June 5, 2017 Committee Meeting Minutes

President Tompkins, Councilpersons Forgeng, Harbaugh, Hegele, McElroy & Palmer; Mayor Hawkes, Manager Zollers, Assistant Secretary Hegele, Chief Gardner, Solicitor Pionzio, & Engineer Dougherty.

Vice President Rich & Treasurer Kalnjas was absent

President Tompkins called to order the Committee meeting of Council to order at 7:02 P.M.

Councilman Palmer stated Council was in receipt of the June 2017 Expenditure List.  This item was moved to the June 26th, 2017 Council agenda for approval.

Councilman Harbaugh stated he had nothing for the agenda this evening.

Councilperson McElroy stated she had nothing for the agenda this evening.

Manager Zollers reviewed the list of paving for 2017, the list for consideration includes:

  • Manor Road (Warminster to Montgomery)
  • Crooked Billet (York Road to 101)
  • Madison Avenue
  • West Lehman (Bank to Patch on Spring)
  • Summit (Intersection with Lincoln)
  • Summit (Lincoln to Springdale)
  • Eaton Park (Driveway)
  • Eaton Park (Cul-de-sac & L- Shape Turn Around)
  • Memorial Park Driveway
  • Loller (Moreboro to Continental)
  • Loller (Windover to Moreboro)
  • Loller (Academy to Windover)
  • Woodland

Manager Zollers explained some of these may not be done and some maybe bid as alternates.  Liquid Fuels money and some parks and recreation money will be used to pay for the work. Engineer Dougherty stated the timeline for paving should be around September/October.  This item was moved to the June 26th, 2017 agenda for approval.

Manager Zollers stated our line machine has broken, it will cost roughly 2000.00 to fix a 15-year-old machine.  Foreman Sine has gotten some prices for a new machine.  Manager Zollers stated it makes more sense to purchase a new one.  He stated for a single gun machine the cost is $3500.00 and $5600.00 for a double gun machine.  He would like to get a double gun machine.  President Tompkins asked Manager Zollers to look at the budget and see if this is something he can purchase this year.  This item was moved to the June 26th, 2017 agenda for approval.

Councilman Hegele noted that the week of June 17th is National Garbage Man Day.  He stated that the new global garbage man slogan is Keeping Your Environment Safe.  He stated that our public works employees are more than just garbage men and he hates referring to them as garbage/trash men.  He stated they do so much for the Borough, including but not limited to collecting trash and recycling, cleaning borough buildings, paving roads, the pool, our parks, snow plowing, and fixing traffic lights.  He said just last week at the new police facility Public Works employees paved the lot, installed all the new grass and installed a new fence, again doing a nice job with our facilities.  He wants our employees at Public Works to know that he along with the residents appreciate all they do.  Councilman Hegele will be presenting Manager Zollers with a proclamation at the Council meeting.

Mayor Hawkes asked for an update on a request he made about handicapped parking on York Road.  Chief Gardner stated the vehicle code allows for extra time, one hour for those with handicapped tags or placards while parking at a metered space.  He stated Penndot would have to allow since York Road is a state highway.  He stated this must be done correctly, it must be engineered and in some places with the trees it may be an issue.  Councilman Hegele suggested the Public Safety Committee look at this and report back to Council. Councilman Forgeng asked if the Borough has received any complaints.  Chief Gardner stated no, the Borough receives from time to time requests for side streets.

Councilman Forgeng stated he had nothing on is agenda this evening.  Councilperson McElroy stated the pool is open and memberships are still available for purchase at Borough Hall.  She reminded everyone to bring pictures when joining.  She reminded everyone to visit the website for more information on the pool.

President Tompkins announced that there would be two ZHB hearings this month.  The first is scheduled for Tuesday, June 13th at 7:00 PM in Borough Hall to hear a parking variance for 1 S. York Road and a continuation of a setback request for 206 W. Montgomery Avenue.

The second hearing is on Thursday, June 15th at 7:00 PM at Keith Valley Middle School for the continued hearing for the application for York/Horsham property.

President Tompkins stated that Council will need to hold a public hearing inviting residents to testify with concerns or questions for this matter.  Council discussed the matter and the hearing will be on July 24th prior to the Council meeting, the hearing will be advertised and anyone with issues or concerns are encouraged to attend or contact Borough Hall.  This item was moved to the June 26th, 2017 Council agenda for approval.

Manager Zollers stated the Borough is in receipt of a complete list of transfers for the Woodwinds Project.  The monies need to be returned to the Borough accounts now that this project is complete.  There was a discussion concerning the 3% match and where to pay this from.  Manager Zollers will consider this and have a response for Council prior to the Council meeting.  This item was moved to the June 26th, 2017 Council agenda for approval.

Councilwoman McElroy announced that Lochel’s Bakery in Hatboro is currently in first place for the Sweetest Bakery in America contest.  She stated this is a huge win for Lochel’s and for Hatboro and asked everyone to make sure they vote.  She also reminded everyone of the flag disposal ceremony on Flag Day in Memorial Park.

Vicki Lewis, S. York Road passed out photos and information to Council concerning an issue at Bernie’s.  She stated recently the LCB put up a sign at Bernie’s and she learned it is for outside dining.  She is questioning the outdoor hours of operation, the type of lighting, the noise, process for deliveries now that people will be eating outside, the door servers will use, tables will they be removed or left out and kids at Deluca’s and the Lab on Williams Lane.  She stated zoning permits for 240 seats, parking is for the same, when was the last time the seats were counted.  Manager Zollers responded the Fire Marshal counted the seats during the yearly fire marshal inspection and at that time they were under.  They will be checked again during the next inspection.

Mrs. Zimmerman, Williams Lane, said she lives next door and they are very loud, she has had to go out and ask them to quiet down, she feels her property values will go down with outdoor seating.  She has an autistic grandchild and when she gets her to sleep they empty bottles in dumpster and it is so loud it wakes her up.  She stated she does not want to live next door to this.  Chief Gardner stated this is the first time he has heard about this.  He stated he is not sure if they need a permit to serve outside due to the open container ordinance.  As for the noise, he said a person can call the PLCB and register a complaint, they will investigate and handle.  Chief Gardner stated the LCB sign lists that a person can come to a hearing and provide public comment, maybe Mrs. Lewis should send a letter outlining her concerns before the LCB Hearing.   Mrs. Lewis asked why and the neighbors were not notified.  Councilman Hegele stated this is the first he has heard about this.  President Tompkins stated the LCB does not have to notify the Borough.  Mrs. Lewis stated she called the police department recently and wanted to compliment Chief Gardner on Desk Clerk Bob Burke, he was very nice to her, professional and took the time to explain parking to her.  Chief Gardner thanked her and told her in his dealings with the LCB they are very responsive to complaints.  He stated he met with the owner before he opened and he was very cooperative, he would be willing to speak to him again about the bottle dumping.

Mrs. Zimmerman stated the dumpster has been left open and she has seen critters around there.  Manager Zollers stated this was a health department issue.  He stated he would consider this. He stated Bernie’s has no permits yet to install the fence for the outdoor seating and no permits yet for lights so he cannot comment.  He stated he cannot make them remove the chairs and tables.  He could remind them to keep them secured.  Councilman Harbaugh asked what the clearance was for the sidewalk and outside seating.  Manager Zollers stated he reviewed and they are complying.  He also stated that this is not extra seating.  They are aware if they seat people outside then they must close a portion of the inside seating per the zoning.

Chuck McElroy, Moreboro Road asked if a study has been done on all the streets in Hatboro regarding on street parking, he stated some streets are tough for fire trucks.  He stated the fire company lets the Police know when there are issues with on street parking.  Manager Zollers stated we post some streets during big events like the car show.  Chef Gardner stated if anyone sees an issue like this they need to call and a police car will respond.  Manager Zollers stated the trash trucks also report when they observe.  Chief Gardner stated that in Chalfont they prohibited all on street parking overnight, he is not sure that this something the Borough should do, but this is common in most Borough’s.

Rich Seeds, Horsham Road asked for setback requirements for parking to a corner.  Chief Gardner stated 20 ft. from the intersection per motor vehicle code.

President Tompkins adjourned the June 5th, 2017 Committee meeting of Borough Council at 7:54 PM

Respectfully submitted,

Alfred Zollers
Borough Manager/Secretary

Transcribed by Assistant Borough Secretary Diane Hegele