August Business Spotlight- Hatboro Cemetery

Located at 36 Fulmor Avenue, the Hatboro Cemetery started around 1876 therefore current owner, Wayne Sands, did not exactly choose the location of Hatboro Cemetery. However, being born and raised in Hatboro and his parents being lifelong residents, they have been invested in the Hatboro community since 1959.

The cemetery industry was in Wayne’s mother’s side of the family and the cemetery they had is Northwood Cemetery which is in West Oak Lane of Philadelphia. This cemetery started in February of 1878 and it is 100 acers in size and has about 200 thousand people interred there to date. This cemetery was run by his Great Grandfather then his Grandfather and then by his Father who he buried in the Hatboro Cemetery. This has been a Family run business from the start. Wayne grew up in Hatboro across the street from the Hatboro Cemetery and moved out in 1982 when he got married and in February of 2002 is when he purchased the Hatboro Cemetery.

Hatboro Cemetery is a small customer-based cemetery and monument dealership that sells graves and burials, as well as all kinds of Monument and markers for the graves in and around the tri-state area. Wayne just installed a 300-niche columbarium and have plans for more in the future.

They are a full-service cemetery and monument company with caring and compassionate employees willing to help at ones most difficult time. The grounds of Hatboro Cemetery are open every day of the year from sun-up to sundown. At the present time the Hatboro Cemetery does not have a website however, plans are under way to create one. Aside from continuing to improve the cemetery, Wayne and his employees will compassionately meet the needs of our customers at their most difficult time.

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