Business Spotlight: Alencon Systems

Located at 330 S. Warminster Road Suite #380 in Station Park since 2012, Alencon Systems has been in business since 2009. The inspiration for Alencon came from their founder, Dr. Oleg Fishman, whose vision was to apply his expertise in large scale power electronics to build more cost effective, American made solutions to speed up the adoption of clean energy resources like solar to reduce our dependency on fossil fuels.

Alencon is a rapidly growing manufacturer of power electronics for the alternative energy industry which specialize in the manufacturing of high power, high voltage DC: DC converters. Their products are most typically used to combine solar power with battery energy storage in order to turn solar power from an intermittent resource which only available when the sun is out to a dispatchable resource such as coal or natural gas. This benefit makes solar energy a more viable part of our energy mix and reduces our dependance on fossil fuel and aids in combatting climate change.

Alencon chose the location in Hatboro for several reasons. Their building has a 1 MW grid interconnection which is critical for their high-power testing requirements. Additionally, this location is very proximately located to both highway and public transportation making an easy place to commute to from every part of the surrounding area. They are walking distance from the Septa regional rail which allows their employees to live in Center City and easily commute. As they grow their manufacturing operations, they hope to leverage this proximity to public transport. Additionally, Hatboro is very well situated from a logistical perspective as the area has several local manufacturing companies that they’re able to tap as part of their supply chain. Hatboro is a very cost-effective place to do business, which certainly gives them a major competitive advantage. Hatboro’s convenient location to major northeastern commercial hubs like New York, Boston, and Washington DC, which are highly concentrated locations for their customers is also a major plus.

Alencon’s products are totally unique as they have 7 US patents on their products and no one in the world has anything like them, much less in Hatboro or Montgomery County so it’s amazing to know that one of the industry’s fastest growing, most innovative manufacturer of alternative energy technology is based right in our backyard! Their goal is to be the global leader in the design and manufacture of power electronics for clean energy sources like solar, battery energy storage, fuel cells and electric vehicles.

Their standard hours of operation are 8:30 am to 5:30 PM, M-F, though they are so busy they work a lot of OT and on weekends as well but the best place to learn more about them is on their website at