Residents Can Now Recycle Clothing And Electronics Via Retrievr

The Borough of Hatboro is happy to announce that residents can now recycle clothing and electronics via the service Retrievr. Retrievr recently partnered with Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, allowing residents throughout the County to utilize their service.

Retrievr is a recycling service that will pick up unwanted clothing and electronics from your door. Residents can visit or text PICKUP to 757-70-FETCH. Tell Retrievr what items you would like to get picked up and then place the items outside your door for pickup.

Retrievr collects all clothing and small electronics for free. For a complete list of all items collected via Retrievr and any associated fees, please visit the FAQ at

Please note, residents are not obligated to use Retrievr; however, this service provides an alternative for residents to recycle clothing and small electronics instead of placing them in the trash stream.