Business Spotlight: Paragon Training PHL

Just in time for the “I’m going to start an exercise routine in 2020” crowd, this month’s Business Spotlight highlights Paragon Training PHL located at 21 North York Road.

If you stop by Paragon Training PHL between the hours of 5:30 AM and 11:00 AM or 3:00 PM – 7:00 PM you are going find the owner Calum McLellan, MA, CSCS, helping his clients achieve their strength, conditioning and fitness goals in a unique environment. You’ll hear laughter, sounds of camaraderie, motivating music and maybe even some good intentioned competitive prodding by work out buddies.

This physical fitness studio lends itself to personal program development – meaning each person seeking Calum’s help, regardless of ability or goals, will find a customized plan that will help them realize results. And that’s what Calum prides himself on…and that’s why he chose to open his own business.

“I have spent many years studying the science behind achieving fitness results and one thing that I know for certain is that there is no “one program” that works for everyone,” says Calum. “So, it was important for me to create a center that allows me to customize programs based on my clients’ strengths, weaknesses and goals.”

And those goals can be diverse. Calum finds himself working with clients like pre-teen Irish dancers who are trying to improve their vertical leap, baseball players looking to strengthen their pitching arms for the long haul, and recreational athletes that want to remain healthy while engaging in sports they enjoy.

But, Calum cautions, his gym is not just for athletes in training, it’s for anyone who wants to enhance their quality of life by incorporating consistent exercise into their routine. (NOTE: if you are thinking about getting into a fitness routine in 2020, this means you!)

“Movement is one of the most important keys to aging well,” says Calum.  “And my philosophy is ‘stick to the science.’ Every exercise or conditioning tactic I ask my clients to employ has a purpose. My work with my clients is research driven and it is inevitable that they will achieve results if they work consistently and stick to it.”

Calum describes his services as personal training in a small group setting. What that actually means is that during any given half-hour session he could be working one-on-one with a client or there could be up to six people that he is training simultaneously. But never more than six.

Most clients work with Calum three days a week and enjoy the variety of exercises he features and the targeted nature of the plans he develops for them. Equipment utilized during his sessions can include a combination of free weights, such as dumbbells, barbells, kettlebells, TRX suspension trainers, plyometric boxes and battle ropes, but many other implements can, and are, added to his clients’ repertoire over time.

Calum likes to use a minimalist approach in order to maximize the functionality of the exercise. Although there are many fun and interesting exercises employed over time, beginners will focus heavily on perfecting form on the basic human movements; pushing, pulling, squatting, hinging and twisting. He is a firm believer that proper technique and movement patterns should be the foundation of any strength and conditioning program. Along with improving movement, determining which exercises are most compatible for the individual is a big part of his approach. Taking into account previous (or current) injuries, sport, occupation and other factors play a role in which exercises and equipment will be implemented.

Originally from Florida, Calum knew from an early age that physical fitness and exercise were important and they played an important role in his life.  An athlete that excelled in soccer and baseball, he began coaching little league in his early years of high school and has been helping athletes and others be successful in their endeavors ever since. A grad of Florida Southern and a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist Calum started his career as a spring training strength and conditioning coach for the Detroit Tigers High-A (farm team). While in Florida he met his then girlfriend Jessica. Jessica hailed from southeastern PA and ultimately they married and moved back to PA and settled in Hatboro.

“Our family really loves it here in Hatboro,” says Calum. “We have two young boys and another baby on the way and we love the small town feel of Hatboro. I was excited about finding this location for my business and have had a great experience with my landlord and my surrounding business owners. I hope to have great success here professionally and look forward to raising my family here personally.”

To provide potential clients with a sense of his program offerings, his facility and his philosophy Calum offers a “first week free” opportunity to all who are interested. You can’t beat free! So, if you are ready to explore exercise and training options for the new year, be sure to contact Calum about how to get started.

You can contact Calum via his Facebook page, by e-mail, or by phone (305) 304-5090 (text or call).

Hours: 5:30 AM-11:00 AM  &  3:00 PM-7:00 PM Monday – Friday

8:00 AM – 11:00 AM Saturday

Editor’s note: special thanks to Paragon Training PHL clients Mary, Katie, Bo and Sarah for allowing us to photograph them during their training sessions.