Historical Commission Minutes 3/2/2021

Historical Commission

March 2, 2021

In attendance: Chuck McElroy, Bill Tompkins, Pam Waldo, Tom Smith, Suella Guthrie

Guests: Marjie Hegler, Nicole Reichner

There were two main topics for consideration.

The first was prioritizing review items into “must have, prefer to have, and like to have” order. This list had been talked about at the last meeting and a draft list had been sent to the Planning Commission. As a group, we could not find the review item list that had been sent. We requested a copy of this list and will address it at the April meeting. Along with this we talked, briefly, about the design criteria; that will also be on the agenda for the April meeting.

The second topic was the list of qualified properties that had been created in April, 2017. That list was a rough draft, and was updated at the meeting, but continues to need updating.

There was a question of which property owners had received a letter from the boro about their property being included on the Boro Historic Inventory, and what was in the letter.

There was also a question about any incentives that might be offered to current homeowners of these properties to maintain them as private residences.

Pam moved to adjourn, Tom seconded, and the meeting was adjourned.

Suella Guthrie