February 9, 2022 Special Council Meeting Minutes

PRESENT: President Bollendorf, Vice President Stockton, Councilwoman McMenamin, Councilwoman Ostrander, Councilwoman Reichner, Councilman Myers, Councilwoman Jacobus, Manager Hegele, Chief Gardner, Solicitor Geiser, Assistant Secretary DeRenzis, Deputy Superintendent Dermer, Planner Kennedy, and Engineer Goff were all present.

ABSENT – Mayor Schultz was absent.

CALL TO ORDER – President Bollendorf called the February 9, 2022 Council Meeting to order at 6:30 PM.

MEETING NOTES – President Bollendorf reviewed the Public Comment Policy found on the back of the agendas.

PUBLIC COMMENT – Bill Daly, 616 Brumar Drive, Horsham Township provided his address and said he would like to speak regarding the Pennypack Property. President Bollendorf and Solicitor Geiser informed Mr. Daly that he is not a resident or taxpayer of the Borough and public comment is limited to residents, business owners, and taxpayers who have a vested interest in the Borough. Mr. Daly stated he will continue to speak and that the Chief of Police can throw him out of the building and stated he believes the Borough is trying to de-value Pennypack Elementary School it will affect the students of the Borough. President Bollendorf reminded Mr. Daly he cannot speak during the public comment period due to not having a vested interest in the Borough. Mr. Daly stated that regulation is communist and then was escorted out of the building by Chief Gardner.

Tara Conner-Halleston, Moreland Avenue, Horsham and School Board member, stated that she does not understand why the Borough is having an emergency meeting to rush the Floodplain Ordinance along now that Pennypack is for sale. She stated that the ordinance amendment seems like it is aimed at Pennypack School and that the funds from the sale of Pennypack would go back into the district to off-set future improvements within the district.

There was no additional public comment.

CALL TO ORDER – PUBLIC HEARING – Vice President Stockton made a motion to open the public hearing. Motion was seconded by Councilman Myers. Motion carried 7-0.

PUBLIC HEARING: FLOODPLAIN ORDINANCE NO. 2022-1069 – This public hearing was officially transcribed by a Stenographer. The hearing proceedings can be found within the official transcript.

ADJOURNMENT OF PUBLIC HEARING – Councilwoman McMenamin motioned to adjourn the public hearing at 7:20 PM. Motion was seconded by Councilwoman Ostrander. Motion carried 7-0.

VOTING ITEMS ADOPTION OF ORDINANCE 1069 AMENDMENT TO FLOODPLAIN ORDINANCE – Vice President Stockton motioned to adopt Ordinance 1069, amending the Borough’s Floodplain Ordinance. Motion was seconded by Councilwoman Reichner. A roll call vote was cast as follows:
• Ostrander – Aye
• McMenamin – Aye
• Stockton – Aye
• Bollendorf – Aye
• Jacobus – Aye
• Myers – Aye
• Reichner – Aye
Motion carried 7-0.


ADJOURNMENT – The special council meeting was adjourned at 7:21 PM.

Transcribed by Assistant Borough Secretary Deena DeRenzis

Respectfully Submitted by Diane Hegele, Borough Manager