May 9, 2023 Planning Commission Meeting Minutes

PRESENT – Chairman McMenamin, Vice Chair Kline, Member Farnen, Member Smith, Member Hibbs, Manager Hegele, Engineer Goff, Borough Planner Kennedy, County Planner Miklos, and Secretary Bollendorf were present.  

CALL TO ORDER – Chairman McMenamin called the May 9, 2023, Planning Commission Meeting to order at 7:00 P.M. 

PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE – Chairman McMenamin led the Pledge of Allegiance. 


APPROVAL OF MARCH 14, 2023, MEETING MINUTES – Member Smith made a motion to approve the March 14, 2023, Meeting Minutes. Motion was seconded by Vice Chair Kline, all ayes. Motion carried 4-0.  



Nick Rose, Pro Tract Engineering/Engineer for applicant, (applicant did not attend the meeting tonight) stated that this parcel was originally set up as two lots in the R2 district that are 50 feet wide each but treated as one lot 100 feet wide and the owner would like to subdivide into two lots with the existing house on one lot. He stated that they are not asking for any variances, and they will comply with all comments on review letters from Planner Kennedy, RVE, and the County. 

Manager Hegele stated that there have been significant improvements made to this property and no permits on file with the Borough. She stated a garage appeared between June 15, 2019, and October 19, 2019, which was after the applicant purchased the property and there is also an addition off the rear of the house. She stated Mrs. Guzman’s realtor was notified about it and she was asked to file the necessary permits and to date we have not received anything. Mr. Rose stated that he was not aware of any of that and will reiterate to the applicant she needs to apply for the applicable permits. Manager Hegele also stated that the property is listed for sale and her plan was to ask the applicant if she was planning to sell the property as a subdivided property. Mr. Rose stated that he thinks they are selling it as two different properties.  

Vice Chair Kline stated she thinks this should be put on hold until the applicant applies for the necessary permits for the work done to the house as this is very concerning. Planner Kennedy stated that it would be up to Council, and they could decide if they want to grant it or not, but they could make a recommendation. Chairman McMenamin stated he agreed with Vice Chair Kline and that it was unfair as others have come before them and followed the rules and he feels the applicant should apply for permits first. Manager Hegele stated that the PC should move forward and can put in their recommendation that it is contingent on the applicant applying for and obtaining the correct permits.  


Matt Coyle, 47 N. Penn Street, asked how close 204 Wood Street is to 206 Wood and wondered why they are creating a lot so close on a dead-end street.  

Gary Hentschel, 138 Spring Avenue, stated this was his best friend’s house back in the 70s and is familiar with the property and asked if it was wide enough to split into two parcels and questioned if there was enough parking. Chairmen McMenamin stated that it does fall in the guidelines for a subdivision. Mr. Hentschel also was concerned the proper procedures haven’t been followed regarding permits as he obtains permits when he does work on his property.  

*All Planning Commission members had concerns that proper procedures were not followed regarding the alterations/additions to the house without the proper permits being obtained. Manager Hegele stated that is a separate issue from the subdivision application process and will be handled accordingly by the Borough. * 


Member Hibbs made a motion for Borough Council to approve the subdivision of 206 Wood Street contingent that the applicant complies with the comments noted on the Borough Planner, Borough Engineer, and County Planner review letters. Motion was seconded by Vice Chair Kline, all ayes. Motion carried 5-0. 

ADJOURNMENT – Member Smith made a motion to adjourn the May 9, 2023, Planning Commission Meeting. Motion was seconded by Vice Chair Kline, all ayes. Motion carried 5-0. Chairman McMenamin adjourned the May 9, 2023, Planning Commission Meeting at 7:44 P.M. 

Respectfully Submitted by: 

Diane C. Hegele, Borough Manager/Zoning Officer/ Open Records Officer  

Transcribed by Cindy Bollendorf, Secretary