November 4, 2021 Budget Workshop Minutes

PRESENT – President Bollendorf, Vice President Stockton, Councilwomen Anzinger, Benjamin, McMenamin, Ostrander & Reichner, Manager Hegele, Assistant Secretary DeRenzis, Superintendent Frydlewicz, Deputy Superintendent Dermer, Fire Marshal Pristatskiy, Treasurer Smith, Librarian Celec and Secretary Bollendorf. Chief Gardner was present via zoom.

CALL TO ORDER – President Bollendorf called to order the November 4, 2021 budget Workshop Meeting to order at 6:00 P.M.

Vice President Stockton stated these are preliminary numbers for projected 2021 and 2022. This also includes a tax increase of roughly 3% or $30.00 average per house. Vice President Stockton stated that he is always available and willing to talk to a resident who wants to know where and how their tax dollars are spent. He stated some of the numbers here are already set due to contractual and debt obligations.

Council reviewed the proposed budget and some changes were made they include:

Governing Body

  • Advertising – this figure is hard to project as the Borough does not know how many projects or matters will require advertising.

Executive Administration

  • Department supplies was lowered to $2500
  • Discussed savings for the recent switch to VOIP service for telephone
  • Raised revenue for BPT taxes, due to hiring third party firm to collect past due BPT.
  • Raised peddlers license fees due to proposed changes to solicitation ordinance.


  • Discussion regarding vehicle purchase moving to sinking fund, new bikes donation and one time costs that need to be budgeted.

Fire Marshal

  • New full time Fire Marshal, costs adjusted to reflect the increase in work and activity again, this department budget was cut during covid due to businesses being closed and the lack of real estate sales and rental inspections.
  • Increases to permit fees discussed for 2022

Public Works

  • Some savings realized due to changing to direct haul for trash.
  • ARPA Funding factored in for some of the stormwater projects needed. Council will be reviewing recommendations for other projects.
  • Exploring Solar Panels at PW Facility
  • Increase in Parking due to things needed for new App Hatboro is launching
  • Using Parks and Rec funding for some park improvements and maintenance.
  • Looking at improvements to Eaton Park BB Courts

Overall increases this year include fuel costs, electric. There will be updates made to the fee schedule in December to coincide with some of the adjustments for revenue items. Public Works will also be doing a trash presentation in November to provide the public with costs to collect trash and recycling. Did not raise taxes during COVID. The Borough is working towards trimming budget numbers in order to not have to authorize a TAN – tax antication note.

UNION LIBRARY – Total projected income is $223,449.00 with total expenses $ 223,449.00 which leaves a profit of $ 0.00.

  • Librian Celec stated this budget is similar to last year with other sources like Hatboro Federal supporting the library as well as grants and the annual appeal which was recently sent to homes. President Bollendorf asked if the Library was saving money for capital projects and if they had a 5 to 10 year budget. Librarian Celec responded the Building Committee has a list, for this year they are looking to do driveway improvements.

ENTERPRISE – Total 2022 Fire Protection revenue is $410,867 with total expenses $ 410,867. This represents an increase in funding for 2022. The Fire Company did not send a representative to the workshop therefore the Borough is not able to inquire about the increase. Borough Manager Hegele will look into this and report back to Council.

SINKING FUND – Total 2022 amount of sinking expenditures is $ 425,296.00 with total income is $ 425,293.00.

  • This is used to pay all the debt services for the Borough.
  • Finance Committee met with Departments to do a fleet study, many vehicles are aging and starting to need more significant repairs. This year the Borough will finance the purchase of three vehicles.

Councilwoman Ostrander asked how many vehicles are needed. Public Works needs 4, Police needs 1 and Fire Marshal needs 1. Council is going to purchase 3 and then start to save money and schedule future purchases from General Capital Funds.

Hatboro Memorial Pool – Projected 2022 revenue is $ 177,990 with total expenses $177,990. The pool is an asset to the Borough, which pays for itself. The pool committee will be tasked with reviewing non- resident fees and also daily use fees for the 2022 season.

There was no public comment.

Manager Hegele reviewed the advertising and budget adoption schedule.

ADJOURNMENT – President Bollendorf adjourned the November 4, 2021 Budget Workshop Meeting at 8:00 P.M.

Respectfully Submitted,

Diane C. Hegele
Borough Manager/Secretary
Transcribed by Diane Hegele

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