Business Spotlight: Stutz Candy Company

With Easter and other Spring holidays quickly approaching, what better Hatboro business to feature in our Spotlight than the Stutz Candy Company?

A staple at 400 S. Warminster Road since 1976, the Stutz Candy Company has been supplying locals, and customers throughout the region, with all their seasonal and everyday chocolate needs since 1938.

We will get to the history of the company a bit later, but since Easter is top of mind, let’s start there. According to Kristie Knappik, Vice President of the candy company and sixth generation owner/operator, “The month leading up to Easter is by far the busiest retail month that we experience. It is not unusual for us to see as many as 800 customers on Good Friday — just in our Hatboro location alone. We sell all different kinds and sizes of eggs — coconut cream, peanut butter and even ‘empty shell eggs’ which were widely popular many years ago. For a lot of our customers it’s a pleasant surprise to see them still being sold. And, we sell a large variety of bunnies – hollow and solid, sitting bunnies, farmer bunnies, big ear bunnies, soccer bunnies, selfie bunnies…we’ve got a bunny for everyone”!

Obviously this year the Stutz company, like many others, will experience a first-ever holiday sales experience — all on-line and phone-in orders for delivery or curb-side pick up at one of their Pennsylvania locations – in Hatboro or Warrington.

For Easter delivery or pick-up customers should place their orders as soon as possible by going on-line to or by calling the Hatboro store at 215-675-2630 or the Warrington store at 215-343-6212.
The Stutz Candy Company is currently owned and run by Richard Knappik, Kristie’s father. Richard is the nephew of John Glaser who brought the Stutz Candy manufacturing operations to Hatboro in the mid-1970’s. (The complete history of the Stutz Candy Company, which started in the garage of Joe & Mary Stutz in Jenkintown, PA in the early 1930’s can be found here.)

Richard has been running the operations at the Hatboro manufacturing plant and retail store since 2012 using the same ingredients and techniques that have been used by his family for generations. Now, along with Kristie, he oversees 19 employees (even more during the holidays) and the production of all of the traditional and customer favorites. According to Richard, “In addition to our favorites that are sold around holidays like Valentine’s Day, Easter, St. Patrick’s Day and Christmas, we also have a few items that people just LOVE no matter what time of year. Those are our buttercreams, chocolate covered pretzels, jumbo chocolate covered marshmallows and almond butter crunch. These are just a few of the ‘everyday’ candy items that our customers will make a special trip for.”

Stutz will ship their products all over the country for customers, and some of their corporate clients even have them ship internationally. “A lot of times we find a long-time customer has moved to a different part of the country and will order to keep their family holiday traditions going, or they are just ordering because they are craving a good treat from their hometown,” says Kristie. “My dad and I could not be happier that we’ve become a large part of many family’s traditions – we take a lot of pride in that.”

To place orders from the Stutz Candy Company now, visit or call Hatboro (215) 675-2630 or Warrington (215) 343-6212.

In the future, please visit the website or call for store hours.