March 7, 2022 Environmental Advisory Council Meeting Minutes

Present– Mayor Tim Schultz, Councilman Alex Myers, EAC members-Chairperson Elle Anzinger, Vice chairperson Katrina Nuss, Tom Bilotta, Carol Brunner, Judith Swanson, Resident-Amy Haigler

Absent– Councilwoman Nicole Reichner, EAC member-Jim Maccaroni

Call to Order– Elle Anzinger called the March 7th EAC meeting to order at 6:02 PM.


The National Wildlife Federation community outreach letter to businesses, apartment complexes and Crooked Billet Elementary School will be tabled until the April meeting.  Carol and Judith requested a short NWF community certification message be included in the EAC e-bulletin section every other month.

Vice chair Katrina Nuss and Secretary Carol Brunner will remain in their positions for a one-year term.  Alex will speak with Borough Manager Hegele to determine if terms for these positions should be codified.

A Deer Crossing sign on Horsham Road will be discussed at the Borough Council meeting. 

The Shade Tree Commission’s annual tree inventory is usually updated in October.  Elle was able to get a list of the York Road street trees, and will get the updated list of park trees to share with EAC when it is available. 


A. 2022 EAC Goals-

1)Create a guidance document for best natural resource management practices that can be a guide for public works and the residents of Hatboro.

2) Make plans for the Borough’s move toward more electric and hybrid vehicle replacements as new vehicles are needed and increase borough EV charging stations through grants.

3) Increase EAC membership and outreach by attending events and providing educational information as appropriate.

4) Website updates for community information and education on environmental issues

B. Earth Day event- Elle filled out an event application for the EAC.  The Earth Day event will be April 23rd in Eaton/Memorial Parks.  A participation form for venders is on the EAC website.  There is a $25 dollar fee for venders, non-profit organizations are free. 

C. Walk Works-March 19th Green Walk-11 AM Meet at Borough Hall for the public and EAC members. 

Approval of Minutes- Judith made a motion toapprove the minutes of the February 7, 2022 with no corrections.  Unanimously approved.

Public comment

Amy Haigler expressed a desire for the safe recycling of batteries from Electric Vehicles used by the Borough of Hatboro.

Kate expressed concerns with event usage in Miller Meadow, since according to e-code Chapter 16-105 “Miller Meadow Open Space shall be preserved in a natural condition and shall be available for the enjoyment of all persons and subject to the rules and regulations established by Montgomery County”.  Events and activities are subject to the approval of the Hatboro Borough Council. 

Kate feels that night lighting should not be added to the Gold Star Memorial, since the park is closed at dusk and the light may harm pollinators.

Elle stated that both of Kate’s concerns are not under the purview of the EAC, and those concerns should be taken to Borough Council.

Tom recommended all topics for discussion be forwarded to Elle for the agenda.

Adjournment– Judith made a motion to adjourn the March 7th EAC meeting at 7:32. Kate seconded. All approved.

Respectfully submitted,

Carol Brunner, EAC Secretary