Historical Commission Minutes 9/1/2020

Historical Commission

September 1, 2020

Attending:  Chuck, Bill, Tim, Suella and Pam

Date for November meeting Wed. Nov 4th – motion by Suella and second by Tim

Friends of Moland House in Warwick: They lease the house for $1 per year


Grants and fund raising

Needs repairs: 1st and 2nd floor in tannery

Ballroom and 2nd floor in Cressbrook

$200.000 for both for quick renovations

$800 of assessments – the Boro has an assessment from 12 years ago

Will use as a baseline

Boro might pay for inspection or maybe from our budget

Maybe a make a list of what needs to be done first with Boro and Millbrook


Friends of Cressbrook would make more sense.  Bill will work on this Start working fund raisers to get things done on inside

Limit talk to Millbrook as to what kind of space they would need

Bill will talk to George about Friends of Cressbrook

Waiting for deed to settle

YMCA looking good.  All additions (newer) are gone.  Get owners involved in Historical register.

Tim is going to document Victorian Village before and after.

Meeting space, library, and offices 

2021 Boro is being incorporated in Aug or September

          Work with John to merge information

         Eaton Park skating pond

Water storage at Pennypack to avoid flooding

Continue budget for next year.  Chuck hasn’t spent any for this year

Public ceremony for Crooked Billet with time capsule

Suella motion to for this all agreed and it was passed

Meeting adjourned