PECO To Perform Gas Main Work On W. Lehman Ave.

Please note, this work was originally scheduled to take place during the month of July; however, due to delays, PECO is performing this work now. Beginning the week of August 2, 2020 PECO in conjunction with ULS is upgrading natural gas lines on W. Lehman Avenue. This work will include the installing of new underground pipe which is more durable, enhances safety, and improves service reliability.

The work is expected to last 8-10 weeks. Work will take place in roadways, sidewalks, and potentially private property in some areas. Any areas impacted on private property will be repaired, streets will be repaved, and all areas will be restored to their original condition.

While work is being performed, there may be temporary gas service interruptions on W. Lehman Ave. These interruptions can last anywhere between 4-8 hours while PECO installs the new service line to homes. These temporary service interruptions are necessary to keep crews and homeowners safe while the lines are being replaced.

Most of this work will be performed outdoors; however, PECO will need to turn off natural gas service to homes and enter the property to relight appliances after the connection. PECO will need access to the natural gas appliances or equipment in homes so they can perform this work and restore service to homes later in the say. This work is necessary for the safety of PECO employees, contractors, customers and communities and mandatory per the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission.

PECO has assured all workers will be practicing social distancing and request that customers follow the same guidelines around crews. PECO crews and contractors will be following safety protocols including the use of Personal Protective Equipment. To ensure a safe environment when indoors, employees and contractors will wipe down all surfaces where the work is being performed before and after completing the work.

Work will be performed by Utility Line Services, Inc., a qualified PECO contractor. To schedule an appointment, please contact Shawn Moore of ULS at 610-716-0699. PECO understands the challenging times and will not perform any indoor work without consent from the homeowners.

For questions or concerns regarding this work, please contact PECO at 610-832-6420 or email