Business Spotlight: C&L Rivet

C&L Rivet, located at 220 Jacksonville Road, was founded by Charles Newcomb, who came out of the Navy as a machinist mate 1st class. He worked for a company for a while then bought a few machines and started manufacturing brake lining rivets and a rivet which is still used today in nail clippers for Revlon & Lacross (now Sally Hansen) in 1960 in the basement of his family home on Broadway Avenue in Horsham. C&L started to burst at the seams, so they expanded to 5 different buildings on 3 properties.

The Newcomb’s have always loved Hatboro and Art, their president, has owned a home in Hatboro since 1985. When Art and John heard the old Milford Rivet building was going to be up for sale, they jumped at the chance as there’s no place like home, so they moved to the 45,000 sq ft. Milford Rivet/Penn Fastener building on Jacksonville Road in 2000. Their goal is to continue the restoration of the building built in 1947 to its former glory.

C&L Rivet is a manufacturer of high-volume precision cold formed parts. They produce fasteners in many different types of industries including automotive, medical, fire suppression industry, and ammunition.  They also spend significant time and resources in improving other fastener applications as well.

C&L strives to work with our community they love so much, starting with the Hatboro YMCA in 2000. Their team there is more like a family.

C&L is unique because of what they do as they do not produce many standard rivets and fasteners as others in their industry. Their niche is taking screw machined product and convert it into a cold formed part for a significant cost savings in most cases. They are also a job shop and make many specialty parts.

The future goals for this company include keeping their 3rd generation business growing in Hatboro and they would love to eventually incorporate an apprenticeship program to teach young people about cold forming and that you do not HAVE to go to college to be successful as continuing education in a trade can be just as rewarding.

C&L Rivet is open Monday-Friday from 8:00 A.M until 5:00 P.M and they always welcome visitors. You can also learn more about C&L Rivet on their website, and follow them on Facebook and Twitter

C&L Rivet, Forging the future.