May 22, 2023 Council Meeting Minutes

PRESENT – President Bollendorf, Vice President Stockton, Councilwoman McMenamin, Councilwoman Jacobus, Councilwomen Shay, Councilman Myers, Mayor Schultz, Manager Hegele, Assistant Secretary DeRenzis, Chief Gardner, Deputy Chief Ruegg, Solicitor Geiser, Engineer Goff, Fire Company President Ide, Fire Marshal Valesky, Treasurer Smith, and President of the Library Board Todd A’Harrah were present.

ABSENT – Councilwoman Reichner was excused.

CALL TO ORDER – President Bollendorf called the May 22, 2023, Council Meeting to order at 7:00 P.M.

INVOCATION – Mayor Schultz gave the Invocation.

PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE – Chief Gardner led the Pledge of Allegiance.

MEETING NOTES – President Bollendorf read the Public Comment policy on the back of the agenda regarding addressing Council and time allotment.

PUBLIC COMMENT – VOTING ITEMS ONLY – There was no public comment.

PRESENTATION – MONTGOMERY COUNTY TRAFFIC GARDEN – Laura Williamson, Elizabeth Raum, and Kristi Goodwin from the Montgomery County Department of Health and Human Services gave a presentation on the proposed traffic garden that is to be placed in the back of the Pennypack property. This is to be funded by the Pa. Department of health’s preventative Health and Health Services Block Grant.

George Forgeng, 166 W. Lehman Avenue, stated he is concerned because he wants to keep the area green and reduce/take away the asphalt instead of adding something to it and more trees should be planted instead.

MAYOR’S REPORT – Mayor Schultz stated the Chamber had their 2nd community market last Saturday and they are the 1st and 3rd Saturdays of the month at Pennypack.

Mayor Schultz stated the Hatboro Chamber had their 1st Cruise night and the Cruise nights are the 3rd Friday of the month from now until September and thanked the members who volunteered as well as the Chief and his department.

Mayor Schultz stated we have 150 milkweed plants that were donated to the Borough during COVID, and they finally have arrived. He also stated that they are monarch butterfly magnets, and they will coordinate with the EAC to plant them this weekend at Cressbrook, and two spots at Eaton and maybe around Loller Academy.


  • PRESIDENT’S REPORT – President Bollendorf announced an executive session prior to tonight’s meeting from 6:15 until 6:45 to discuss three legal matters.
    President Bollendorf thanked everyone who voted and volunteered to work the polls on May 9, 2023. President Bollendorf stated this is the last meeting at Pennypack and the next meeting is a combined Committee and Council meeting and will be held at Loller ion June 19, 2023, at 7:00 P.M.
    President Bollendorf asked everyone to remember what Memorial Day is really about.
  • TREASURER’S REPORT – Treasurer Smith stated the balance in all accounts for the period ending April 2023 is $ 5,517,828.46 with interest earned in the amount of $ 7,355.22.

SOLICITOR’S REPORT – Solicitor Geiser stated she has been working on routine matters with borough staff.

Solicitor Geiser stated she attended the ZHB meeting regarding 14 E. Moreland and it was continued until June 14, 2023.

Solicitor Geiser stated she worked on the resolution for the subdivision of 206 Wood Street.

ENGINEER’S REPORT – Engineer Goff stated she drafted grant applications.

Engineer Goff stated she worked with staff on the easement with the owner at Meadowbrook Avenue.

Engineer Goff stated she submitted to PennDOT and the DEP for the Miller Meadow project.

Engineer Goff stated she worked with staff regarding the roads to be paved for 2023.

MANAGER’S REPORT – Manager Hegele stated herself and Public Works along with Councilman Myers and Councilwoman Reichner and Engineer Goff met with representatives from the Army Corp for our annual inspection of the creek banks on both sides of York Road. The inspection went very well, and we passed, and the team had several questions regarding maintenance, and I am happy to report that the Army Corp is pleased with the maintenance done in the inspection area by Public Works. She stated she is in the process of working with PennDOT on the removal of some debris around and under the bridge and overall, it was a good visit with the exception of the geese, who were a bit feisty during the inspection.
Manager Hegele stated she is happy to announce that the Borough received a grant from the RDK Melanoma Foundation through Mike Schmidt and anybody who follows the Phillies knows Mike and his story. Mike spent most of his professional life as a baseball player in the sun without sunscreen and in August 2013 he was diagnosed with melanoma. He is a current board member of the foundation and makes it his mission to educate and grow the program nationally. He was able to secure 4 sunscreen stations for the Borough of Hatboro which will be placed at the pool as well as in three parks in Hatboro. The Phillies have representatives who maintain these stations as well as fill them as needed. The foundation was honored to come to Hatboro and install these for our residents and pool guests to use. Once they are in place, we will put something out acknowledging and educating the use and importance as well of these. Thank you to Mike, Zak from RDK who came here from Palm Beach Florida to personally deliver them, the Phillies and PW for installing.

Manager Hegele stated Urban Garden Grant supplies in, staff working with PW and Councilman Myers on planting and there will be dedication in the future for this area.

Manager Hegele stated she is working with staff and council on a possible new date for community day stay tuned.

Manager Hegele stated that Pool Memberships are available during business hours, just a reminder if you cannot get to Borough Hall and want a membership, you can still go to the pool. You have to pay the daily use rate, but if you hold your receipts showing proof you paid (not others) you can apply the day pass rate to a membership, and this is valid through Father’s Day weekend when the pool opens full time.
Manager Hegele stated the Zoning Hearing Board met to hear the application of 14 E. Moreland, they did not render a decision, this matter as well as the 26 Horsham Road matter will be heard again on June 14th.

Manager Hegele stated just a reminder that all meetings will be at Loller again next month.

Manager Hegele stated that there have been a few special weeks denoted that I would like to recognize:
First was National Police Week, May 14th – 20th, 2023 – Police week is where we honor those officers who made the ultimate sacrifice protecting communities as well as celebrate the dedication and sacrifices of those who serve and protect Hatboro. National Police Week is observed to acknowledge and honor the courageous people who serve as law enforcement officers. Many of you know that is where I started my career with the Borough and as a resident and manager, I am thankful for the men and women of the Hatboro Police, they do a great job 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to make sure we are all safe. EMS Week is May 21st – 27th, In 1974, President Gerald Ford authorized EMS Week to celebrate EMS practitioners and the important work they do in our nation’s communities. This year’s theme is EMS: Where Emergency Care Begins. Thank you to Second Alarmers for answering the call in Hatboro. If you follow their website and Facebook page, you can learn more about the organization, donate, become a member, and learn more about the men and women who are there to aid us in an emergency. Second Alarmers is hosting an open house on May 25th from 5 to 8 PM at their main facility at 307 Davisville Road in Willow Grove. Stop by and learn more about them.

This week is also National Public Works Week, May 21st through 27th. This year’s theme is connecting the World through Public Works. The theme represents how PW connects us all through infrastructure and service, enhancing the quality of life for the communities these professionals serve. Most everyone in this room knows the amount of work our men and women at PW do and it takes an army to keep up with everything in our small Borough. The Borough has 17 employees in PW that collect trash, recycle, yard waste, mow parks, maintain roads/signs/facilities/traffic lights, snowplow, maintains the fleet, handles special projects and everything I ask them to do. I would like the minutes to reflect the appreciation that myself and Council and the residents of Hatboro have for our dedicated staff.

She stated that since we are thanking most of our employees, I would be remiss if I did not thank that glue that keeps Borough Hall functioning. She stated she could not find a week that celebrates the municipal office staff, but a big thank you goes to the ladies that work so incredibly hard every day. Thank you, Deena, Cindy, Dani, Marce & Vicki for all your hard work and continued dedication.

Manager Hegele reminded everyone that Borough Hall and Public Works will be closed on Monday, May 29th in observance of Memorial Day.


  • POLICE – Deputy Chief Ruegg thanked Crooked Eye, Artifact, and Elm Street for their support of the K9 Unit. Deputy Chief Ruegg stated that the 1st Cruise night was very well attended.
  • TAX COLLECTIONS – The tax collectors’ report was electronically submitted.
  • PUBLIC WORKS AND PARKS/ FACILITIES – Manager Hegele stated some PW are going on a tour of the UMHJSA plant. She stated they are working with PECO on gas installation at Cressbrook as well as new Tap for Pennypack. She stated the Pool is ready and turned over to the staff. She stated they are putting the final touches on the council room in Loller, testing the AC. She stated they have been busy with different events the past few weeks, set up and take down. She reminded everyone there is no trash or recycling collection next Monday in observance of the Memorial Day holiday, trash will be picked up on next collection day, Thursday and recycling will have to wait until the following Monday, June 5th. She stated the Hometown Heroes Banners all hung on York Road
    She stated they will be starting the Traffic Garden in June as well as the T Mobile Project as long as supplies come in.
  • DOWNTOWN DEVELOPMENT – Cindy Bollendorf stated I continue to send monthly updates regarding events, property maintenance, as well as sharing any resources that are available to them and as always thanking them for everything they do for Hatboro. She stated we had 4 new business owners come in for all of their paperwork and will be scheduling their FM inspections this week so stay tuned for some new business opening soon!! She stated there are no new updates regarding the T Mobile Grant but will keep Council updated.
  • FIRE MARSHAL – Fire Marshal Valesky stated she has been out and around the Borough meeting property owners both residential and business and has done a number of inspections as well as handled some issues that were outstanding. She also assisted Enterprise Fire Company in rescuing a resident’s cat from a tree and has been assisting the Fire Chief with gathering information on commercial buildings in the Borough. She also stated just a few reminders for property owners, we have had lots of rain and mainly on weekends when most people can mow and have been handing out friendly reminders to mow, been working with residents due to rain mostly on weekends. She also is finding a lot of properties that do not have their address properly displayed as property addresses save first responders time in an emergency. If you have a regulatory sign on your property, please make sure to trim low hanging tree branches or bushes so traffic can see the signage and if anyone has any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me.
  • FIRE COMPANY – President Ide stated enterprise Fire Company responded to 19 calls this month.
    President ide stated they attended the library’s book sale.
  • UNION LIBRARY REPORT – Board President A’Harrah stated the library attended the Crooked Billet History Fair and had a successful sale on their history books. Board President A’Harrah stated Mr. Jim represented the Library at Crooked Billet Day on May 1st. Board President A’Harrah stated they held their annual book sale on May 13th and thanked Enterprise for coming. Board President A’Harrah stated they had their first Triple l Friday on May 19th and invited the community to bring a blanket or lawn chair and lunch to enjoy the music and sunshine. Board President A’Harrah announced upcoming programs such as Teen Council Event, The Amazing Magi, Lolly Hopewood Interactive Games and Music, Musical Petting Zoo, and Hot N Cold Summertime and to check their social media pages and website for more information.

ACKNOWLEDGE RECEIPT OF REPORTS – Councilwoman Shay made a motion to acknowledge the receipt of UMHJSA Minutes, EAC Minutes, Public Works, Fore Marshal, Tax Collector, sand Treasurer’s Reports. Motion was seconded by Vice President Stockton, all ayes, Motion carried 6-0.

APPROVAL OF WARRANT LIST, PAYMENT OF BILLS, MANUAL CHECKS AND TRANSFERS – Councilwoman McMenamin made a motion to approve Warrant List, Payment of Bills, Manual Checks, and Transfers for the month of May 2023. Motion was seconded by Councilwoman Jacobus, all ayes. Motion carried 6-0.

APRIL 24, 2023, COUNCIL MEETING MINUTES – Vice President Stockton made a motion to approve the April 24, 2023, Council Meeting Minutes. Moton was seconded by Councilwoman McMenamin, Councilwoman Jacobus abstained as she was excused from the meeting. Motion carried 5-0 with 1 abstention.

MAY 8, 2023, COMMITTEE MEETING MINUTES – Vice President Stockton made a motion to approve the May 8, 2023, Committee Meeting Minutes. Motion was seconded by Councilwoman Jacobus, Councilwoman McMenamin abstained as she was excused from the meeting. Motion carried 5-0 with 1 abstention.

ENTERPRISE FIRE COMPANY EXPENDITURE LIST – Councilman Myers made a motion to approve the Enterprise Fire Company Expenditure List for the month of April 2023 in the amount of $ 10,821.74. Motion was seconded by Councilwoman Jacobus, all ayes. Motion carried 6-0.

POLICE DASH AND BODY CAMERA GRANT– Vice President Stockton made a motion to approve the purchase of new dash and body cameras for the Hatboro Police Department in the amount of $213,832.60. Please note, $ 205,402.00 of this purchase is covered under the Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency. Motion was seconded by Councilwoman Shay, all ayes. Motion carried 6-0.

FALL 2023 POLICE TEST – Councilwoman Jacobus made a motion to direct the Civil Service Commission to participate in the Fall 2023 police Entrance Examination to develop a list of qualified candidates for the position of police officer. Motion was seconded by Councilman Myers, all ayes. Motion carried 6-0.

PENNSYLVANIA HISTORICAL MUSEUM COMMISSION ARCHIVAL GRANT – Councilman Myers made a motion to approve the application to the Pennsylvania Historical Museum Commission Archival Grant. This is a no match grant. Motion was seconded by Councilwoman Shay, all ayes. Motion carried 6-0.

ELECTRIC VEHICLE GRANT – Vice President Stockton made a motion to approve an application to the Rolling Reviews Level 2 Rebate Program for the installation of a Level 2 Electric Vehicle Charging Unit. This is no match grant. Motion was seconded by Councilwoman McMenamin, all ayes. Motion carried 6-0.

WATERSHED RESTORATION AND PROTECTION GRANT RESOLUTION – Councilwoman Shay made a motion to approve Resolution 2023-32, authorizing the application to the Watershed Restoration and Protection Program for Phase II of the Eaton Park Streambank Restoration Project. Motion was seconded by Councilwoman Jacobus, all ayes. Motion carried 6-0.

MEMORIAL PARK YOGA SPECIAL EVENT REQUEST – Councilwoman Jacobus made a motion to approve the Special Event Request submitted by Kristin Ritter of Nourishing Storm for Yoga classes in Memorial Park on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, from June 1, 2023, through October 31, 2023. Motion was seconded by Councilwoman McMenamin, all ayes. Motion carried 6-0.

2023 ROAD PAVING – Manager Hegele stated the Borough currently has $349,023.68 in Liquid Fuels funding available for road paving projects for 2023. Councilwoman Jacobus made a motion to approve the 2023 Road Paving for the following roads: 1) Springdale Avenue – County Line Road to Terrace, 2) Central Avenue – from S. New Street to Lacy, 3) S. Penn Street – Byberry Road to 100 feet North, 4) S. Chester Avenue – W. Moreland Avenue to Spring for a total of $ 344,327.25. Motion was seconded by Councilwoman McMenamin, all ayes. Motion carried 6-0.

PUBLIC WORKS MOWING PROCEDURES – Manager Hegele asked Council to table this item.

MILLBROOK PENNYPACK LEASE – Councilwoman Shay made a motion to approve the lease agreement between the Borough of Hatboro and the Millbrook Society for the use of a classroom at the Pennypack Facility. Motion was seconded by Councilwoman Jacobus, all ayes. Motion carried 6-0.

MILLER MEADOW INVASIVE SPECIES REQUEST – Councilwoman McMenamin made a motion to authorize Public Works to begin the process of invasive species removal in Miller Meadow. Motion was seconded by Councilwoman McMenamin, all ayes. Motion carried 6-0.

SHADE TREE ORDINANCE UPDATE – Councilwoman McMenamin made a motion to approve Ordinance No 1075, amending the regulations of Shade Trees and Membership Requirements for the Shade Tree Commission. Motion was seconded by Councilwoman Shay, all ayes. Motion carried 6-0.

MILKWEED PLANTINGS – Councilwoman Shay made a motion to approve the planting of 150 milkweed Plants in Borough parks and approve the reimbursement of $57.00 to Mayor Schultz for the Milkweed Donation. Motion was seconded by Councilman Myers, all ayes. Motion carried 6-0.

CELL TOWER ORDIANCE UPDATE – Councilwoman Jacobus made a motion to authorize Staff and Solicitor Geiser to begin drafting an amendment to the Cell Tower ordinance. Motion was seconded by Councilwoman McMenamin, all ayes. Motion carried 6-0.

APPOINTMENT OF FIRE MARSHAL – Councilwoman Shay made a motion to Appoint Kate Valesky to the position of Fire Marshal. Motion was seconded by Councilman Myers, all ayes. Motion carried 6-0.
Mayor Schultz swore in Kate Valesky as the Borough of Hatboro Fire Marshal and Code Enforcement Officer.

OLD BUSINESS AND UPDATES – There was no old business or updates.


FLOOD MITIGATION GRANT PROGRAM RESOLUTION – Councilwoman Jacobus made a motion to approve Resolution 2023-33, memorializing the application to the Flood mitigation grant Program for a Pennypack Creek Study. Motion was seconded by Councilman Myers, all ayes. Motion carried 6-0.

206 WOOD STREET SUBDIVISION RESOLUTION – Vice President Stockton made a motion to approve Resolution 2023-34, approving the Subdivision Application for the property located at 206 Wood Street. Moton was seconded by Councilwoman Jacobus, all ayes. Motion carried 6-0. Manager Hegele stated this went before the Planning Commission two weeks ago and they recommended it go before Council for approval. Solicitor Geiser stated this is a subdivision of one lot into two and there is no proposed development on the second lot at this time and if they propose to do that, they will have to come before Council again with a Land Development application. Nick Rose, Protract Engineering Engineer for applicant, stated the Solicitor accurately described in its entirety the applicant’s proposal to subdivide the lots and in the future add a dwelling to the adjacent property. Solicitor Geiser stated the resolution she drafted is standard and will state the applicant will have to comply with the plans they submitted, comply with the RVE letter, John Kennedy’s letter as well as the County letter. They may also have to execute a stormwater management agreement based on the Hatboro Storm Water ordinance. She also stated the applicant shall retroactively apply for all permits that satisfy all permit requirements related to the work that has already taken place on the property since 2019 as it was brought to the Borough’s attention that the applicant has not satisfied this requirement condition of the Land Development Resolution.
Nick Rose, Protract Engineering Engineer for applicant, stated that the applicant has no issues and will comply. Merrie Keller, 110 W. Monument Avenue, asked about the work that was dome without permits.
Assistant Borough Secretary DeRenzis stated a garage and a rear addition with a porch/ sunroom constructed that appeared between 2019 when they purchased the property, so staff is working with them to make sure they have the necessary permits in line.

James DeHope, 101 Williams Lane, stated PECO has notified them they will be digging up S. Chester between Williams and W. Lehman to replace the gas main and he asked if they will be repaving the entire street when they are finished as they were already repaved about 3 years ago and has concerns. He also stated they would only do a coat of black top because that is all the municipality requires. He stated he has reached out to the Borough and has gotten no response yet regarding the repaving of the street. He feels they should return to the road to the way it was before they started the job. Manager Hegele apologized and stated that she was not aware he called and will address staff tomorrow. She stated the Borough has an ordinance which states how much of the road must be repaved but will reach out to our rep to see how much of the road is to be opened and how much they planned on repaving. President Bollendorf stated we should make sure our ordinance is aligned with other municipalities as far as the responsibility of contractors working for utility companies.

ADJOURNMENT –Councilwoman Shay made a motion to adjourn the May 22, 2023, Council Meeting. Motion was seconded by Councilman Myers, all ayes. Motion carried 6-0. President Bollendorf adjourned the May 22, 2023, Council Meeting at 8:02 P.M.

Respectfully submitted by:
Diane C. Hegele, Borough Manager/Zoning Officer/Open Records Officer
Transcribed by Cindy Bollendorf