November 4, 2022 Committee Meeting Minutes

PRESENT – President Bollendorf, Vice President Stockton, Councilwoman Reichner, Councilwoman McMenamin, Councilman Myers, Councilwoman Ostrander, Mayor Schultz, Manager Hegele, Assistant Secretary DeRenzis, Chief Gardner, Solicitor Geiser, Engineer Goff, and Treasurer Smith were present.

ABSENT – Councilwoman Jacobus was excused.

CALL TO ORDER – President Bollendorf called the November 14, 2022, Committee Meeting to order at 7:00 P.M.

PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE – Chief Gardner led the Pledge of Allegiance.

MEETING NOTES – President Bollendorf reviewed the Public Comment Policy on the back of the agenda with regards to addressing Council and time allotment.

PUBLIC COMMENT – There was no public comment.


Public Safety Committee

  • ENTERPRISE FIRE COMPANY EXPENDITURE LIST – Councilwoman Ostrander stated this is to approve the Enterprise Fire Company Expenditure List for the month of October 2022 in the amount of $ $7,481.31. This item has been moved to the November 28, 2022, Council Meeting Agenda for approval.
  • WARMINSTER ROAD BRIDGE PROJECT – Councilwoman Ostrander stated there is no update at this time.

Finance/Grants Committee

  • UNION LIBRARY EXPENDITURE LIST – Vice President Stockton stated we have not received this amount from the library and if received by the next meeting, Council will vote. This item has been moved to the November 28, 2022, Council Meeting Agenda (New Business) for approval.
  • SMALL WATER/SEWER GRANT – Vice President Stockton stated applications for the PA Small Water/Sewer are now being accepted and eligible projects are those which have a total project cost of not less than $30,000 and not more than $500,000 and involve the construction, improvement, expansion, repair, or rehabilitation of a water supply system, sanitary sewer system, storm sewer system, or flood control projects that are owned and maintained by an eligible applicant. He stated an eligible project also includes consolidation or regionalization of two or more water supply systems or sanitary sewer systems which are managed or operated as an integrated system regardless of whether the system is physically connected, and matching funds will be required in the amount of 15% of the total cost. He also stated one possibility for this grant is to apply for the Little League Stormwater improvement project that we previously applied for under the ARPA grant. This item has been moved to the November 28, 2022, Council Meeting Agenda for approval.
  • RATIFICATION OF BOROUGH HALL MECHANICAL PAYMENT #12 – Vice President Stockton stated this is to ratify the amount of the Borough Hall Mechanical Payment #12 to $ 43,202.94. This item has been moved to the November 28, 2022, Council Meeting Agenda for approval.
  • 2022 ROAD PAYMENT #1 – Vice President Stockton stated this is to approve the 2022 Road Payment #1 to Bray Brothers in the amount of $ 143,374.23. This item has been moved to the November 28, 2022, Council Meeting Agenda for approval.
  • 2022 ROAD PAYMENT #2 – Vice President Stockton stated this is to approve the 2022 Road Payment #2 to bray Brothers in the amount of $ 31,098.91. This item has been moved to the November 28, 2022, Council Meeting Agenda for approval.
  • 2022 ROAD PROGRAM CHANGE ORDER # 1 – Vice President Stockton stated this is to approve 2022 Road Program Change Order #1 in the amount of $ 18,879.24 which results in a cost reduction for the Borough in said amount. This item has been moved to the November 28, 2022, Council Meeting Agenda for approval.
  • 2023 BUDGET – PRELIMINARY ADOPTION – Vice President Stockton stated this is to approve the Preliminary Adoption of the 2023 Budget. This item has been moved to the November 28, 2022, Council Meeting Agenda for approval.
  • INSURANCE RATE STABILIZATION CREDITS – Vice President Stockton stated included in packets are copies of the Trust Rewards for 2023 for the Borough’s Property/Liability and Workers Comp Insurance and the Borough currently has $58,008 in Workers Comp Rate Stabilization funds and $40,993 in Property/Liability Rate Stabilization Funds to offset insurance costs for 2023. He stated historically, Borough Council has utilized 33% of these available balances to offset costs within the budget and the remaining 67% of the funds are then rolled over to the following years in the Borough’s Rate Stabilization Fund Account. He stated during the budget workshop, the finance committee recommended Council use 33% of the credits within the 2023 budget and this would equate to $19,142.64 to offset Workers Comp Insurance and $13,527.69 to offset Property/Liability Insurance. This item has been moved to the November 28, 2022, Council Meeting Agenda for approval.

Community Outreach & Events Committee

  • BUSINESS SPOTLIGHT: SMALL BUSINESS SATURDAY – Councilwoman Reichner announced the Business Spotlight.
  • NEW BUSINESS – Councilwoman Reichner stated the new business in the Borough is Sky Blue Piercing located at 228 N. York Road.
  • UPCOMING EVENTS – Councilwoman Reichner announced the upcoming events.
  • GOLD STAR GARDEN UPDATE – Councilwoman Reichner stated the committee had a meeting tonight to discuss future fundraising and bricks are still available to purchase for the walkway.
  • FRIENDS OF CRESSBROOK UPDATE – Councilwoman Reichner stated the FOC met on November 10 and will be selling Loller Academy ornaments at the Sip N Shop to raise funds for the restoration of Cressbrook.
  • CHRISTMAS DECORATION CONTEST – Councilwoman Reichner stated the Borough of Hatboro will be holding a holiday house decorating contest throughout the month of December. Residents and business owners who are interested in participating should complete the entry form on and entries will be accepted until December 21, 2022.
  • LETTERS FOR SANTA EVENT – Councilwoman Reichner stated this is to approve the letters for Santa event request which will be December 20, 2022, at 6:00 P.M. This item has been moved to the November 28, 2022, Council Meeting Agenda for approval.
  • SIP N SHOP EVENT REQUEST – Councilwoman Reichner stated this is to approve the 2nd Annual Sip N’ Shop Winter Market event request for December 9, 2022, form 6 P.M until 9 P.M. at the Pennypack Facility in the Harriet Ehrsam Community Center. This item has been moved to the November 28, 2022, Council Meeting Agenda for approval.

Public Works Committee

  • DEPARTMENTAL UPDATE – Manager Hegele stated the Publics Works crew has been getting ready for the parade, tree planting event, and the trucks are ready to go for the first snow fall.


  • FACILITIES UPDATE – Councilwoman Ostrander stated Borough Hall is currently being cleaned up so Borough Staff and Public meetings can return in January 2023.
  • PENNYPACK FACILITY UPDATE – Councilwoman Ostrander stated staff is getting everything ready for the upcoming Sip N Shop Winter Market event on Friday, December 9, 2022.

Environmental Affairs & Parks Committee

  • EAC UPDATE – Councilman Myers stated the EAC did not meet in November due to Council’s Budget Workshop Meeting and will meet December 7, 2022.
  • PENNYPACK STEERING COMMITTEE UPDATE – Councilman Myers stated the Pennypack Steering Committee continues to meet and will be having a Public Workshop in January 2023.
  • ADA PLAYGROUND UPDATE – Councilman Myers stated they are currently waiting for approval from HUD to order the equipment.
  • EAC APPOINTMENT – Councilman Myers stated Mayor Schultz has submitted his name for consideration to be on the EAC and there is one other resident who submitted a letter of interest, Mrs. Kelly A’Harrah. He also stated the mayor is permitted under the Borough Code to serve on this committee and Council needs to consider an appointment as well as appointing a chair for the EAC as currently they do not have a chair and staff is handling matters for the committee.
  • MEMORIAL PARK STREAMBANK PRESENTATION – Engineer Goff gave a presentation on the Memorial Park Streambank Restoration Project.Dave Head, 225 Horsham Road, asked for an explanation of bouldering. Engineer Goff stated it controls the velocity of the water so less sediment can be pulled off.
    Maryann Reamer, 120 Summit Avenue, asked what the match for this grant is. Engineer Goff stated it is a 20% match.

    Sue Dougherty, 464 Lincoln Avenue, asked if plants are removed. Engineer Goff stated that yes, they remove plants to connect the floodplain but only plants that will not survive and then they replant what was removed with different plantings and they will be working with Public Works regarding a maintenance plan.

    Kelly A’ Harrah. 145 W. Lehman Avenue asked what trees were going to be removed in the plan. Engineer Goff stated in this particular plan we see tonight she does not have the trees marked out and will get a plan with them marked and send back to the Borough. President Bollendorf stated that all the trees to be removed were selected by the DEP.

    Tim Schultz, Borough Mayor, asked how many trees were to be removed and Engineer Goff stated she didn’t know off the top of her head.

    Kelly A’ Harrah. 145 W. Lehman Avenue asked what was to be done with the 10 trees by the playground. Engineer Goff stated she will take a look at the demo plan and get it over to the Borough as well. Mrs. A’Harrah stated she would like to have a further conversation with the shade tree commission regarding the trees as she does not feel they need to be removed. President Bollendorf stated the Borough has to go with the recommendations from the DEP.

    Thomas Rochford, 212 S. Linden Avenue, asked if the project will affect downstream. Engineer Goff stated it will help and permits from the DEP are required and there will be no negative impact.
    Manager Hegele stated as a reminder that this project is from a grant that was applied for in 2019 for $ 250,000.00 and that COVID slowed the project down and that this was discussed before, and we now can get the project going.

  • POOL SLIDE UPDATE – Councilman Myers stated it was voted to purchase a new slide last meeting based on an inspection that we needed a new one but after another inspection in which it was stated the slide doesn’t have to be replaced yet, the Borough is having a 3rd party inspection to see if a new slide is needed yet for next year or if we can wait a few years.

Administration Committee

  • MEETING ANNOUNCEMENTS – Councilwoman McMenamin announced the meetings for the next month.
  • BOARDS AND COMMISSIONS – Councilwoman McMenamin stated there are a few spots open for Boards and Commissions which are 1 for Planning Commission, 1 for UMHJSA, and 4 in the Parking Commission. She stated if anyone is interested in volunteering to contact Borough Hall for more information.
  • CVS ORDINANCE AMENDMENT – Councilwoman McMenamin stated included in packets is a copy of a letter from Robert Gundlach, attorney for the CVS project and because the Town Center Ordinance is still under review, and because many of the residents providing feedback to the RC-2 Town Center Ordinance have not mentioned any conflict with the CVS project, the developer would like to pursue their own text amendment. She also stated a copy of this proposed text amendment is also included in packets for Council’s Review and the developer is requesting that Council proceed with submitting their ordinance to the Borough Planning Commission and Montgomery County Planning Commission for review and hold a public hearing once their recommendations are received.Robert Gundlach, developer’s attorney, stated they would like to propose their own amendment to the ordinance and would like to start right away as they have already done their Land Development plans and they are requesting to advertise a hearing so they can get started in the Spring of 2023.

    Councilwoman McMenamin asked how many stories the building was going to be. Mr. Gundlach stated initially 4 stories but possibly 5 and they would have the 1st floor retail close to the street and will set back the top two floors if that is what Council wants.

    President Bollendorf asked if the property was currently for sale. Mr. Gundlach stated their preference is to redevelop it but if they cannot get the amendment approved, they will sell or lease it but to his knowledge the property is not actively marketed for sale to his knowledge. Mike Tulio, property owner/developer, stated he has no intention of selling the property but that is how they marketed it. President Bollendorf stated that his concern is if the zoning is changed, and the property is for sale the new buyer may have different ideas of what they would want to do and the Wawa that is being built around the corner is an example of that. Mr. Gundlach stated that was a fair statement and that he agreed with President Bollendorf’s concern. President Bollendorf asked Solicitor Geiser the next step. Solicitor Geiser stated it would have to be added to the next meeting agenda to have it authorized for staff to advertise and there isn’t `time to advertise in time as the next meeting is two weeks away.

    Maryann Reamer, 120 Summit Avenue, asked about the parking for the units that are proposed. Mr. Gundlach stated that it will be a mix of 1–2-bedroom units so not all require two cars but parking would be address in the Land Development phase.

  • AGENDA PROCEDURE PRESENTATION – Manager Hegele explained how agendas are formulated, posted, etcetera to inform residents regarding what is discussed at meetings.
  • HOW TO BE INFORMED PRESENTATION – Manager Hegele and Assistant Secretary DeRenzis gave a presentation on how to be an informed resident.

OLD BUSINESS AND UPDATES – There was no old business or updates.

PUBLIC COMMENT – There was no public comment.

ADJOURNMENT – President Bollendorf adjourned the November 14, 2022, Committee Meeting at 7:57 P.M.

Respectfully Submitted by:
Diane C. Hegele, Borough Manager/Zoning Officer
Transcribed by Cindy Bollendorf