November 18, 2019 Council Meeting Minutes

President Bollendorf, Vice President Stockton, Councilwoman Anzinger, Councilman Hegele, Councilman Forgeng, Councilman Rich, Mayor Guenst, Manager Hegele, Assistant Secretary DeRenzis, Superintendent Sine, Chief Gardner, Engineer Goff, Engineer Walsh, Fire Company President Mount, and Solicitor Geiser were present.

ABSENT –Councilwoman Benjamin and Fire Marshal Hauser were absent.

CALL TO ORDER – President Bollendorf called the November 18, 2019 Council Meeting to order at 7:00 PM.

INVOCATION – Mayor Guenst gave the invocation.

PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE – The Pledge of Allegiance was led by Chief Gardner.

MEETING NOTES – President Bollendorf reviewed the Public Comment Policy found on the back of the agendas.

PUBLIC COMMENT (VOTING ITEMS ONLY) – Mr. Bruce Hart, Earl Lane, asked when his neighbors grass will be cut. Manager Hegele stated the matter is at District Court and the Borough has to wait for the neighbor to respond to the hearing notice. She stated if she does not respond to the hearing notice a bench warrant will be issued.

MAYOR’S REPORT – Mayor Guenst congratulated Councilwoman Anzinger on her engagement. Mayor Guenst reminded everyone that the annual holiday parade will be taking place on Sunday, November 24th. Mayor Guenst thanked Public Works for cleaning York Road after the parade in advance. Mayor Guenst stated she met Cub Scouts Pack 17 at Lehman Church to speak to the group and stated they are all a wonderful group of children. Mayor Guenst wished everyone a Happy Thanksgiving.

– President Bollendorf announced that the Borough received a State Grant in order to perform pedestrian bump outs at York & Williams Lane as well as York & Summit Ave. He thanked Representative Murt and Senator Collett for their assistance in obtaining this grant. He stated the Borough’s new Comprehensive Plan was also a large help in obtaining this funding as most of the plans for the improvements were detailed in the Comp plan. President Bolendorf stated there is also no match for the grant. President Bollendorf stated the Zoning Hearing Board Appeal for 333 N. York Road was dropped suddenly so the Opioid clinic will not be opening at that location. President Bollendorf stated he was inspired by Councilman Forgeng’s reading of Veterans’ names at the Committee Meeting earlier in the month. He stated that the Borough does not have a memorial in Memorial Park and he tasked Councilwoman Anzinger with beginning the process and planning for the memorial. President Bollendorf reminded everyone that Small Business Saturday is approaching and encouraged everyone to support local businesses. President Bollendorf stated he and Councilwoman Anzinger met with the Historical Commission who is going to begin the process of getting historic buildings throughout Hatboro listed on the historic registry. President Bollendorf stated the Steering Committee will be having public meetings and comment periods for the Comprehensive Plan.

TREASURER’S REPORT – Manager Hegele delivered the Treasurer’s Report. She stated at the end of October 2019 the Borough maintained a total account balance of $2,036,959.07 and earned year to date interest in the amount of $1,232.93.

SOLICITOR’S REPORT – Solicitor Geiser stated the appeal was withdrawn for 333 N. York Road and noted no reason for the withdrawal was given. She stated that the applicant for the RAV Collision matter has appealed to the Commonwealth Court and she will be providing updates as needed. She stated the Borough’s briefs for the Wawa appeal are due this week and she will be providing an update at the next meeting. Solicitor Geiser stated she and Manager Hegele are almost finished composing the AirBnB Ordinance which will soon be ready to advertise.

ENGINEER’S REPORT – Engineer Goff stated she is recommending that Council authorize the submission of the Jacksonville and Montgomery Traffic Signal Application at the end of the meeting. She stated RVE is addressing comments received for the Eaton Park Streambank Project in order to maximize the Borough’s MS4 credits received for the work. Engineer Goff stated she had a phone conference with DVRPC and Manager Hegele to discuss the Corinthian Trail Project and the public comment portion of the project. Engineer Goff stated Council could have a formal presentation about the project during the Council Meeting and notify residents of the project/comment period. Mayor Guenst stated she would like to see the residents affected by the Corinthian Trail Project notified personally so they can attend the public meeting and address any concerns. Manager Hegele stated they will be mailing notices to residents and make sure the meeting is advertised on all of the Borough’s media outlets.

Manager Hegele stated Pennsylvania Cable Network filmed a special Pennsylvania Library Panel episode which featured Union Library’s Librarian Michael Celec. She stated this episode will air on December 9th at 5:00 PM.

Manager Hegele stated the Lions Club provided Borough Hall with an eyeglass donation box which residents can utilize.

Manager Hegele stated Grover Silcox from PBS 39 will be filming a special holiday episode of his show Counter Culture on November 20th. She stated there will be a small handbell choir outside of Daddypops during the filming of the episode and the public is welcome to attend.

Manager Hegele reminded everyone that the Union Library’s tree lighting will be taking place on December 5th.

Manager Hegele stated that there may be some differences on the agenda this evening due to a copier malfunction in Borough Hall. She noted that the copier is still down; however, staff did their best to get copies of agendas and documents printed before the meeting.

Manager Hegele wished everyone a happy Thanksgiving and reminded everyone that Borough Hall and Public Works are closed for the holiday and black Friday.

CHIEF OF POLICE REPORT – Chief Gardner announced that the Montgomery County SWAT Team is collection non-perishable foods and drinks to support the Preston and Steve Show food drive. He stated a donation box is in the Police Station Lobby for residents to use. Chief Gardner stated the Police Department will be having their mock accreditation assessment will be taking place on November 20th which will help the department prepare for the actual assessment in the spring. Chief Gardner reminded everyone of road closures and special no parking zones for the upcoming parade.

TAX COLLECTIONS REPORT – Tax Collector Mount’s report was submitted in advance.

PUBLIC WORKS REPORT – Superintendent Sine stated Public Works is delivering the new recycling bins to different areas of the town. He stated he will be comparing notes with Borough Hall staff this week to make sure all homes receive a bin. He noted that residents do not have to use the new bins if they do not want to. Superintendent Sine stated storm cleanup from the Halloween Storm is complete and added that there are still street light circuit issues on Earl lane and Fulmor Ave that he is working with PECO to resolve.

FIRE MARSHAL REPORT – Fire Marshal Hauser was absent.

FIRE COMPANY REPORT – Fire Company President Mount did not have anything to report.

DOWNTOWN DEVELOPMENT REPORT – Downtown Development Director Simon was absent and attending training in Harrisburg. Manager Hegele stated Downtown Development Director Simon has been actively visiting businesses as well as working to schedule a January/February business meet and greet event. Downtown Development Director Simon has also been working on Small Business Saturday promotion with the Chamber of Commerce as well as a social media contest for the event. Manager Hegele stated staff is preparing a float for Downtown Development Director Simon to use during the parade to promote Small Business Saturday. Manager Hegele stated she attended the Montgomery County Fall Commerce Forum with Downtown Development Director Simon and it was very beneficial. Manager Hegele stated all of the Small Business Saturday information is also on the website and Facebook pages.

ACKNOWLEDGMEENT OF STAFF REPORTS – Councilwoman Anzinger motioned to acknowledge the receipt of the Public Works Report, Fire Marshal Report, Tax Collector Report, and Treasurer’s Report, and UMHJSA Minutes.  Motion was seconded by Vice President Stockton, all ayes. Motion carried 6-0.

APPROVAL OF WARRANT LIST, PAYMENT OF BILLS, MANUAL CHECKS, AND TRANSFERS – Councilman Rich motioned to approve the warrant list, payment of bills, manual checks, and transfers for the month of November. Motion was seconded by Vice President Stockton, all ayes. Motion carried 6-0.

– Councilman Forgeng motioned to approve the October 28, 2019 Council Meeting Minutes. Motion was seconded by Councilman Hegele, all ayes. Motion carried 6-0.

OCTOBER 29, 2019 BUDGET WORKSHOP MEETING MINUTES – This item was tabled.

NOVEMBER 4, 2019 COMMITTEE MEETING MINUTES – Councilwoman Anzinger motioned to approve the November 4, 2019 Committee Meeting Minutes. Motion was seconded by Councilman Forgeng, all ayes, motion carried 6-0.

FIRE COMPANY EXPENDITURE LIST – Councilman Forgeng motioned to approve the Fire Company Expenditure for the month of October 2019 in the amount of $11,319.63. Motion seconded by Councilman Hegele, all ayes. Motion carried 6-0.

POLICE FIREARM REPLACEMENT – Councilman Hegele motioned to award the bid for the replacement handgun purchase and trade-in of old equipment to Atlantic Tactical in the amount of $6,285.00. Motion was seconded by Councilman Forgeng, all ayes. Motion carried 6-0.

DCNR COMPREHENSIVE AND PARKS PLAN GRANT EXTENSION REQUEST – Councilwoman Anzinger motioned to request an extension from DCNR for the Comprehensive and Parks Plan Grant. Motion was seconded by Vice President Stockton, all ayes. Motion carried 6-0.

FREE PARKING ON YORK ROAD ON SATURDAYS – Councilman Rich motioned to offer free parking on York Road every Saturday from November 30, 2019 through December 28, 2019. Motion was seconded by Councilman Hegele, all ayes. Motion carried 6-0.

TAX RATE ORDINANCE – This item was tabled until December.

2020 BUDGET – Vice President Stockton motioned to adopt the Operating Budget for the year 2020. Motion was seconded by Councilman Rich, all ayes. Motion carried 6-0.

HATBORO STATION LIGHTING – Manager Hegele stated there was previously discussion about getting lighting installed on the Hatboro Station trail. She stated she reached out to Toll Brothers and the new HOA and stated that the HOA is having a formal meeting in December. She added that the HOA will be talking about the installation of lighting, the upkeep of the trail itself, and the maintenance of the lighting at this meeting. Manager Hegele stated she will report back to Council after the HOA meets with any new information.

JACKSONVILLE GREEN (301 JACKSONVILLE) PROPOSED FEE IN LIEU OF – Engineer Walsh stated he worked with Superintendent Sine to determine a cost of the fixtures for the fee in lieu of for Jacksonville Green. Engineer Walsh stated this fee in lieu of installation is for the following items: 9 shade trees, 13 evergreen trees, 10 flowering trees, 344 grasses, 8 landscape trash cans, 12 landscape benches, and 1 landscape table. He stated all of these improvements total $46,410.00 for the fee in lieu of. He noted these improvements amend the previous land development resolution #2014-10.  Mayor Guenst asked where all these items would have been placed at the property. Engineer Walsh stated the trees would have been placed on Meadowbrook and in the dog park, the benches/tables would have been placed on the outside of the building, and the trash cans would have been placed outside the facility and in the dog park. Councilman Hegele asked how this money can be spent. Manager Hegele stated this money can be spent on a green project that would have purchased similar items. Mayor Guenst and Councilman Hegele asked if this money could be used toward the Miller Meadow Montco 2040 Grant match requirement. Manager Hegele stated yes.

Councilwoman Anzinger motioned to approve Resolution 19-27, amending the Jacksonville Green Land Development Plan to include a fee in lieu of installation of certain landscaping items in the amount of $46,410.00. Motion was seconded by Vice President Stockton, all ayes. Motion carried 6-0.

– Councilman Hegele motioned to approve Resolution 19-26 authorizing the application for the Jacksonville Road and Montgomery Avenue Traffic Signal Approval as a part of the Green Light Go Project. Motion was seconded by Councilwoman Anzinger, all ayes. Motion carried 6-0.

Ron Battis, W. Moreland Ave. stated Council did not discuss the DCNR Comprehensive and Parks Plan Extension during the committee meeting. Councilwoman Anzinger read Mr. Battis a copy of the November 4, 2019 Committee Meeting Minutes stating it was discussed. Manager Hegele stated this extension is required by DCNR because the plans will not be completed by the end of December due to the public comment periods. Manager Hegele stated the plans were also delayed because the Borough was researching the exact name of Eaton and Memorial Parks. Mr. Battis said Memorial Park has always been such and Eaton Park has been Eaton Park.

Mr. Battis stated he missed the budget meeting on October 29th; however, he was wondering where the rent reimbursement for District Court is included in income. President Bollendorf stated this amount is included in Non-Revenue Receipts.

Mr. Battis asked who hangs the Christmas Lights on York Road. Manager Hegele stated the Chamber of Commerce is in charge of the decorative holiday lighting along York Road. Mr. Battis stated the lighting was disappointing the previous year and asked if the Chamber could embellish the lighting to make things more festive this year. Manager Hegele stated she would relay this information to the Chamber.

Councilman Forgeng asked what happened to the big oak tree by the Library, Mayor Guenst stated the tree was unfortunately dead and it couldn’t be saved due to safety concerns. She stated the Library does have plans to replace this tree in the future.

ADJOURNMENT – President Bollendorf adjourned the November 18, 2019 Council Meeting at 7:35 PM

Respectfully submitted,

Deena DeRenzis
Assistant Borough Secretary

Transcribed by Deena DeRenzis