April 4, 2022 Environmental Advisory Council Meeting Minutes

Present- Mayor Tim Schultz, Borough Manager Diane Hegele, Councilman Alex Myers, EAC members- Chairperson Elle Anzinger, Vice chairperson Katrina Nuss, Tom Bilotta, Carol Brunner, Jim Maccaroni, Residents- Natalie Forbes, Art Friedman

Absent– Councilwoman Reichner, EAC member-Judith Swanson

Call to Order– Elle Anzinger called April 4th EAC meeting to order at 6:03PM


  1. Walk Works- a group gathered at the Borough Hall to take a 2 mile walk through town, following posted signs.  This was the second organized walk for the season. Elle had a chance to give the walkers some environmental information along the way.  The next is a walk with the Easter Bunny.
  2. The Borough Council will stay with the Ordinance for EAC positions.  They have been staggered to prevent full board vacancies.  Chairperson, appointed by the Council is a 3 year term, Vice chair is 2 years and Secretary is 1 year.
  3. Shade Tree Inventory of park trees- The last time this was done was in 2016.  Elle did not have it with her but will circulate this list for members to view.
  4. Earth Day Update- Sign up any presenters or vendors at the green link on the EAC website
  5. EAC- There will be tables provided, and approximately $50 available for each EAC member for expenses as needed.  The EAC will have approximately 5 different educational stations. A table for children will have pinecone bird feeders to make, Monarch table will have milkweed plants to give away
  6. Borough electronics recycling, Public Works Creek Clean-Up
  7. Vendors-solar, wind, electric vehicles, honey, perhaps a few more
  8. Fire Company-providing food for sale in the pavilion
  9. Events Committee to advertise the program.


  1. Natural Resources Management Guidance Document

Various aspects of the document were discussed.  Further discussion will continue at the May meeting.  Alex thanked the EAC for working on the Guidance Document, since it not only helps Hatboro, but other municipalities can use it as an example.

  • The NWF certification letter to the Friends of Cressbrook was read with no edits or changes suggested. 


  1. Tom made a motion to approve the NWF letter for the Friends of Cressbrook so they can consider certification.  Jim seconded.  All ayes approved.
  2. Kate made a motion to accept the March 7th EAC minutes after one edit was made.  Tom seconded.  All ayes approved. 


Art Friedman, who was involved in starting an EAC in Northampton, said that the Guidance Document is aggressive document and a lot further than we got in Northampton. 

Natalie Forbes stated that she has a map of the PECO Green Grant for Miller Meadow with the species of trees included.  She stated that the PECO Green Grant inspired Natalie and a friend to establish a Monarch Waystation in the park.  A few years ago it had to be taken down due to the mugwort taking over the garden.

ADJOURNMENT– Carol made a motion to adjourn the April 4th EAC meeting at 7:11 PM.  Tom seconded.  All approved.

Respectfully submitted,

Carol Brunner, EAC Secretary