May 8, 2023 Committee Meeting Minutes

PRESENT – President Bollendorf, Vice President Stockton, Councilwoman McMenamin, Councilwoman Reichner, Councilwoman Jacobus, Councilman Myers, Councilwoman Shay, Mayor Schultz, Manager Hegele, Solicitor Geiser, Engineer Goff, and Treasurer Smith were present.

ABSENT – Councilwoman McMenamin was excused.

CALL TO ORDER – President Bollendorf called the May 8, 2023, Committee Meeting to order at 7:00 P.M.

PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE – Deputy Chief Ruegg led the Pledge of Allegiance.

MEETING NOTES – President Bollendorf reviewed the Public Comment Policy on the back of the agenda with regards to addressing Council and time allotment.

PUBLIC COMMENT – There was no public comment.


1. Public Safety Committee
ENTERPRISE FIRE COMPANY EXPENDITURE LIST – Councilwoman Jacobus stated this is to approve the Fire Company Expenditure List for the month of April 2023 in the amount of 10,821.74. This item was moved to the May 22, 2023, Council Agenda for approval.

DASH AND BODY CAMERA GRANT PURCHASE – Councilwoman Jacobus stated this is to approve the purchase of Axon Body Cameras and Dash Cameras that will be purchased as a part of the $205,402.00 grant received from the Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency for the Hatboro Police Department. This item was moved to the May 22, 2023, Council Agenda for approval.

FALL 2023 POLICE TEST – Councilwoman Jacobus stated this is to approve to direct the Civil Service Commission to participate in the Fall 2023 Police Test process. This item was moved to the May 22, 2023, Council Agenda for approval.

WARMINSTER ROAD BRIDGE UPDATE – Councilwoman Jacobus stated PennDOT began work on the Warminster Road Bridge on April 3, 2023. Since the initial closure, traffic issues have subsided as motorists find alternate routes around the closure. Any residents who witness speeding, traffic violations, etc. are encouraged to report these issues to the Hatboro Police Department so officers can look out for these matters. The bridge is still expected to stay closed until October 2023

MORELAND AVENUE BRIDGE UPDATE – Councilwoman Jacobus stated the Borough has executed all necessary easement paperwork required for the Moreland Avenue Bridge Project and has received payment for the easements and while exact dates of construction 2 will not be available for some time, this project is scheduled for Late Summer/Early Fall 2023 and is expected to last until November 2024.

2. Finance/Grants Committee
UNION LIBRARY EXPENDITURE LIST – Vice President Stockton stated The Union Library has not yet submitted an expenditure list for May. We left this item as a placeholder in case the Union Library submits a request for this month.

WILLIAMS LANE AND SUMMIT AVENUE PROJECT UPDATE – Engineer Goff stated this is funded by the County Transportation Program and DCED Multimodel Transportation Fund and that the technical specs and the plans are put together and she is working with Borough Staff to get the easement in place for the Meadowbrook Flasher Project and once all in place they will bid the projects out at the same time.


PENNSYLVANIA HISTORICAL MUSEUM COMMISSION ARCHIVAL GRANT – Vice President Stockton stated the Pennsylvania Historical Museum Commission has opened applications for the archival grant. The Borough has applied for this grant in years past; however, was not awarded funding. Sample projects for this program include: a. Preservation of old minute books and photographs at Borough Hall b. Reformatting of deteriorating local government records (would help with restoration of older records at Borough Hall that have greatly deteriorated due to conditions in the building.) c. Purchase of preservation materials including acid free cartons, folders, boxes, etc. to preserve older records d. Assessment of historical records at Borough Hall that would determine the best way to store, maintain, and care for the records to assure they are preserved in the future. Grant applications are accepted May 1st through August 1st. The maximum award for this project is $5,000 and no match is required. 2 The past two years, the Borough applied for the preservation of old minute books and photographs. This year, staff is recommending that Council apply for an Assessment of the historical records at Borough Hall (d from above). This assessment would allow the Borough to have the records reviewed by an expert that knows exactly how to properly restore and maintain the records. Once complete, this assessment will act as a plan for the future care of the records and can be used to apply for future restoration grants for the records. Staff will be attending an informational webinar on this year’s grant program on May 16th and will have more information to share afterwards. He stated we have very old minute books that should be preserved and protected, and all Council members agreed. This item was moved to the May 22, 2023, Council Agenda for approval.

ELECTRIC VEHICLE GRANT – Vice President Stockton stated earlier this week, Congresswoman Madeleine Dean released a comprehensive list of grant opportunities available for 2023 and two of these programs would assist in funding for Electric Vehicle Charging Stations in the Borough. Engineer Goff performed research on these programs detailed below: a. Charging and Fueling Infrastructure (CFI) Discretionary Grant Program: This grant program funds installation of Electric Vehicle Infrastructure at public locations. The minimum award for this grant is $500,000 and the match requirement is a total of 20% of the project cost and this grant application must be submitted by May 30th. b. Rolling Reviews, Level 2 Rebate Program: This grant program funds the installation of Level 2 Electric Vehicle Charging Units for municipalities. This program typically awards $3,000-4,000 per plug with no minimum application requirement or match requirement. The location for the charging stations must already have electricity run to it in order for the charging stations to be installed. This grant application remains open throughout the year until all grant funds have been expended. It was decided to apply for the rebate program as there is no match requirement. This item was moved to the May 22, 2023, Council Agenda for approval.

WATERSHED RESTORATION AND PROTECTION GRANT RESOLUTION – Vice President Stockton stated during the April 24th Council Meeting, Borough Council voted to apply to the Greenways Trails and Recreation Program for Phase 2 of the Eaton Park Streambank Restoration Project and pursuant to this application, Council will need to adopt a resolution memorializing the application. This item was moved to the May 22, 2023, Council Agenda for approval.

TRAFFIC GARDEN PROJECT – Vice President Stockton stated over the last few months, staff and representatives from Borough Council have been working alongside Montgomery County to plan the installation of a traffic garden at Pennypack. This project is made possible through state grant funding received by Montgomery County and is one of two traffic gardens being installed within the county limits and this 2-D traffic garden will be a dual purpose educational and recreational amenity and will be a great addition to the Pennypack Property. He stated the only cost to the Borough for this project will be staff time for Public Works to help with the installation of the garden and after careful review of the property, it was determined that the rear parking lot of Pennypack would be the best location for this garden. Pursuant to the installation, the Borough will be installing a gate that will prevent vehicles from accessing the rear parking lot so children can safely enjoy the garden and once that is done, only Public Works and Emergency Personnel will have vehicular access to the area. He stated all other visitors will need to park at the front of the property and walk around to the rear to access the garden. Representatives from Montgomery County will be attending the May 22, 2023, Council Meeting to give a presentation on the garden’s design and its benefits and they will also be answering any questions or concerns from residents and Council regarding the specifics of the garden at that time. We will post the presentation online for those who cannot attend. This item was moved to the May 22, 2023, Council Agenda for approval.

3. Community Outreach & Events Committee
BUSINESS SPOTLIGHT – NATIONAL SMALL BUSINESS MONTH – Councilwoman Reichner stated the Spotlight is National Small Business Month.

NEW BUSINESS – Councilwoman Reichner stated there are no new businesses this month.

UPCOMING EVENTS – Councilwoman Reichner announced the upcoming events.

FRIENDS OF CRESSBROOK UPDATE – Councilwoman Reichner stated the FOC did not meet in May but will be meeting in June.

MEMORIAL PARK YOGA SPECIAL EVENT REQUEST – Councilwoman Reichner stated included in your packet is a copy of a special event request submitted by Kristen Ritter of Nourishing Storm. Classes would take place Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays in Memorial Park according to the times listed on the event request and Kristen is proposing classes to begin June 1, 2023, and continue until October 31, 2023. She stated as of right now, there is no conflict with the Soccer Club schedule in Memorial Park as these dates are proposed. This item was moved to the May 22, 2023, Council Agenda for approval.

4) Public Works Committee
2023 ROAD PAVING – Councilwoman Reichner stated Foreman Charlie Young and Engineer Goff are working to prepare cost estimates for the 2023 Road Paving Project. Engineer Goff is still working on preparing the necessary estimates; however, the following roads are being considered for 2023:
o Crescent o Central o S Chester
o W. Moreland Jacksonville from Moreland to Montgomery
o Lacey Springdale from County Line to Terrace
o Bright to Home
o Oakdale to S Penn at Byberry (about 100 feet needs Base Repair and Paving badly)

Once Engineer Goff has the necessary cost estimates prepared, we will forward them to Council for consideration.

PUBLIC WORKS MOWING PROCEDURES – Councilwoman Reichner stated included in your packet is a Hatboro Parks Management Plan prepared by the Environmental Advisory Council. This memo details guidelines and recommendations for Public Works’ maintenance of parks, future goals, etc. We are asking Council to review this document and make comments as needed. If Council is ok with this plan and procedure, we will need Council to vote on enacting the mowing/maintenance procedures at the May 22, 2023, Council Meeting. This item was moved to the May 22, 2023, Council Agenda for approval.

5) Facilities
FACILITIES UPDATE – Councilwoman Shay stated on Saturday, May 6, 2023, the Pennypack Facility Committee hosted the Spring Sip N Shop Event at Pennypack, and this event was very well attended and is the second Sip N Shop Event hosted at Pennypack. We would like to thank all of the vendors who participated in this year’s event and everyone who attended and please be on the lookout for future events taking place at Pennypack.

LOLLER UPDATE – Councilwoman Shay stated the Borough is excited to announce that we will be returning to Borough Hall for public meetings beginning June 1, 2023, and over the last few weeks, new carpet was installed throughout the first floor of the building and the council room has been painted. As a result, the building is finally ready to host public meetings. She stated once we resume meetings in the building, Council Meetings will once again be streamed to Facebook for residents to watch remotely. Please note, Borough Administration Staff will still be operating out of the Pennypack Facility for the time being as Public Works is currently focusing their efforts on opening the pool for the 2023 season and will be moving staff back to Borough Hall later in the summer. When the exact move date is determined, we will place an announcement on the agenda and schedule posts on the website and Facebook page to remind the public.

MILLBROOK PENNYPACK LEASE – Councilwoman Shay stated included in packets is a copy of a draft lease agreement between the Borough and the Millbrook Society for the use of a classroom at Pennypack as the Millbrook Organization would like to utilize a classroom in Pennypack for their museum and to display important artifacts from Hatboro’s past. This item was moved to the May 22, 2023, Council Agenda for approval.

6) Environmental Affairs & Parks Committee
EAC UPDATE – Councilman Myers stated the EAC held a very successful and fun filled Earth Day event at the end of April and had been working on numerous projects, many of which are on the agenda this month for consideration and will meet again June 5, 2023.

URBAN FARMING GRANT UPDATE – Councilman Myers stated the Borough is happy to announce the receipt of $2,100 in Urban Farming Grant Funds from the Commonwealth and on Thursday, May 4, 2023, the materials for the garden were purchased and should be arriving in the coming weeks. He also stated the Pennypack Steering Committee will be volunteering their time to construct the garden once the materials arrive and to please be on the lookout for updates regarding the garden’s construction and its grand unveiling.

PENNYPACK STEERING COMMITTEE UPDATE – Councilman Myers stated the Pennypack Steering Committee re-released their public survey to receive more input from residents and if you have already completed the survey, you do not have to re-take it. He also stated if you have not yet completed the survey, links are available on the Borough website and Facebook Page. For our residents that prefer paper, copies of the survey are available at Pennypack as well as on the table in the Council Room alongside the meeting agendas/sign in sheet.

MILLER MEADOW MAITENANCE AND INVASIVE SPECIES REQUEST – Councilman Myers stated included in your packet is a memo from Manager Hegele detailing a request from the EAC to remove invasive plant species from Miller Meadow.

This item was moved to the May 22, 2023, Council Agenda for approval.

SHADE TREE ORDINANCE UPDATE – Councilman Myers stated over recent months, Manager Hegele, and Solicitor Geiser have been working with the Environmental Advisory Council to prepare a draft amendment to the Shade Tree Ordinance. This new draft includes updates to permit 2 tree species and removes inconsistencies with requirements that were in the previous ordinance. This new ordinance also updates the number of shade tree members permitted on the commission from 3 to 5. A copy of the draft ordinance is in your council packets for review. This item was moved to the May 22, 2023, Council Agenda for approval.

MILKWEED PLANTINGS – Councilman Myers stated included in your packets is a copy of a memo from the EAC recommending possible planting areas for the 150 Milkweed plants being donated by Mayor Schultz and there are also three photographs included depicting the locations in Miller Meadow and Eaton Park to show the possible locations of the plants. We are asking Council to discuss these possible locations and determine where the plants will be placed. Also included in your packets is an invoice in the amount of $57.00 from Mayor Schultz. He was able to obtain these plants at a heavy discount for the Borough and would like to be reimbursed for this amount for the purchase. This expenditure will be included on the May 2023 Warrant List for consideration. This item was moved to the May 22, 2023, Council Agenda for approval.

7. Administration Committee
MEETING ANNOUNCEMENTS & MEETINGS RETURNING TO BOROUGH HALL – Vice President Stockton announced upcoming meetings and stated public meetings will return to Loller June 19, 2023, for a combined Committee/Council meeting.
LAND DEVELOPMENT UPDATE – Vice President Stockton stated the Borough is receiving numerous questions regarding upcoming and ongoing Land Development projects. We would like to provide the following updates on the large projects taking place within the Borough:

CVS Property: As many are aware, the building at the former CVS property has been demolished over the last few weeks. Please note, the developer does not have any conditional use or land development approvals to begin building at this time. The developer went before the Planning Commission in March; however, the Borough’s Engineer, Planning Expert, and Montgomery County required numerous changes to the project plans. The developer is currently working on these amendments to their plans and is unsure of when their resubmission will be made. When the resubmission is made and the project is ready to go back to the Planning Commission, we will make an announcement so residents can attend the meeting.

21-23 & 37 N. York Road (Canalley Property): The Borough has not yet received a land development application nor a conditional use application for the property located at 21-23 & 37 N. York Road. Once an application is received, it will be sent to the Planning Commission for review. At this time, the public will have ample time to comment on both applications and provide feedback to the Developers, Planning Commission, and Borough Council.

Wawa: The Wawa Project is actively moving forward. The project was briefly delayed due to PECO; however, is back on track for the store opening around November/December of this year. As the gas tanks, canopy, and store are being constructed, residents will see an increase in trucks and construction vehicles in the area.

Victorian Village: The Victorian Village II project has been delayed for quite some time due to the cost of construction materials. They are beginning to perform more sitework in the preparation of construction and we should have additional information to provide in the coming months.

Gamburg’s: The Borough has not received any applications pertaining to the Gamburg Property. If an application is received, it will be reviewed by the Planning Commission and the public will have ample time to provide comments and feedback on the project.

14 E. MORELAND ZONING APPEAL UPDATE – Vice President Stockton stated on Wednesday, May 10, 2023, at 7 PM at Pennypack, the Zoning Hearing Board will be hearing the following application: 14 E. Moreland LLC, 14 E. Moreland Avenue, Hatboro, PA 19040 in request of an appeal from an action taken by the Zoning Officer. He stated the Zoning Officer issued a notice of violation to the applicant that determined the property is being used as a warehouse space which is not permitted in the RC-2 Retail Commercial District. The applicant is appealing this determination, stating that the property is used as Retail Auctions, and is seeking a determination from the Zoning Hearing Board that the current use is consistent with the RC-2 Retail Commercial District Use Regulations. The public is invited to attend. 3 Due to the nature of this hearing, Solicitor Geiser will be attending the hearing alongside staff. There is no action required by Council for this hearing, this item is simply on the agenda as an announcement and informational item.

CELL TOWER ORDINANCE UPDATE – Vice President Stockton stated over the last month, staff has been working with Solicitor Geiser and Engineer Goff to review a Cell Tower Application received by the Borough and after reviewing the application, it was determined that there were a few small inconsistencies within the Borough’s Cell Tower Ordinance relating to which types of applications require public hearings. As a result, we are asking Council to consider authorizing staff and Solicitor Geiser to begin drafting an amendment to the Cell Tower Ordinance to clarify and streamline future Cell Tower applications. This item will be on the May 22, 2023, Council Meeting agenda for consideration.

APPOINTMENT OF INTERIM FIRE MARSHAL – Vice President Stockton stated in packets is a memo from Manager Hegele that states on your agenda is an appointment of Interim Fire Marshal Kate Valesky. We need this appointment so she can begin enforcement as she has been working with us for three weeks and has accomplished quite a bit. She is currently working 24 to 30 hours per week as she has another job, but it is getting very busy, and the Borough could use her more hours. The Borough has received several emails from business owners and residents who have interacted with Kate, and they all have been positive and thanking us and her for her professionalism and prompt responses to their issues. She has handled 21 property maintenance issues, found several issues as well as work without permits, performed 5 U&O inspections, one rental inspection and a few business inspections. In addition, she has started using the surface that her predecessor got with a grant and has inputted all issues she has been working on as well as instructing the staff on how to use the system as well. She has met with the Fire Company and is working with both the Fire Company and Police Department on an issue with new Knox boxes that were mandated to be installed by the former Fire Marshal, but no keys distributed, rendering the concept ineffective. She has also gotten pre-plans for some buildings and added them to the CAD for emergencies. Kate has indicated that she is interested in the full-time position, and I will work with the Administration Committee on the next steps. Kate will be at the May Council meeting for those of you who have not met her yet as well as providing a report for Council and the public and for the appointment of an Interim. This item will be on the May 22, 2023, Council Meeting agenda for consideration.

OLD BUSINESS AND UPDATES – President Bollendorf stated that voting for South 1 and South 2 will be at the Pennypack facility in the Community Center.

Cindy Giovinazzo, 33 Abbotts Lane, asked where a cell tower was being placed. Manager Hegele stated we already have cell towers in several locations and since some laws have changed, the Borough needs to revise some of the language in the current ordinance per the advice from the Borough Solicitor.
Howard Weitz, 169 Spring Avenue, read a statement on behalf of the residents along Spring Avenue regarding the Hatboro Horsham Soccer Club and its use of the fields at the Pennypack property. He stated it has been going on for some time now but seemed to be exacerbated yesterday as there was a group with dogs using the building as it caused problems with parking, and it was understood by the resident that the soccer club was told not to park along the field, but it keeps happening. He also stated that there is double parking, and it gets very congested around the sharp curve by the field and the residents are concerned about accidents as they are speeding one way and parked in the other direction. He also stated that many of them worked hard to help save the property and the surrounding land for Hatboro and they feel dismayed because of the HHSC taking over. He also stated he wanted to make Council aware of this as it is not a new issue and hopes Council reconsiders renewing the contract with them for the Fall. He stated they had made several phone calls to Hatboro PD and that the police never came, however they did come on Sunday but shrugged their shoulders and didn’t do much in regards of moving the traffic. He stated that he called the dispatcher, and they told him they would pass it along.
Chief Gardner asked when he called because he checked the log for the month of April and there were no calls made but if there are issues, they should call 911 and not the dispatcher because it gets logged in their Emergency Managements record system because they are dispatched through 911. Mr. Weitz stated he would call 911 moving forward but asked why when he did call on two occasions the clerk said they would take the information down and give it to the police. Chief Gardner stated that if he can tell him when he called, he can look into it and Mr. Weitz stated it was about two weeks ago on a weekend. Chief Gardner stated that yesterday the police were there, and the Sergeant made an announcement on the PA for people to move their cars. Mr. Weitz stated they moved the cars and came back, and the Chief stated they cannot sit here 24/7.Chief Gardner stated that his understanding is there was a few events on Sunday, and he used to live here, and he recalled to Mr. Weitz that he was opposed to them posting the curbs but now he wants it done and the reason for doing so was due to the school buses as the Chief was concerned they could get in an accident. He also stated that parking is not prohibited except along the curve, and anyone can park along the field as long as they do not block the fire hydrant. He also stated they have as picture from Manager Hegele that a car was parked close to the hydrant but was not blocked. He stated he remembers when soccer was played on the field every weekend and asked why it is an issue now. Chief Gardner stated that unfortunately the residents are going to see a lot of cars when there are events at Pennypack and any parking violations will be taken care of by his officers, but they need to call 911 and looking at it from a global situation, he would rather see parking problems then the kids not having something to do as it is good for the community and good use of the fields and he feels they just don’t want it in the neighborhood. Mr. Weitz stated that when the property was initially purchased, and conversations were had about what was going to be done with the land they didn’t think there was going to be the level of congestion that there has been and thinks it will get worse. Chief Gardner stated that he doesn’t think anyone was the police to write parking tickets all over town because if anyone parks against the traffic they can and will get ticketed. He stated older neighborhoods tend to have parking issues as we try to retrofit into today’s society and will unfortunately create parking issues. He also stated that his officers always respond to calls and does not know of any call an officer did not respond to. Mr. Weitz laughed and Chief Gardner stated that there is a policy that officers respond to every call and if there was a communication issue, he will handle it with his clerk and as long as he has been here his officers always respond.

Deputy Chief Ruegg stated that if anyone sees any violation of the law when a car is illegally parked, call 911 and they will come and handle the issue.

Councilwoman Jacobus stated she appreciated everyone’s voices when trying to acquire the property, but everyone is arguing about something that is benefiting the children of out community. She stated she agrees about the parking situation and encouraged everyone to call 911 if anyone violates the parking, however, if this is our biggest issue, we are lucky.

President Bollendorf, stated as far as the use of the property, 8,000 people own it not only 40 and as far as the plans for the property, but soccer was also part of it.

Vice President Stockton asked everyone respectfully what actionable thing(s) Council can do for them to appease the situation.

Gary Hentschel, 138 Spring Avenue, stated Council could make other parts of the property into fields and they should be more concerned with water mitigation.

Councilwoman Reichner stated it is going to cost a lot of money to do all of the work they want to do on the property but while all of the funding is not available, they thought it would be nice to use the fields while waiting to decide what they are going to do as well as get the funding to do it.

Gary Hentschel, 138 Spring Avenue, stated he is led to believe that someone has an in with the Soccer Club.

*No one on Council or Borough staff has a family member currently playing on the soccer team*
Todd A’Harrah, 145 W. Lehman Avenue, stated police officers have showed up in situations where cars were illegally parked between no parking signs, and they did not enforce the law and he believes that it sends a dangerous message.

Chief Gardner stated that the PD needs to do a better job enforcing the parking, and he will personally make sure that it happens not only in this area but everywhere. He also stated that in 40 years, they haven’t been overly proactive, but they do enforce it. He also stated they could have Public Works paint the curb to make it clearer.

Kelly A’Harrah, 145 W. Lehman Avenue, stated that she was hoping to avoid this conversation when they went to Council last summer asking about this situation and also wrote a letter suggesting the fire hydrant be painted. She also stated that it is a very dangerous corner and that is the issue, not the children playing soccer. She stated she could live with the parking but it’s the speeding she has a bigger issue with. She stated they would be willing to stand at the corner and direct the cars elsewhere to park. Chief Gardner stated no one is authorized to direct traffic.

Manager Hegele stated that when this was brought top her attention on Sunday, she immediately reached out to the soccer club and the president of the soccer club responded promptly and posted on their Facebook page to the members. She stated they were very accommodating and apologetic to the situation and they are trying to work with the Borough.

Howard Weitz, 169 Spring Avenue, stated that it is a combination of speeding and parking illegally and that it is an accident waiting to happen and that he appreciates that the soccer club is trying to help the situation. Chief Gardner suggested we place cones along the curve and see if that helps.

Kristin Sack, President of HHSC, 416 Madison Avenue, stated that the resident’s feedback is appreciated and is discussed at their monthly meetings with the parents but unfortunately there were some unforeseen circumstances, and they were trying to figure out to accommodate the parking with the other event going on and they will continue to work with the Borough.

Kate Kollar, 48 Horsham Road, stated that the acquisition of the property was not just for those residents whose yards that it backs up to but for the entire Hatboro community and there are people across the entire Borough who need recreational opportunities and she apologized to those who do not like how the public space is being used in their backyard, however, she stated we need to find away to come together to make sure that everyone has a recreational opportunity. She stated that it is busiest on Sundays from 9 Am until 1 PM and in the Fall they play on Saturdays at the same time and therefore only at those times is when the parking issues will arise. She also stated that she would provide the schedule that was provided to the Borough to anyone who would like it. She also stated that having been a Pennypack mom for 10 years, the soccer parking is nothing compared to when 400 families would come to Pennypack. She stated that they will do whatever it takes to maintain this partnership as it is the only space in Hatboro where they can have an organization like this, and she apologized if it interrupted their meadow plans and will address the parking issues if they are allowed to continue to use this space for 8 weeks in the Fall.

President Bollendorf stated another idea is we can promote the Bank Street lot. Councilwoman Shay asked if it was possible to suggest to the Hatboro families that they use this lot as they are familiar with it unlike the visiting teams who are not familiar with Hatboro and the Pennypack property would be less congested with cars.

Chief Gardner stated that we can have public works paint the curve and set cones out. Mrs. Kollar stated that they can have their volunteers put the cones out so Public Works doesn’t have to and to please let them know if there is anything else you would like the soccer club to do.

Gary Hentschel, 138 Spring Avenue, stated that he has pictures from Thursday night of the fire hydrant being blocked by soccer players. Chief Gardner stated to call 911 and he stated that he will from now on and stated to Council that they are up for votes this year.

Councilman Myers, stated that if they see illegal parking to take the photo and call 911 and discouraged everyone from confronting anyone as you do not want to get in an argument in the middle of the street with a stranger.

Kelly A’Harrah, 145 W. Lehman Avenue, stated that this is a floodplain, and the most important thing should be flood mitigation and we have an obligation to our creek and environment to do the right thing and therefore we cannot minimize our first responsibility.

Katrina Nuss, Academy Road, asked when the fence was going to be removed at the Wawa site at Horsham and York roads because she has seen people walking in the street and believes it is a safety issue because they do not know where to go as they are being forced to cross in places they should not. Deputy Chief Ruegg stated that the signage directs people to use the School Road and/or Horsham Road crosswalk and if someone ignores the signage and walks along the fence at York Road then they are making that decision on their own and are not following the signage which is there for safety and unfortunately there is nothing the Borough or Police can do if someone makes the wrong decision. Ms. Nuss asked Council if they would consider placing a 25MPH sign at Newington because she sees a lot of speeding in that area. President Bollendorf stated he can have Public Safety Committee look into it, but PennDOT would have to approve it.

ADJOURNMENT – President Bollendorf adjourned the May 8, 2023, Committee Meeting at 8:14 P.M.
Respectfully Submitted by:

Diane C. Hegele, Borough Manager/Zoning Officer/Open Records Officer
Transcribed by Cindy Bollendorf