New Recycling Bin Deliveries

Beginning Tuesday, November 12th, Public Works is beginning to hand out new recycling bins to addresses with Tuesday Recycling pickup. Each bin will be dropped off at residences/businesses as the recycling is collected. Inside each bin will be Hatboro’s new recycling brochure that will contain information on what can and can’t be recycled as well as information on the DEP 902 Recycling Grant that allowed us to obtain these recycling bins and our new recycling truck.

All other recycling bins will be distributed on the residence’s/business’s regular recycling day. Because Tuesday is a large collection area, there may be some locations with a Tuesday pickup date that will receive their bin Wednesday, November 13th. Please note, only locations who receive recycling collection services from the Borough will be receiving a new recycling bin.

If you do not receive a recycling bin for your home/business on your regular recycling day by the end of this week (or Monday, 11/18 for those with a Monday collection), please call Borough Hall at 215-443-9100. Staff will add you to a list of locations who did not receive a bin and these bins will be delivered once the initial distribution of bins is completed.

Please note, you are not required to use these new recycling bins. If you would like to continue using your own recycling bin, please feel free to do so. If you would like to get rid of your old recycling bin, please place it out on the curb for collection with a note asking Public Works to remove it. If the old bin is made of plastic numbers 1-7, it can be recycled and will be collected accordingly.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact Borough Hall at 215-443-9100.