February 7, 2022 Environmental Advisory Council Meeting Minutes

PRESENT-EAC members-Chairperson Elle Anzinger, Vice Chair Katrina Nuss, Judith Swanson, Tom Bilotta, Carol Brunner, Councilman-Alex Myers, Residents-Natalie Forbes, Shira Worley, and one unidentified

ABSENT- EAC member Jim Maccaroni, Councilwoman Nicole Reichner

CALL TO ORDER-Elle Anzinger called the February 7th EAC meeting to order at 6:00 PM.



The Gold Star Miller Meadow is now in the designing stage.  The EAC plant recommendations were received.

The shade tree ordinance recommendations to be voted on will include, “Bradford (Callery) pears are on the PA Department of Conservation and Natural Resources invasive tree list.”


  1. 2022 Programming
    1. Electric/hybrid vehicle transition plan for Hatboro
    1. EAC website updates
    1. EAC membership growth and outreach to the community
    1. Zero waste initiative
    1. NWF Certification program
  2. Earth Day- April 23rd the EAC is going to participate in an Earth Day program at Eaton and Memorial Parks.  We are planning some environmental education displays, demonstrations, and children’s activities for families.
  3. New sub committees for 2022 are moved to our next meeting.
  4. Katrina asked for the Shade Tree Commission’s survey of trees located in Miller Meadow and the Deer Crossing sign on Horsham Road was discussed. 
  5. Katrina will continue as Vice Chairperson and Carol as Secretary for 2022.  Terms and positions will be discussed at the next meeting.

MOTION- Katrina made a motion to accept the EAC minutes of the November 1, 2021 meeting as they stand, Judith seconded.  All ayes, Tom abstained.

SHADE TREE ORDINANCE recommendations by EAC to pass to Borough Council-

               25-103..”provide” for proper maintenance— replace “provide” with “recommend”

25-105  #7  Explain what type of root barrier is to be used.


A. The tree pits for new trees should be a total of 16 square feet and permeable flat surface should be used instead of cement blocks in the opening.

B.  Remove the comma between Honey and Locusts.  The tree name is “Thornless Honey Locust”.  Locust should not stand alone, since only the thornless would be acceptable.

Remove “Pears” as acceptable trees.  Bradford (Callery) pears are on the PSU invasive forest tree list.  

MOTION- Judith made a motion to approve the EAC’s Shade Tree Ordinance recommendations, Tom seconded. All voted aye.

MOTION- Judith made a motion to approve the January 13, 2022 EAC minutes, Katrina seconded.  All ayes, Tom abstained.


ADJOURNMENT-Judith made a motion to adjourn the EAC meeting at 7:20 PM on February 7, 2022. Carol seconded the motion and all voted yes.

Respectfully submitted,

Carol R Brunner, EAC Secretary