Hatboro Police Applicant Information

Hatboro Police Applicants:  Those Hatboro Police applicants participating in the written entrance examination on February 19, 2022  may find their score as this link.  Scores are listed by the last four or five digits of the applicants social security number.  Those applicants with the top sixty score, including ties,  will receive invitations to the physical assessment test scheduled for Saturday, March 19, 2022.  Applicants must pass all segments of the physical assessment test.  Applicants with the to thirty scores on the written exam, including ties, AND who have passed the physical assessment test, will be invited to continue to the oral examination phase. Applicants passing the physical assessment test MUST CHECK IN WITH THE HATBORO REPRESENTATIVE AT THE PHYSICAL ASSESSEMENT TEST SITE BEFOR LEAVING TO SCHEDULE THEIR ORAL EXMAINATION.