December 16, 2019 Outgoing Council Celebration

On Monday, December 16, 2019 Mayor Guenst and Borough Council celebrated three outgoing Councilpersons by presenting each with a plaque commemorating their years of service on Council.

Councilman George Forgeng was recognized for serving 5 years on Borough Council. During his time on Council, Councilman Forgeng served as a member of the Public Safety Committee, Parks Committee, and Environmental Committee. Councilman Forgeng thanks everyone in the community for the support and is proud to have helped make Hatboro a safer community.

Councilman Robert Hegele was recognized for serving 8 years on Borough Council. A former Hatboro Police Officer, Councilman Hegele has always given back to the community and enjoyed his time on Council. Councilman Hegele thanks the Hatboro community and fellow members of Council for the support they have shown him during both his career and tenure on Council.

Councilman David Rich was recognized for serving 8 years on Borough Council. During his tenure, Councilman Rich served on the Finance Committee and Administration Committee and was essential during the development of Borough budgets. Councilman Rich thanks everyone in Hatboro for their support and noted he enjoyed his time serving the community on Council.

On behalf of Mayor Guenst, Borough Council, Hatboro Residents, and Borough Staff, thank you Councilman Forgeng, Councilman Rich, and Councilman Hegele for your service and dedication to our community!