October 11, 2021 Committee Meeting Minutes

PRESENT – President Bollendorf, Vice President Stockton, Councilwoman Anzinger, Councilwoman Benjamin, Councilwoman McMenamin, Councilwoman Reichner, Councilwoman Ostrander, Mayor Schultz, Manager Hegele, Assistant Secretary DeRenzis, Chief Gardner, Sgt. Ruegg, Superintendent Frydlewicz, Deputy Superintendent Dermer, Solicitor Geiser, Engineer Goff, and Borough Planner Kennedy were present.

ABSENT – There was no one absent.

CALL TO ORDER – President Bollendorf called the October 11, 2021 Committee Meeting to order at 7:00 P.M.

MEETING NOTES – President Bollendorf reviewed the Public Comment Policy on the back of the agenda with regards to addressing Council and time allotment.

PUBLIC COMMENT – There was no public comment.

Public Safety Committee

  • ENTERPRISE FIRE COMPANY EXPENDITURE LIST – Councilwoman Ostrander stated that the Enterprise Fire Company Expenditure List for the Month of September 2021 is $ 8,908.35. This item was moved to the October 25, 2021 Council Meeting Agenda for approval.
  • FIRE COMPANY CAPITAL EXPENDITURE LIST – Councilwoman Ostrander stated that the Fire Company Capital Expenditure List for the month of September 2021 is $ 1,559.35. This item was.4h moved to the October 25, 2021 Council Meeting Agenda for approval.
  • TORNADO SIREN – Councilwoman Ostrander stated that this item was mentioned at last month’s meeting and staff was asked to add this to the agenda for October. Chief Gardner stated last week he reached out to the vendor, Federal Signal and the company referred him elsewhere, and they have not gotten back to him yet. He also stated that there is grant funding available for one as they cost about $ 50,000.00. manager Hegele stated she has a call with Congresswoman Dean’s office, and she will ask about those options for that and will let update Council.
  • POLICE COPIER LEASE – Councilwoman Ostrander stated that during the budget process this year, it was discussed about expenses incurred by the PD for printing since they do not have a copier. Borough Staff reached out to our copier company and were able to lease a copier for the PD which will be more cost effective than using desktop printers. This item was moved to the October 25, 2021 Council meeting Agenda for approval.

2) Finance/Grants Committee

  • UNION LIBRARY EXPENDITURE LIST – Vice President Stockton stated the Union Library Expenditure List for the month of August 2021 is $ 16,625.20. This item was moved to the October 25, 2021 Council meeting Agenda for approval.
  • STORMWATER PROJECTS – Vice President Stockton stated that Borough staff has been meeting with and compiling a list of potential stormwater projects in the Borough and the ARPA funding received can be used for stormwater projects. He also stated that the list includes projects on Linden, Manor, W. Lehman, Wood, Penn, and a few others and if Council desires, staff can prepare a recommendation and then a priority list for council to review, discuss and then give to engineer. President Bollendorf asked Engineer Goff to prepare an estimate for these projects. This item was moved to the October 25, 2021 Council meeting agenda for approval.
  • TRAFFIC IMPACT FEE – Vice President Stockton stated with the possibility of future development in the Borough, staff has been investigating fees that other municipalities collect during the development process. He also stated the Solicitor has been doing some research on this and other fees. Solicitor Geiser stated that the issue right now is whether it would be cost effective for the Borough to implement a traffic impact fee because there are several studies that have to be done in addition to an ordinance and a resolution and she reached out to the Borough Engineer last week who is talking with her colleagues at RVE that have recently done this in a Borough this size if it makes sense financially for the Borough to go forward with this. President Bollendorf stated that they do not want to spend more than the Borough gets back.
  • BONAIR, N. PENN, MONUMENT PLAN PRESENTATION – Engineer Goff gave a presentation on the Bonair, N. Penn, and E. Monument Intersection Project. She stated that she has been working on this project which was funded by the 2040Grant and she has had several meetings with residents and at the last meeting they had, they offered some recommendations. She also stated that one of the recommendations was to widen the section of road along E. Monument and she wanted to ask Council the feasibility of widening it. She also stated their other recommendation is to include raised crosswalks in the design and to include other traffic calming measures such as a flashing stop sign. Chief Gardner stated that if they are narrower, you might have better traffic calming measures and Engineer Goff stated that in general if you are narrower you will glow slower, and it’s already narrow there as she believes it is less than 17 feet but the resident who lives on the corner prefers it to be wider.
    Tricia Pizzo, 38 E. Monument Avenue, stated that stop sign on E. Monument faces her house and she is concerned the flashing sign will affect her and she asked if the intersection by her property was going to butt out making the intersection even more narrow.

    Kevin Lavery, 200 N. Penn Street, showed on the diagram that on paper, the intersection can fit two vehicles but the reality of it is two vehicles cannot fit and if it is bumped out too much, it will make it even tighter. He also stated that no one stops at the stop sign there as motorists cut through from York to get to the train station and bumping it out, cars tend to go the other way.

    Chief Gardner stated that even though you stop at that stop sign, you tend to roll through slowly in order to see what is coming and yield signs help but Councilwoman Anzinger thinks there is too much pedestrian traffic for a yield sign and asked Engineer Goff is there any room for a small median in the middle that would designate which lane is which. Chief Gardner stated that he has done speed studies on N. Penn Street and the average speed was 14 MPH and speed bumps were not necessary and there are pros and cons regarding those.
    Ed Henry, 238 Bonair Avenue, sated there is no stop sign by the Engineering business and that the employees speed out of their parking lot as there is no stop sign there. Chief Garner stated that they are required to stop, and Mr. Henry stated that they do not, and he would be in favor of a double stop sign. Chief Gardner asked the purpose of this project and Engineer Goff stated that it is for traffic calming. Chief Gardner stated that he has done studies all over Hatboro and while he is not seeing the speed residents are talking about, he stated that it is a weird intersection.

    Ken Bishop, 40 E. Monument Avenue, stated his opinion regarding the cost effectiveness of this, he would like to see speed tables instead of speed bumps as it would be wider, and you would have to slow down.

    Ms. Pizzo stated she wondered why we were cutting two trees down. Engineer Goff stated that in order to install the sidewalks, the tree would die if you dig too close and one of the trees is in the proposed location of the SW and it is also to accommodate the sidewalks.

    President Bollendorf stated there has been some complaints from residents who want sidewalks and that we will have a town hall regarding that.

    Kim Branco, 210 N. Penn Street, stated that she has been here 28 years, and when her a Mr. Lavery’s kids were young, they asked for help regarding this problem and now Council wants to do something now that their kids are grown and just because one neighbor moves in and is adamant about sidewalks, they are going to do it and she doesn’t want them. She also stated that she thinks it is dumb to spend the money and President Bollendorf stated that this is grant money and the Borough has two years to complete the project or they lose the money, and it has to be completed by Summer 2022. She stated that earlier she saw the bus couldn’t get through and doesn’t think they will be able to widen that street.

    Vice President Stockton asked if only one person could speak as it makes it easier for Council to hear what everyone is saying.

    Mr. Lavery asked if ADA ramps were required to put in as it seems it is the bridge to nowhere and if you put raised sidewalk in the area, he doesn’t understand how they are supposed to get up the ramp in a wheelchair. Engineer Goff stated if you put in raised sidewalks, it has to and will be ADA compliant and as far as sidewalks outside this extension, no plans are set right now. Mr. Lavery asked if the sidewalks go in, who is responsible for maintaining the greenery and the sidewalks. Engineer Goff stated that according to borough Ordinance, any sidewalk adjacent to a property is the property owner’s responsibility.

    Vice President Stockton stated he was part of the Comp plan and stated this project will make it easier to walk in this area. He also stated that this plan is not just sidewalks, and that part of the point of this plan is to narrow the roadway so that cars will slow down for pedestrians.

    Mr. Henry stated he feels if sidewalks are to be put it, they should go all the way up to Meadowbrook or it will not work.

    Chief Gardner stated according to his speed study and Penndot requirements, speed bumps or tables are not necessary but other things can be done such as additional signage. He also stated that it is difficult to enforce speed on backstreets and he stated that raised cross walks are justified here.

    Wayne Parker, 233 N. Penn Street stated that the reason it is a dangerous intersection is because no one ever stops at the stop sign.

    Valentino Smirnov, 201 N. Penn Street, he stated that he understands the purpose of the project but that the one ramp is pointed at his house and they will go right up his front steps without the sidewalks going all the way up to Meadowbrook. He also stated that he thinks the raised bumps would help and maybe making it one way so that no one cuts through to the train station. Chief Gardner stated motorists will find another way to cut through and this happens all over the Borough.

    Vice President Stockton stated that the purpose of this project is to calm traffic by narrowing the road and he is not opposed to looking into no sidewalks.

    Councilwoman McMenamin stated she thinks we should take a look at the scope of the project and possibly reconfigure it and then present it again. Manager Hegele stated she will have Engineer get more pictures and information and she will come back with a different presentation.

  • CORINTHIAN TRAIL PROJECT PAYMENT #2 – Vice President Stockton stated Remington & Vernick Engineers (RVE) has enclosed a copy of Estimate #2 for the Corinthian Trail Project and the PennDOT inspection consultant has reviewed the quantities and construction improvements. He also stated that RVE recommends payment to Marino Construction in the amount of $47,357.07. This item was moved to the October 25, 2021 Council meeting Agenda for approval with the condition work that was stopped resumes.Ron Battis, 317 W. Moreland Avenue stated at the end of the trail, it is blocked off intentionally by the contractor with a huge pile of dirt. Manager Hegele stated that because this is a federal grant, inspections are required, and an inspector is on site every day for this project and that there was an issue at the end of the trail he is speaking about and was using the private road and had to block that off because it is not public right of way where people were going.
  • BUDGET UPDATE – Vice president Stockton stated the Finance Committee has met with the Police, Public Works and Parks Committee and this week they will meet with Administration staff to complete the department expenditures and revenues portion of the budget. He also stated that a budget workshop will be held (need to determine date) to review the draft budget with preliminary adoption scheduled for November.

3) Community Outreach & Events Committee

  • BUSINESS SPOTLIGHT – ALENCON SYSTEMS – Councilwoman Reichner stated Alencon Systems, located at 330 S. Warminster road in Station Park is the October Business Spotlight.
  • NEW BUSINESSES – Councilwoman Reichner stated Hatboro Smoke Shop located at 11 S. York Road and Dollar General located at 317 S. York Road are the new businesses in October.
  • EVENTS – Councilwoman Reichner announced the events for October.
  • FRIENDS OF CRESSBROOK TAX EXEMPT STATUS – Councilwoman Reichner stated the Solicitor has been asked to prepare tax exempt status for FOC. The committee will be having their second meeting in October and they have been tasked at looking to find a 7th member for fundraising as well as a recommendation on decorating the house for the holidays. The Committee will also need to have an election to seat a board for FOC. This item was moved to the October 25, 2021 Council meeting Agenda for approval.
  • SURVEY OF CRESSBROOK PROPERTY – Councilwoman Reichner stated the property also needs to be surveyed and Council will need to discuss as Borough funds will be used to pay for the survey since the Borough owns the property. She also stated it is her recommendation that a survey be done as this will benefit the Borough for future use and for grant opportunities. This item was moved to the October 25, 2021 Council meeting Agenda for approval.
  • HISTORIC COMMISSION UPDATE – Councilwoman Reichner stated that Bill Thompkins presented the HC spreadsheet for the property registry and why each property meets the criteria. She also stated that it was decided at the meeting the HC would review 5 properties each month, and the first 5 would be Cressbrook, Tannery, Borough Hall, Library & Ye Olde Fire House and by doing the Library and Borough owned buildings first the HC felt it would help the HC, staff and public navigate the process and see how it will work. She also stated that the HC discussed the time capsule at Crooked Billet, Pennypack and Eaton Park and the HC would like to keep on the radar doing another one and where it would go and Manager Hegele was going to see if she could locate minutes from 1861, however upon checking Borough Hall today we only have minutes back to 1897. She also stated that the HC is having a Hatboro Haunted Historical Tour on 1-/23 at 7 PM and 8 PM and they stated they are working with the COC on promoting and need help. Borough Staff will assist with promoting now to get the word out and will also send an email to the events committee to see if anyone is interested in helping them. She also stated their next meeting will be a joint meeting with Millbrook at the Baptist Church on November 3rd at 7:00 PM.
  • HALLOWEEN HOUSE DECORATING CONTEST – Councilwoman Reichner announced the Borough wide Halloween Decoration Contest to win prizes, and anyone interested can register on the Borough’s website at http://www.myhatboro.org.
  • MY HATBORO APP DEMO – Assistant Secretary DeRenzis gave a presentation/demo on the MyHatboro App.

4) Public Works Committee

  • SALE OF TAILGATES ON MUNICIBID – Councilwoman Benjamin stated that Public Works would like to sell two tailgates on Municibid that were from pickup trucks that had liftgates installed on them when originally purchased as these tailgates have been sitting taking up space for a few years. This item was moved to the October 25, 2021 Council meeting Agenda for approval.
  • PENNDOT TRAFFIC MAINTENANCE AGREEMENT –Manager Hegele stated in accordance with state law and regulations, municipalities are responsible to maintain traffic signals in their jurisdiction, regardless of road ownership. The term “traffic signal” describes all power-operated traffic control devices by which traffic is warned or directed to take some specific action, including the following: Traffic control signals (also known as “red-yellow-green” traffic signals) Flashing beacons (also known as flashing warning devices), including warning beacons, stop beacons, intersection control beacons, school zone speed limit beacons, and rectangular rapid flashing beacons, Emergency vehicle access signals, Lane-use control signals, Ramp metering signals, and In-roadway lights. Municipalities are encouraged to execute a TSMA covering all signals in the municipality as soon as possible to ensure timely permit issuance.
  • SHREDDING/ELECTRONICS RECYCLING EVENT – Councilwoman Benjamin stated this event has been postponed and the date is TBD.Councilwoman Anzinger stated that the EAC met this month and discussed the following:
    Miller Meadow Park Project – specifically lighting and plantings in preparation of the Wawa Development
    Lighting at Borough Hall – Member Nuss would like lights turned off at Borough Hall due to bird strikes, Lighting at Cressbrook Barn – Member Nuss would like lights turned off at this location, Lighting Review of Borough Buildings, EAC would like to be involved in review of lighting upgrades at all Borough facilities, Request for engineer to do light meter reading at Miller Meadow to use as a gage in preparation of possible light pollution from the new Wawa, Requested Deer Crossing Signs installed on Horsham Road, Use of pesticides at Aqua facilities throughout the Borough, Removal of mugwort at Borough Hall and in Miller Meadow, Establishing an ordinance review schedule by the EAC, Swan in Miller Meadow, and Solar in the Borough.

5) Parks/Environmental

  • REPLACEMENT OF EATON PARK ROCK VANES – Councilwoman Anzinger stated that Eaton Park Streambank suffered damages resulting from flooding from the hurricane on September 1st and as per Engineer Goff’s memo, the rock vanes are embedded in the ground and no additional maintenance is required.
    Ron Battis, 317 W. Moreland Avenue, stated the Riparian Buffer in Eaton needs to be repaired and that he thinks stone would be more effective and cheaper than plants. Councilwoman Anzinger stated plants are cheaper and once rooted do a much better job than stone.

6) Administration Committee

  • FLOODPLAIN DISTRICT ORDINANCE – Councilwoman McMenamin stated that Borough Planner Kennedy is here tonight to explain this. Borough Planner Kennedy stated that he was asked to look at the existing Floodplain ordinance which is part of the zoning ordinance and the majority of the ordinance is standardized throughout the state but there are some elements of the ordinance that should be updated. He stated that his recommendation is to have permitted and prohibited uses in the ordinance as it does not currently. This item was moved to the October 25, 2021 Council Meeting Agenda for approval for staff to research.
  • ZONING ORDINANCE UPDATE (TOWN CENTER CORE/TOWN CENTER GENERAL DISTRICTS) – Councilwoman McMenamin stated that they have their first zoning ordinance draft form the zoning subcommittee and stated that a good job was done by all. She also stated that focus was put on Town Center Core and general first and will branch out to bigger sections as soon as they look at all zoning in Hatboro to “tighten it up”. Manager Hegele stated that this will be on the November Agenda.Mr. Battis asked if the developer for the former CVS building will give a presentation and Manager Hegele stated that he will and he also will be at the Planning Commission meeting tomorrow night.
  • BOROUGH HALL WINDOW INSTALLATION – Councilwoman McMenamin stated that while the HVAC project is in process, staff felt it was the right time to begin preparing bid documents and putting out to bid the Window Project, with the expectation that work could start once the HVAC work is done and while we are already out of the building. She also stated that the funding for this project was already approved by the Authority. This item was moved to the October 25, 2021 Council Meeting Agenda for approval.
  • MEETING ANNOUNCEMENTS – Councilwoman McMenamin announced the meeting dates for November 2021.

OLD BUSINESS AND UPDATES – There was no old business or updates.

PUBLIC COMMENT – Corey McMenamin, 437 Madison Avenue, stated that the pedestrian box at York and Moreland hasn’t been working for months. Superintendent Frydlewicz stated they will look at it tomorrow.
ADJOURNMENT – President Bollendorf adjourned the October 11, 2021 Committee Meeting at 9:06 P.M.

Respectfully submitted by:
Diane C. Hegele, Borough Manager
Transcribed by Cindy Bollendorf