reminded community organizations that submissions for the Spring/Summer newsletter are due to Borough Hall by March 15, 2019.

Manager Hegele announced that Restaurant Days will be held March 15-17.

Manager Hegele stated that staff is continuously working on the Fire House Grant reimbursement and hopes to have further information for Council later in the month.

Manager Hegele stated that Council will be discussing a sidewalk maintenance agreement later in the evening for the Warminster Road bridge. She stated she has invited PennDOT to attend the March 25, 2019 Council Meeting for a Q&A about the project, detours, stormwater maintenance, and maintenance agreement. She noted she will let Council know when PennDOT confirms.

Manager Hegele thanked Public Works for their work during the last snow storm.

President Bollendorf asked how many events the YMCA has per pool season. Manager Hegele stated they typically hold 3 meets during the summer; however, last year there were only two.

President Bollendorf stated that Council should definitely meet with PennDOT prior to voting on the Warminster Road sidewalk maintenance agreement. Chief Gardner stated that there is a lot of truck traffic on Warminster Road which will need to be considered with the bridge closure. Manager Hegele stated that PennDOT was supposed to present to Council prior to signing the sidewalk agreement; however, they changed their mind. Mayor Guenst asked if there were any engineering drawings or plans for detours. Chief Gardner stated he has seen some plans and the detours proposed routing trucks down Byberry Road which would not be ideal. He also added that County Line Road and Blair Mill Road would be more logical. Chief Gardner stated that this project is scheduled for a tentative 2020 start date. President Bollendorf stated Staff should meet with Provident Marketing on Warminster Road when determining possible detours for the project. President Bollendorf stated the Sidewalk Maintenance Agreement will be tabled until after PennDOT can meet with Council.

PUBLIC WORKS REPORT – Superintendent Sine stated Public Works is beginning the transition into their aggressive spring schedule. He noted that the street sweeper will begin its rounds soon as will pool upgrade work in preparation of the 2019 season.

Superintendent Sine announced that the mulch bin has been relocated from Eaton Park and now resides in Memorial Park off of W. Monument Avenue. He noted that more mulch will be available as spring approaches. President Bollendorf stated that the mulch bin was moved out of Eaton Park to fee up parking spaces to be used for the Pool and visitors of Eaton. Superintendent Sine added that the Borough will advertise when more mulch is available on the website and facebook page.

CHIEF OF POLICE REPORT – Chief Gardner stated that the Hatboro Police Department will soon have a new accreditation manager, Lee Benson from Upper Dublin Township Police Department. Chief Gardner stated Mr. Benson is a good choice with an impressive resume and will help get the accreditation process back on track. Chief Gardner stated that the terms with Mr. Benson will have the same terms and conditions as the previous accreditation manager and that the department has $15,000 in capital funds and another $15,000 in operating funds for 2019 to use toward the accreditation process and that this funding is expected to get the department to the assessment phase in early 2020 or 2021.

FIRE MARSHAL REPORT – Fire Marshal Myers stated that Borough Council, Mayor Guenst, Chief Gardner, and Manager Hegele hosted an event at Moreland Towers to go over safety.Fire Marshal Myers stated that he attended a cub scouts meeting as well to go over fire safety and fire education.

Fire Marshal Myers stated that the Fire Company recently addressed dispatching issues that were affecting how the addresses appeared when dispatched. He noted that these issues were addressed by the County.

Fire Marshal Myers stated that spring time is right around the corner and reminded residents to maintain their properties and ensure grass is cut throughout the summer.

Fire Marshal Myers stated that the Emergency Management Team will also be holding a tabletop drill on March 26, 2019.

FIRE COMPANY PRESIDENT REPORT – Fire Company President Mount was absent.

ENGINEER’S REPORT – Engineer Goff stated that RVE is working on addressing the comments for the Borough’s MS4 plan. She stated that RVE is also working on the trail design, plans, and safety study for the Corinthian Trail Project. Engineer Goff stated that RVE has also worked on grant applications with Borough Staff for projects in the Loller building, Miller Meadow, and Celano Park.

SOLICITOR’S REPORT – Solicitor Geiser stated that her offices have been working on a number of items including the inter-municipal transfer of liquor license that took place tonight. She stated that she has also worked on the Conditional Use text amendment to the zoning code that will be up for consideration at the March 25, 2019 Council Meeting. She stated, if applicable, there will also be a Conditional Use Hearing on March 25th submitted by 451 Oakdale Avenue.

Solicitor Geiser stated that since Pennsylvania legalized medical marijuana in 2016, the state requires municipalities to permit dispensaries/growing processing plants to be allowed somewhere in their jurisdiction. She noted that if an ordinance regulating permitted locations is not in place, it opens the doors for these facilities to essentially open anywhere. Solicitor Geiser stated that she and staff have been researching possible ordinances and have given council an option from a municipality in the area to review.

Councilman Forgeng stated that Council is in receipt of the Enterprise Fire Company Expenditure List for the month of February in the amount of $15,211.10. This item was moved to the March 25, 2019 Council Meeting Agenda for consideration.


DIGITAL OUTREACH COMMITTEE – Councilwoman Benjamin announced that credit card payments are now being accepted as payment for taxes. She also stated that credit card payments will be accepted for pool membership sales beginning this year. Vice President Stockton noted that the Borough and the Tax Collector had to create two new accounts for the Municipay service in order to begin accepting these payments due to Pennsylvania Budget Law.

EATON PARK SIGNAGE – Superintendent Sine stated that Council wanted to standardize the Borough’s Parks signage. He stated that this proposed sign for Eaton Park matches the one previously placed in Celano Park and will cost $2,880. He stated that the funding source for this sign will be the Parks & Recreation Fund. Mayor Guenst asked if Eaton Memorial Park was the official name for the Park. Superintendent Sine stated he found plans from when Eaton Park was established and the official name is Eaton Memorial Park. This item was moved to the March 25, 2019 Council Meeting Agenda for consideration.

SALE OF 2010 FORD CROWN VICTORIA ON MUNICIBID – Superintendent Sine stated that this 2010 Crown Victoria began at the Police Department and was then moved to the Codes Department. Superintendent Sine stated he would like to retire this vehicle and sell it on Municibid as it has outlived its use to the Borough. He also noted that the Admin department now has another retired police SUV as its vehicle in place of the 2010 Crown Vic. This item was moved to the March 25, 2019 Council Meeting Agenda for consideration.

PURCHASE OF ROCK THEME KIDDY SLIDE FOR MEMORIAL POOL – Councilwoman Anzinger stated that Superintendent Sine has researched a kiddy rock slide for the pool; however, the slide may not be installed for this season. Superintendent Sine concurred, stating that because this slide will be placed in the zero-entry side of the pool, the manufacturer requires sloping and pitching measurements. Superintendent Sine stated that he cannot obtain these measurements until the pool is uncovered for the season. He stated that the manufacturing of the slide could take up to 12 weeks following their receipt of the measurements, so it’s not likely that the slide will be ready this season.

Councilwoman Anzinger stated that this slide costs $11,383.00 including freight charges. President Bollendorf stated this was one of the improvements to the Memorial Pool as determined by the Pool Committee.

This item was moved to the March 25, 2019 Council Meeting Agenda for consideration.

NEW RECYCLING TRUCK UPDATE – Superintendent Sine stated that production of the chassis for the new recycling truck is scheduled for early August instead of September. He stated he is expecting to have the body installed and on the road by early September.

ENVIRONMENTAL AFFAIRS COMMITTEE – Councilwoman Anzinger stated she continues to research an environmental advisory board for the Borough.

DOWNTOWN DEVELOPMENT COMMITTEE – There was nothing on the Downtown Development Agenda for the evening.

AMENDMENT TO ZONING ORDINANCE – MEDICAL MARIJUANA – Councilman Rich stated that as discussed by Solicitor Geiser, Council will have to consider an ordinance allowing medical marijuana dispensaries/growing processing plants in specific locations within the Borough. This item was moved to the March 25, 2019 Council Meeting Agenda for consideration.

2019 MEMORIAL POOL FEES – Councilman Rich reviewed the list of the proposed 2019 Memorial Pool Fees. He stated that resident rates are not increasing from 2018 and that non-resident rates are increasing $5.00 each from the 2018 rates. This item was moved to the March 25, 2019 Council Meeting Agenda for consideration.

WARMINSTER ROAD BRIDGE SIDEWALK MAINTENANCE AGREEMENT – This item was tabled until Borough Council speaks with PennDOT.

CDBG PROJECT – Manager Hegele stated that the Borough is applying for a CDBG grant for road work and a bump out at the intersection of Windsor, Meadowbrook, and Lancaster. She noted these intersection improvements came up during the Borough’s Steering Committee meetings. She stated these improvements will increase safety, improve stormwater management, and create open space for residents to enjoy. This item was moved to the March 25, 2019 Council Meeting Agenda for consideration.

ORDINANCE NO. 1055: AMENDMENT TO CHAPTER 27, PART 15 – PROVISIONS OF THE HI-MU HEAVY INDUSTRIAL MIXED USE ZONING DISTRICT – Vice President Stockton stated that as Solicitor Geiser noted, Council will be considering Ordinance 1055, amending chapter 27, part 15 – provisions of the HI-MU heavy industrial mixed use zoning district at the March 25, 2019 Council Meeting. This item was moved to the March 25, 2019 Council Meeting Agenda for consideration.

ANNOUNCEMENT: CONDITIONAL USE APPLICATION – 451 OAKDALE AVENUE, RE-DEFINED LLP – Vice President Stockton stated that Council is in receipt of a conditional use application submitted by 451 Oakdale Avenue requesting the sale of art and homegoods and a small café space in an existing industrial use. He stated this hearing will take place on March 25, 2019 at 7:00 PM prior to the Borough Council Meeting.

SHADE TREE APPOINTMENT: ASHLEY BIANCHIMANO – Vice President Stockton stated Council met with resident Ashely Bianchimano. He noted she has a great resume and was extremely interested. This item was moved to the March 25, 2019 Council Meeting Agenda for consideration.

EATON PARK LANDSCAPING OPTIONS – Engineer Goff delivered a presentation on vegetation options for the Eaton Park Streambank Restoration and Stabilization Project. Engineer Goff provided Council with a packet of photos provided by RVE’s landscape architect. Engineer Goff stated that herbaceous plants are smaller, provide easier access to the stream, and knit the soil together; however, they can create an unkempt look. Engineer Goff stated that taller plants require less maintenance, are better overall for the ecosystem, provide more shade; however make accessing the stream more difficult. Engineer Goff stated that Council can choose a mix of the two types as well. Engineer Goff noted this project will create a 30 ft. buffer from the creek in which will contain this vegetation. Councilwoman Anzinger asked if the streambank is losing a lot of ground to create the 2-1 slope for the streambank. Engineer Goff stated she is unsure of the exact measurement, but will find out.

Ed Henry, Bonair Ave. stated that anything that can be done to stabilize the streambanks is a plus and that it will also help with wildlife in the area.

Councilman Forgeng asked if this stabilization will occur on both sides of the creek. Engineer Goff stated yes and that there is a small area that overlaps Upper Moreland Township. She noted that she, Superintendent Sine, and Assistant Borough Secretary DeRenzis met with Upper Moreland Township to see if they would be interested in participating in getting involved in this project and stated that they are. Engineer Goff stated there is a 15% match for this grant and that Upper Moreland will be contributing funding if they do get involved.

Councilwoman Anzinger stated she prefers the taller plants because they root faster. Engineer Goff agreed that she believes the taller plants will do a better job.

Ron Battis, W. Moreland Avenue stated that most of the stream resides in Upper Moreland Township and that Hatboro only owns half of the creekbank. Mr. Battis asked if RVE’s survey determined that Hatboro owns part of the creek on the Upper Moreland Side. Engineer Goff stated yes, that 730 feet in length along the centerline of the creek belongs to Hatboro. She noted that part of one side of the stream is in Upper Moreland. Mr. Battis stated that she is talking about the length of the stream and asked for the width of the stream that Hatboro owns and insisted that Hatboro only owns one side of the streambank. Mayor Guenst stated that 730 feet of the streambank including both sides of the bank is in Hatboro and only a small portion of the bank that is in Upper Moreland.

Mr. Battis stated that when the designation of the creek took place, Hatboro only owned half of the stream and Upper Moreland owned the other half. He stated that the streambank was only Upper Moreland and stated he does not think Engineer Goff is correct. He encouraged Engineer Goff and RVE to look at blueprints for the stream to determine the dividing line between Hatboro and Upper Moreland. He stated that Hatboro only has an island of the creek now. President Bollendorf asked if RVE performed a survey. Engineer Goff stated yes and that she will send a copy to Council. Mr. Battis stated the surveyors did not know what they were looking at because the surveyors kept telling him they were in Hatfield, not Hatboro. He also stated that since Upper Moreland owns more of the creek, they should pay more for the project than Hatboro. Mr. Battis noted that Eaton Park boundaries are not as clear as the Memorial Pool creek boundaries and emphasized that RVE should re-do the survey to determine the proper boundaries. Mr. Battis also stated that Upper Moreland should pay for half of the project because they own half of the creek.


ADJOURNMENT – President Bollendorf adjourned the March 11, 2019 Committee Meeting at 7:45 PM.

Respectfully submitted,
Deena DeRenzis
Assistant Borough Secretary

Transcribed by Deena DeRenzis