Business Spotlight: Sullivan’s Scrap Metals

Located in Hatboro since 2005, Sullivans’s Scrap Metals is a Pennsylvania scrap metal processing company located at 451 Oakdale Avenue. They specialize in the purchase of both ferrous and non ferrous metals. Sullivan’s is the initial step in the manufacturing of new materials, serving all levels of those that generate or accumulate scrap metals. They offer fast and friendly service, always taking care of the customer regardless of the quantity. They offer a consulting service that can show you how to more effectively manage your scrap and maximize your return.

Mike Whalen, owner of Sullivan’s, is very community-oriented. Several years ago while on vacation in the Keys, he came up with an idea to take the scrap and recycle and reuse. From this idea came Metal & Wood, located on the Sullivan’s property. It is a full-service printing brand focused on the use of unique materials. M&W is about community, involvement, and realizing that every decision made has an impact on the world around us. They believe in connecting with the needs of the customer and producing products with a level of quality they can stand behind. Everything is American-made and the art is done using an in-house design team, creating new products using popular aspects of both cities and states they call home. If an artist is ever interested in working with M&W they can contact them via their website.  

Mike was not done with his creative ideas; he recently launched the Redefind Cafe, a new way of drinking coffee. The Cafe offers excellent coffee and repurposed scrap metal, furniture, and art. They are currently open to the public on Wednesday’s only.  Mike is hoping to expand the hours beginning November 1st.

For more information on Sullivan’s Scrap, Metal & Wood, or ReDefind Cafe, please visit their website or stop by sometime, you will not be disappointed. Be sure to ask for Mike, he is very passionate about what he has done to this facility and loves to tell visitors all about it!