The Borough of Hatboro Remembers Councilwoman Aleta Ostrander

With heavy heart, the Borough of Hatboro announces the passing of Councilwoman Aleta Ostrander. Councilwoman Aleta Ostrander, along with her husband Mike, have been residents of Hatboro for 30 years and showed their love and passion for our small town through volunteering. They raised three children Hatboro, teaching their family to be as involved in their community as they have been throughout the years.

Aleta graduated from Temple University, and worked in the rehabilitation department at Moss Rehab. In her free time, she dedicated herself to making Hatboro a better place. One of Aleta’s most notable accomplishments was her service on Borough Council. Aleta was first appointed to Borough Council in May of 2006 and served until December 31, 2011. During this time, she served on the Public Relations and Community Information Committee, Public Safety Committee, Finance Committee, and Library Committee. Aleta was reelected to Borough Council in 2019 and served a second term from January 1, 2020 through present time. During her recent term on Council, Aleta chaired the Public Safety Committee, chaired the Facilities Committee, served on the Public Works Committee, and served on the Pennypack Facility Steering Committee. Aleta always had the best interest of Hatboro in mind and worked extremely hard to keep her community safe, enjoyable, and thriving. Over the last few months, Aleta devoted herself to helping transform the newly acquired Pennypack Facility alongside the rest of the Pennypack Facility Committee and spearheaded the dedication of the Community Center in memory of long time Librarian Harriet Ehrsam.

Outside of Borough Council, Aleta volunteered with the Hatboro Emergency Management Team and served as the president, vice president, and treasurer of the Union Library of Hatboro. Her love for community welfare did not end there. Aleta was a long time member of the Red Cross and was a girl scout leader for eight years. Aleta was also a long time member of Heart 9-11, an organization that helps rebuild after natural disasters and assists communities who have fallen into poverty overseas.

Aleta’s selflessness and kindness made a lasting impact on the Hatboro Community and all those around her. Her love for Hatboro and bettering our community were truly unmatched. Borough Council, Mayor Schultz, and Borough Staff are deeply saddened by her sudden passing and we cannot thank her and her family enough for everything they have done for our town.